Zone Alarm Removal Tool – Repair Tool of the Week

Zone Alarm is a well known internet security package and most of the time it works fairly well. However, because this application has to sink its hooks deep into a Windows to protect the operating system, it can cause serious problems when the application does not uninstall correctly.
It seems, based off Zone Alarms official forums that there are a lot of people having trouble removing Zone Alarm and this is where the Zone Alarm Removal Tool comes in. Its a small, portable and freeware and its probably a good idea to have on your USB drive since you probably wont be able to connect to the internet to download it if you encounter these problems with Zone Alarm.


Download from Official Site

Thanks to rballard77 for recommending this one.

Bryce Whitty

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Comments (8)

  • Kevin from Akron says:

    IMO Zone Alarm bothers the computer user too much. If you have Windows XP Service Pack 2, you should do just fine. If I have to do a system rebuild, I carry Win Service Pack 2 on my thumb drive and do not connect to the internet until AFTER Service Pack 2 is installed. Then I go on to service pack 3.

  • Hooray! Another removal tool for a program like I like to rip out of every machine I find it on.

  • max says:

    Is there a removal tool for the criminal motor-cycle gangs as well?

  • Phil says:

    Great tool!

    Zonealarm joined AVG on my list of formerly useful programs that leave pieces of themselves embedded in the operating system. Bah.

  • Ashish says:

    This is a great tool. You should use it if you every had Zone Alarm on your system and you are trying to install a security system like Norton or McAfee. The remainders of ZA create lot of issues with other security systems.

  • goodgoodstudy says:

    I use Micropoint and Prowershadow to protect the computer and system , first it’s simple to to user , and it’s prowessful , protect is thoroughly , functions is efficaciously , so I not worrying anout virus and Trojan horse .
    Let’s use the protect took’s soul-stirring assistance , they are free of charge for one-quarter year , they are very quiet , when they
    become due , you can uninstall them and Onekey ghost for your system , or reinstall Windows , so you can use them again and not pail , also didn’t restrained for use them functions . You can not only serach for them , but also down
    them by here .
    Micropoint :
    Good luck to you!

  • PS3 says:

    Why do developers make it so hard to remove their software in the first place. It can’t really help image/future sales to frustrate the customer?

  • Starr says:

    I uninstalled Zone Alarm from the ‘add-remove’ area, and when I try to install another program it tells me ZA is still there, and tells me to remove it first. I downloaded your tool to completely remove ZA, but when I click the icon on my desktop, zpes_clean.exe, it doesn’t run. Help?