Windows Vista – Least Popular Windows

by Lee

Windows Vista is the least popular Windows operating system according to a Forrester Research report.

Only 9% of Windows users switched to Vista after it was launched. IDC forecast 10 percent while Ovum Ltd. predicted it would be 15 percent.

31 percent of 962 IT decision makers in North America and Europe have begun migrating to Vista. This year, another 26 percent of those companies planned to start using Vista.

“IT decision makers don’t have an entirely rosy outlook for Windows Vista,” wrote an analyst.

Source: PC World

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Lee is a computer enthusiast and technology writer.

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  • Joel says:

    I bet is because they are waiting for Windows 7, Windows Vista is the Windows ME of the moment. I remember when I upgraded from Windows 98 SE to Windows ME which make me regret it because of the freeze thing. Also it happen to me again with Windows Vista, I upgraded from XP and guess what I went back to XP because Vista is slower than a turtle.

  • gunslinger says:

    This is exactly what I have been saying in the forums for over a year now. Now I have even more proof to back me up on this one.

    If anyone says Vista is not that bad, you either have never been on a truly fast XP machine or you lie.

    I guess if you are going from a p4 system running 256 mb of RAM to a dual core Vista machine with 4 gigs of RAM it might seem faster.

  • Hank says:

    I really only argue that it is far from being as terrible as ME. Argueing beyond that is just not something I care about. I don’t care to argue your opinion vs mine no matter what my stance may be on Vista.

  • Heriberto t. says:

    i have vista, and its really not bad. on my laptop i have vista home basic cause it wont rune premium but on desktops, its Home Premium all the way!.

  • Jim O. says:

    Vista is a amazing compared to what ME was, most of us learned to be gun shy over being burned by ME, Vista’s just more public as a adoptable business software so it takes more heat.

  • gunslinger says:

    I wont say Vista is worse than ME. But compared to XP it is. It was a very big downgrade. I guess if you just look at Vista for what it really is, as being a beta for Windows 7 its not so bad.

  • G.Gordon says:

    I have been running Vista Business on a dual core AMD Compaq w/4GB DDR2 system for a while now. There are no doubts to the fact that the Vista system is slower than XP. I can back this up due to the fact I have ran XP Pro on this same unit via a seperate SATA HD w/the same apps and hardware/modem,NIC’s,onboard ATI Video, Sound Max Audio along with an ATI 650Pro TV Wonder Card via PCIe and HD’s installed in external enclosures via USB along with a slue of various programs and utilities.
    Three weeks ago I installed the Windows 7 Ultimate Beta on a 3rd. SATA drive and have been kicking with it in same PC just to get a taste of it.The improvements in speed are apparent from the moment you hit the power on button.I estimate it is taking more than 50% less time to get this unit booted up and stabalized compared to the Vista.Obviously the boys at MS have made some much needed improvements in 7. However unless they have some major package of surprise goodies stashed back they are not letting us play with in the beta, those expecting it to be some sort cosmic revalation or sexual experience of the 3rd kind when compared to Vista, will be sorely disapointed.Other than a tweak here and there they are the same cheese enchilada with a litle extra salsa.As far as a Vista migration from XP or 2000 for anyone,be it individual or corperate at this point in time would be idiotic.(in my humble opinion) This assumeing that the release of 7 is as close as this summer as is rumored. Of course we all recall what happened with XP and its string of pushed back release dates which lead to the rumors that ME was a”Top Secret” harried throw together mix match of 98SE and XP to have something to release. All in all I suspect we will see sometime around August, as that is when the licenses expire on the Beta’s.

  • purple_minion says:

    Why oh why would you go to Vista now? Am I missing something? It’s the newest Windows 7 supposedly right around the corner promising better and faster and not be an alpha release like Vista? Plus then you will be upgrading AGAIN soon since 7 is coming out. I suppose companies do like throwing money around. What is Vista doing now that they can’t wait a year or two? I personally haven’t a single program that will only run on vista, unless you count the unproductive work with DX10 that the office chumps need for their underpowered graphics cards???

