Windows 7 Screen Shots

by Lee

The Register has posted an article that a round of screenshots has been posted to the web recently about the next Microsoft Windows operating system (OS).

The images were posted at but the site received a suit so the site decided to remove them. However, according to The Register’s article, people could see them at at the moment. Austin Modine, the author of the article at The Register, notes that the next OS seems to be using the Office 2007 Ribbon interface in the Paint and Wordpad softwares.

A start menu, administration windows, Paint, Calculator, and Windows Media Player are shown in some of images.

Source: The Register

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Comments (3)

  • JRoss says:

    Funny, it looks just like Vista!

  • Jm Boyd says:

    The beta version of the Windows 7 is nothing more than a tweaked and slightly improved Vista…”Slightly Improved” being the operative phrase.

    They are simply fixing some of the crap that’s broken, giving it a new name and re-releasing it….just as they did with the Windows ME/Windows 2000 fiasco…..

  • gunslinger says:

    Like I have said before. Its just Vista SP2.