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by Lee

Antivirus developer, Symantec, has filed lawsuits for fraud, unfair competition, trafficking, and other offences to different firms in the US and Canada.

The firms are:
1. Acortech
2. mPlus
3. Rowcal Distribution
4. Logical Plus
5. SoftwareOutlets
6. Global Impact
7. Directron
8. eDirect Software

The first 7 firms are located in either California, New York, Florida, or Texas. The eight firm is located in Canada.

The software that are affected are:
1. Norton SystemWorks
2. Norton AntiVirus
3. Norton Internet Security
4. pcAnywhere
5. Symantec AntiVirus Small Business Edition

The article at The Register did not mention if the stores were selling counterfeit versions of software other than Symantec’s.

Source: The Register

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