  • Bob Wilkinson says:

    It’s amazing; Microsoft makes one of the most secure OS and nobody wants to educate themselves in how to use it! Has ANYONE TALKED TO ANYBODY THAT HAS HAD VISTA INFECTED WITH A VIRUS???? Please post the results . . . I want to know what the results are!!

  • Heriberto t. says:

    Bob, i havent, but i mostly only look at pcs with XP, the only problem i have had with a vista pc, was that my hdd failed. now its not readable or anything, i dont even know what happened, first, i stopped using it for a couple of months, then when i turned it on, it wouldnt load. firedog said it was dead. i slaved it up to another pc and it didnt even see it. but besides that, everything has been good.

  • gunslinger says:

    One of the most secure OS? I really hope you are kidding. While Vista is more secure than XP out of the box it does not come close to Linux and certainly not OS X.

    I have had many infected Vista machines come to my shop, and so have fellow techies. Truth be told most Vista systems seem to self destruct on their own and need no help from malware.

    While Vista may be more secure than older versions of Windows the trade off is a buggy, slow, bloated POS of an OS.

    No thanks, I’ll stay with Windows XP SP3 and kaspersky Internet security until the gold release of Windows 7. Or better yet, use Ubuntu or a Mac.

  • purple_minion says:

    Can I ask what ANY of these OS’s are actually improving? I can see how linux is getting everything together to work like wireless drivers and all that, but seriously what the hell is worth that much money? I have always wondered why they want you to spend so much on nothing but a simple manager. I want to run this program, ok it goes and runs it. I want to print, ok sends it to the printer. That’s really all it does as an OS by it self is worthless! If they didn’t add silly things like calculators and notepads and IE what would you do with JUST the actually OS part? Go around and move files all day? They need to just get the damn OS part down without all this fancy crap. They can’t even do that right, yet want all this money for it, for what? I love linux but unfortunately they can’t run all the apps I want, and that’s not their fault since all anyone knows is Winblows… but look how far they have come without everyone shelling out bucks for a malware bucket. And don’t tell me it’s cause they are such a small target or that people setup their computer wrong since we all know the actual precentage of people that setup their computer (the same ones that ask me some myspace question I have to answer… and I don’t even use myspace). The people setting up windows is Microslough right when you install it or when it comes fresh from the factory, that’s why they get malware. There are many articles on why linux is more secure, and look how stable windows is. Go find out what the longest running webserver uptimes are and you’ll see they are linux, though they reset their uptime at some arbitrary number so you can’t get a perfect count. I would think that if a ton of people in their free time can come up with something close to windows then these dumb#@$ that GET PAID would be able to do something spectacular such as mind control, levitation, cure world hunger?! What have they done? Oh it’s pretty now! Oh look at how when I alt tab I get some cool graphics. Who knows people that actually know what alt-tab does? They don’t know they use the little buttons on the taskbar. Ask people if they know the ctrl-c and ctrl-insert both copy? You can make a car that looks great with GPS navigation and personalized climate controls with a seat that molds to your rear end, but if it shits out on the highway in rush hour does that matter? I suppose you’ll be comfy knowing where they should send the tow truck (minus the A/C of course).

  • Chris says:

    I guess that we are all professionals looking at this and not like the people who know nothing. Obviously, everyone hates it. But some more than others. While we hate it because it’s slow and is aweful all the way around, someone else might like it because it’s the pretty version of windows. Or because it has some extra features that previous versions didn’t. I personally dont think that most people have the technology yet for what vista was meant to do.

  • gunslinger says:


    I don’t think Vista has the technology yet for what vista was meant to do.

  • Does this really shock anybody?

    “I have had many infected Vista machines come to my shop, and so have fellow techies. Truth be told most Vista systems seem to self destruct on their own and need no help from malware.”

    You’re absolutely right! has anybody else seen the “vista mouse can’t click” issue? I’ve seen it twice.