Repair Tool of the Week: UBCD

Most of us have heard of UBCD4Win which gives you a Windows like interface on a boot CD. In fact, I have used it in a few of my tutorials here on Technibble. UBCD4Win is great but what if you need to do some more low level work such as testing the RAM, doing a low level format or testing the condition of a hard drive? This is Where Ultimate Boot CD (dos version) comes in.

UBCD assembles over 100 PC hardware diagnosis tools into one bootable CD. It boots up very quickly (about 2 seconds on my machine) and provides a menu to many DOS based diagnostic tools such as:

  • CPU Tests
  • Memory Tests
  • Peripherals Tools
  • CPU Information
  • System Information
  • Benchmark Tools
  • BIOS Tools
  • Hard Disk Installation Tools
  • Hard Disk Diagnostic Tools
  • Hard Disk Device Management Tools
  • Hard Disk Wiping Tools
  • Hard Disk Cloning Tools
  • Hard Disk Low-Level Editing Tools
  • Partition Tools
  • Boot Managers
  • File Tools
  • NTFS Tools
  • Antivirus/Malware Tools
  • Network Tools
  • DOS Boot Disks
  • Linux Boot Disks

A full list of the applications it contains can be found here. This application makes a great partner for UBCD4Win and is a must in any technicians kit.




Download from Official Site – 115mb
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