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SysMate – System File Walker is a small and freeware software that can help you quickly replace Windows system files from a client’s computer.
If your client has corrupted an important Windows system file because of a malware infection, or for another reason, and that file must be replaced, you could manually take ownership of it by using the Command Prompt or Windows Explorer, but to help save time, use SysMate – System File Walker to quickly replace Windows system files.

SysMate – System File Walker is very easy to use. The first text area is used to give the location of the original file, and the second is to give the location of the replacement system file. You can input these file locations either by pasting a file path into the text area or by using the built-in file browser.

SysMate – System File Walker is designed to automatically request permission and take ownership of the file, saving you the time of not having to do it manually. The only required step is that you run SysMate with administrative privileges. Your client must also have the Microsoft.NET Framework version 2.0 or 4.0 installed for SysMate to execute.

One important thing to note about SysMate – System File Walker is that it is a portable application. The developer does not mention it being portable, but in my testing, it worked just as it normally would when run from external media.
In the latest update, SysMate – System File Walker also implemented a backup feature that will automatically make a copy of the file you are going to replace. These files are stored in a designated backup folder and can be accessed from the main interface.

SysMate – System File Walker is a great portable application that can help you easily replace missing or corrupted Windows system files, saving you the time of having to do it manually.

Do you have any experiences with SysMate – System File Walker or other similar applications for the Windows Operating System? Please share them below.


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Download from Official Site – 126kb

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Husayn Jamal is a Canadian computer technician and is the creator and owner of the MyITtech YouTube Channel. In 2009, he opened a local computer support business at age 10 and continues operating it to this day. He is an honours student and will be entering the International Baccalaureate High School Program in 2013.

Comments (16)

  • Matt Davidson says:

    Great tool! This would have helped me 6 years ago when a virus deleted my clients usbport.sys file. keep the good tips coming, Husayn!

  • John says:

    “he opened a local computer support business at age 10″…yeah right. What customer in their right mind would take their computer to a 10 year old? That is ludicrous.

    • Mark says:

      correction, he would now be 13 or 14 years old

    • Bryce says:

      I started young. I had paying clients at a young age. Mind you I wasn’t dealing with businesses or anything, but I was getting paid to fix computers. Husayn knows his stuff.

      • Xander says:

        Odd, though, that you have to be 16 to be a member of the forums but you can be a paid writer at any age.

        • Bryce says:

          The forums are open where pretty much anyone can post and therefore harder to make safe for adolescents. The Technibble article pages are much more controlled where only Technibble authors can post.

          As for the age thing, I saw Husayns videos a little while ago and was really impressed. I think we have all seen that person who has been in the industry for 20 years, is certified up to the eyeballs but doesn’t know anything.

          Husayn is the opposite of that, young and a natural at this stuff. He reminded me of myself at his age and sometimes all you need is a chance and not be discriminated against because of age.

          Go look at his Youtube channel:
          It’ll demonstrate his understanding of a lot of this stuff. Few people are doing what he is doing at his age.

    • Fara says:

      Actually, he DID start his business at age 10. He started with helping people download, install and use anti-virus software, hooking up printers, formatting for people who did not know how etc. It is funny that you are so judgemental. Jealous much?

      Instead of posting nasty comments, why don’t you say something useful.

      FYI – I was one of his first clients.

  • computerdoctor says:

    ‘Official Site’ is Softpedia, be extra careful, lots of bogus links on the page.

  • Luke Blache-Fraser says:

    I tried downloading this software but it just downloads a blank folder, no setup file (.exe) or anything. Any suggestions???

    • bipc says:

      hey Luke, try to do it again, i just downloaded it and i got the file right and working, i used the US mirror

  • bipc says:

    age is of no importance, knowledge is, good job Husayn keep it up, i’ve seen “older people” asking a grandson or granddaughter aged 8, 9 or 10 to show them this or that on computers, and many customers usually tell me “i don’t know how to operate computers, usually my it’s my grandson or daughter who does that for me but now he’s at school” all good things should be praised and if Husayn’s passion is IT then he should go for it, i don’t want a dumb new generation i want a well succeded and entrepenour one, i know many old established IT techs and engeneers that know almost nothing on the area and only care about making money no matter how and this “kid” goes for a free youtube channel? keep it up good job

    • Benjamin says:

      I think what these people are trying to say is that it sounds like his parents forced him to write that in. My parents did the same stupid stuff, and if you put that on a resume, it makes people do that eye-roll. I’m not knocking his knowledge, but if i zoned-in on that little bit, (and so has everyone else), just update it, and say you run your own IT biz.

      Now, for this software…
      You say it automatically searches for, and replaces missing or corrupted files, where is it pulling the replacement file from?

      And what’s this softpedia site? Is it reputable? I have to tell clients everyday, don’t download something if you don’t know where it came from. Like they listen…

  • Chuck says:

    Has anyone found this program to be useful? Do you actually have the necessary system files on hand? Can they be taken from a Windows DVD?

  • PC Ops says:

    Good article, great tool.
    Good stuff Husayn!

  • Mainstay says:

    Nice little tool. It helped to solve a problem that has been left on the back-burner for quite some time.

    Will be adding it to the old toolbox.