SkyAngel Wireless Router Emulators – Emulate the Router Admin to Assist with Phone Support

This repair tool of the week isn’t a application, but instead a website. “SkyAngel Wireless Router Emulators & Guides” is a website that stores copies of the admin webpage area of various wireless routers.
The site includes the admin areas of brands such as Linksys, Netgear, D-Link, Belkin, TrendNet, Draytek, ActionTec and Apple. The main benefit of this is during phone support when you are helping a client with their router. It will significantly help you give directions to your client when you can actually see what your client is seeing. In most cases, Technicians would use some remote support software to see what their client is seeing but unfortunately in most cases where you need the client to go into their router settings, its because there are connectivity issues.

On each brand tab, the site has a list of the most common router model numbers of that brand. However, the real gold is when you click the “All” link as there are a huge amount of model numbers here.
While changing settings in the admin areas wont do anything, you can navigate around the webmin as if it was the real thing.

The website also has a collection of modem admin areas as well.





You can find the website here:

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Comments (10)

  • Wow, this looks great! I’m sure once they expand the number of routers they have on there, this will be a fantastic resource. It’s a little limited in the number currently available, but assuming the model you’re after is on there, it’s perfect.

  • Chris says:

    Looks like a great resource thanks

  • David Kupy says:

    This site is great BUT, how come the home page says:

    “This site is unofficial and out of date. It will soon be closed.”

  • Dipper says:

    Cool find.

    Note that the home pages states the the URL you provided will be phased out shortly and to use

    the sad part is I can’t find the emulators on the new site! :-(

  • I see someone already got to the ‘home page’ issue, I went a little further with the suggested link from there and it looks like you have to set up an account on SkyAngel to have access to ADVANCED support functions which include router configuration. Still a GREAT resource for us as long as it lasts… Thanks technibble…

  • Great idea for an app! Can’t wait to try it out. Does it support different firmware/version numbers for different routers?

  • Kevin says:

    It shouldn’t matter that the site is going away. The links for the emulators are just going to other sites like a Linksys site for their routers.

  • Bryce Whitty says:

    “Does it support different firmware/version numbers for different routers?”

    Yes, it does. When you click on a model number WGTXXX for example. It has folders “v1″ or something like that. So it does have different firmware versions for certain hardware models.

  • DavidF says:

    I found this a while ago and promtly lost it. Many many many thanks

  • Added to my bookmarks. :)

    Do any of your gents know if there’s any OTHER emulators available for OTHER hardware/software?

    I have used virtual machines to do my various Windows, Linux, and server phone support but I’m just curious as to whether or not there are different methods available.