Repair Tool of the Week: Hitman Pro 2

Hitman Pro is a freeware piece of software that controls both an inbuilt antivirus and a handful of other popular antivirus and anti-malware products such as Spybot, Ad-Aware, NOD32 etc..
After installing Hitman Pro and running it, it downloads the latest versions of various antivirus and anti-malware products, installs them, updates them to the latest definitions and starts scanning. Its the ultimate set-and-forget tool for complete security scanning. However, due to the time it takes to scan with all the different antimalware packages and the need for a broadband connection to download all the updates, its recommend that you use this application in your workshop only.

Hitman Pro can use the following software to scan for viruses and malware:

  • Prevx CSI Free
  • Trend Micro CWShredder
  • Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE
  • Spybot – Search and Destroy
  • Webroot Spy Sweeper
  • Ewido AntiSpyware Micro
  • PC Tools Spyware Doctor
  • Sunbelt CounterSpy
  • NOD32 Antivirus
  • Trend Micro Sysclean
  • McAfee VirusScan

It also has a few other interesting options such as the ability to lower the access that certain programs (IE, Outlook, Firefox, MSN Messenger) have to your operating system and thus helps protect your computer.




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Bryce Whitty

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Comments (12)

  • Jeremy says:

    This sounds like a pretty sweet package, but once again, I feel it’s not utilizing it’s full potential because it’s not portable.

  • Peter says:

    It certainly works tried it with XP desktop. The only problem is that it is slow. Can manually perform AVG, Spybot, Spyblaster & Combo Fix in about the same time. Can’t wait around someone’s house 40 minutes for this program to complete all of its functions.

  • gunslinger says:

    You beat me to it Jeremy. Something like this really needs to be portable, and also not have to access the Internet. The last thing a sick computer needs is 11 more programs downloaded and installed on it.

    I would also like to leave out PC Tools Spyware Doctor, Webroot Spy Sweeper, and Ewido AntiSpyware Micro. Replace these with Super Antispyware and Hijackthis.

    Also having it run Portable Ccleaner before scanning would be nice also.

  • Wow… I wonder if this is like that automated spyware deal on the Geek Squad disks that were leaked a while back…

  • koonter says:

    the GEEK M.R.I automated removal process gives you the option of deselecting the programs you want to update and run

    Also, I have posted before about the possibility of portabling and packaging our favorite programs in a customizable GUI.

    I use thinstall to portable my appz. For the gui i tried out various automated scripting programs like AutoIt and Hotkeys but that fizzled. I believe that it needs to be done in .net language. i go to a technical college with programing wizards and got one to sit with me and draft a prototype. I dont have the time for it at the moment but i have some pretty neat ideas. all it takes is a reader here with some VB skills and a slow day to put some hours in…

  • IPtech says:

    Hmmm, let’s throw everything at it to see if something works!

    Too much of a scatter-gun approach for me and overly dependent upon trialware/crippleware for it to be useful as a commercial tool. It’ll take me longer to clean-up my system from all this installed software that it would have done to remove any infections manually.

    An excellent demonstration of the power of AutoIT though!

  • gunslinger says:

    Super Antispyware

    Thats all I need. All portable and on my flash drive right now, but a nice automated process with a decent GUI would top it off.

  • Xander says:

    I’ve been using Hitman Pro for 2-3 years now. Overall, I love it. I put it on my customers’ computers as part of their maintenance. I also warn them that a full scan can take a very long time but, if run at least every week or so, they’ll be much more likely to keep their system clean.

    My setup is such that I use an AutoIt script to check a bunch of things automatically for me (i.e. notify me if XP isn’t SP3). I leave them with my own script to run weekly for their basic stuff: runs CCleaner, Hitman, calls their AV for a scan, and an option for Defrag/Scandisk.

    NOTE: Hitman Pro has been very slow to update their software lately and it will install/run older versions of Adaware (SE) and SpywareBlaster (3.51). As such, I’ve taken those off the default setup to be run separately for 2008 and 4.1, respectively.

  • This program has been updated to 3.0 and is no longer a freeware item. It’s fully active for 30 days and then it reverts to scanning only. A fee is required to unlock it to enable the ability to repair what it finds.

  • eddie says:

    Hi all I am still looking for a program that does the same as geek squads MRI program basically runs the typical virus scanners and cleaning utilitys back to back. Has anybody heard of any other programs besides hitman ?

  • hi i run a combo off avira kaspersky spybot &destroy and ccleaner in one batch by normal confugration about 35 min. a real slow pc with less than a 384mb ram i do it whiteout spybot and i use spy blaster

  • Justin Goldberg says:

    The Hitman Pro 3.x series runs a lot faster as it merely hashes all the executable files on your computer and sends the hash to SurfRight. I use it at work as an extra layer of security.

    The only con to the program is no on-access scanning, but rather it scans at startup or via the task scheduler.

    I’m guessing it doesn’t work with Macro viruses but rather only with directly executable files.