When A Laptop Is Stolen…

by Lee

An article has been posted at consumerist.com about what users should do when his or her laptop is stolen and how to prevent it.

First, a user can prove that he or she is the owner by having the serial number and receipt of the laptop. Next is making a backup of files. Followed by installing LoJack or other software that can track a computer.

A user should file a report with the manufacturer of the laptop, file a police report, call pawn shops, and check sites such as eBay and Craiglist if his or her machine is stolen.

Source: Consumerist

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  • Mike Smith says:

    Or the user can activate the webcam as in the case of Harriton High School ;-)

    Users who are serious about their own personal security can use TrueCrypt (free) to encrypt their drives making it inaccessible to anyone without the password. Even if booted with a cdrom the files are inaccessible. There are step by step directions on the TrueCrypt web site which make it easy to set up.

    I’ve played with it in a virtual environment and it’s not a drain on performance as you might expect. Even my old p4 runs it well.

  • Internet Age says:

    Unfortunately the nature of the laptop is such that it is an easily appropriated, fast moving electronic item. Best you make sure it is adequately insured and your data is constantly backed up.

  • Make sure your laptop is covered under whatever insurance policy you have, and be sure to backup your documents. Unfortunately, even with tracking software installed, it’s unlikely you’ll retrieve a stolen laptop. I know I didn’t :(

  • Techie says:

    I’d forgo the insurance unless you want higher premiums. Most laptops are relatively cheap nowadays, better to buy a new notebook for 500$ then spend another $1000 on your next insurance premium hike.

  • white hat says:

    funny story:
    i worked at a college and was in charge of maintaining and checking out some laptops a professor had one stolen and three days later a student brought it to me to ‘show him how to use his new laptop’ i called security who called police he claimed he didn’t know it was the colleges even though property of was engraved (and attempted to be scratched out) the colleges logo replaced the windows logo on start up and the professor (a very popular and well known one if a little odd) name was all over the laptop case on papers and media
    it went to court and the jury let him off (ID10Ts)
    be on the look out for stolen equipment if it looks odd verify

  • Shane Fowler says:

    My laptop was stolen last year. Unfortunately I thought that it would never happen to me. On the brighter side I did not have any client files on the hard drive.

    Does anyone know of any free tracking software out there that we could all use to keep our machines safe?