Beep Codes Viewer – Quickly Look Up What Beep Codes Mean

Beep Codes Viewer is a small, portable, freeware application designed to give you a quick place to look up what beep codes mean. As we know, the POST runs when the computer boots up to check that the computer meets minimum system requirements and that all hardware is working properly. When the test completes it will make a single beep or two beeps depending on motherboard manufacturer to indicate all is well and continue to boot. If the test fails it will emit no beep or a series of beeps as a beep code. This tool offers a quick directory to look up that code, with different codes by motherboard manufacturer, and see what the problem is.

Beep Codes Viewer is a small file that you don’t have to install, therefore it is quite portable on a flash drive.




Download from Softpedia – 423 KB

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