WoW Phishing Scam

by Lee

A World of Warcraft phishing scam has been identified by Sophos.

The scam contains four sentences that invites the reader to test new mounts. Confidential information will be stolen if the reader falls for this trick since he or she would type in his or her account name and password on a fake site.

Sophos notes that the fradulent site looks exactly like the main login page for the real site which is

The site also prompts the user about his or her email address and his or her secret answer and question.

Source: Sophos

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Lee is a computer enthusiast and technology writer.

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  • aion kinah says:

    Yeah, I saw the site and exactly looks the same with Blizzard but there’s something different with the Blizz logo I guess. We should all be alert and be smart to distinguish pishing scam, just do some research if you don’t want your soon to be Aion online account be hacked.