SUPERAntiSpyware 5 Competition – 20 Professional Licenses to Give Away


The makers of SUPERAntiSpyware (which is a malware removal product that many technicians use) have provided me with 20 SUPERAntiSpyware Professional licenses to give away to Technibble readers.

If you havent heard of SUPERAntiSpyware, SAS is a security application that detects and removes Spyware, Malware, Rootkits, Trojans, Hijackers and other malicous threats for Windows users. Some of the newer features that are of interest to computer technicians include the “Rescue Scan” where it allows SAS to recoup processing power from CPU hogging malware in order to put more power and resources behind the scanning engine. Some computer technicians are not a fan of SAS while others absolutely swear by it. This competition is for the latter.

We are giving away 20 licenses for the SUPERAntiSpyware Professional Edition (worth $29.95 each!) which includes extra features over the free version such as real-time protection, scheduled scanning and automatic updates.

How To Enter

Leave a comment on this post. You don’t need to register here in order to leave a comment. Just enter your name, email and leave a comment. The winners will be chosen at random on Friday the 22nd (1 week from now).

Bryce Whitty

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Bryce Whitty
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Bryce is an Australian computer technician and the founder of Technibble. He started his computer repair business when he was 17 years old and is still running it 9 years later. He is an avid traveller and spends at least a month of the year in another country.

Comments (853)

  • Ben says:

    SAS Rocks

    • Rick Burt says:

      Super Anti Spyware has proved a very valuable tool to me, and that’s just the free version. The professional version would be a big bonus for me !!

    • Brand says:

      SAS is the best!

    • henry o says:

      SAS is one of the best AntiSpywares I have used. I hope I win.

    • Todd says:

      SAS is a Great Software. I am a Technican and it has found Things that no other program would. It also has saved me BIG TIME! I always have it available in my Toolki. Woud Love to have the Professional Version

    • Chuq Jackels says:

      I found out about SAS about a year ago and every system that comes through my shop now gets it installed on, as well as using it ourselves for virus removals. I personally have it installed on my own computers as well.

    • Dani says:

      I want my SuperAntiSpyware!

    • Martyn says:

      I’m a newbie computer technician. Still lot’s to learn. This looks like some very useful software and I could really use a copy.

    • Dick Dahl says:

      SAS has also been valuable to me also many times.

    • Barcham says:

      SAS is a great tool. I use it on a regular basis to clean customer systems.

    • mrpixel says:

      SAS is a Great Software :)

    • Jon says:

      This software is awesome! Great idea for a contest :)


    • andre gipson says:

      I support one of the poorest communities in the USA and without free software THERE IS NORWAY I. Could support east st. Louis il. The thought is that atleast I can support the students and family’s thatvare trying to work themselves out of poverty through computer technology

    • andre gipson says:

      I support one of the poorest communities in the USA and without free software THERE IS NORWAY I. Could support east st. Louis il. The thought is that atleast I can support the students and family’s thatvare trying to work themselves out of poverty through computer technology. SAS has kept many of the modest computers that I work on going time after time.

    • Nelson says:

      This is a great piece of software! Would be a nice win!

    • lgtechcomputers says:

      SAS is certainly one of the many tools that should be part of a tech’s arsenal!

      Yes – I would not mind one of these!

    • Leroy says:

      This software is awesome, it’s a plus for my business.

    • HardRockR says:

      Use the free version sometimes as a last attemp effort, does a great job.

    • Phillip Lee says:

      Gotta love SAS….saved me so much time and $ over the past few years. Would love to get the Pro edition.. :)

    • Lars Pedersen says:

      SAS is one of my three go-tos when it comes to virus removal. Thanks, Bruce, for the offer!

  • Falcon King says:

    I have been using SAS for last 3 years. It is a good product, never had any problem from spywares, Malwares or etc. when this thing is around.

  • Stephan says:

    Tried their earlier, free version- worked very well – this one should be even better, I hope! PS Technibble ain’t bad either!

  • Warsaw Gee says:

    I love SAS it is wonderful, powerful, etc :) Seriously it works great. Much better than the (others)

  • shintaku says:

    nice give away, i love SAS even the free version is very good

  • Donna Kotting says:

    Thanks for offering this – you all are great!

  • paul wilson says:


  • Michael Ayers says:

    SAS Pro would be great to have. Thanks

  • Rob Greene says:

    SAS is awesome! =)

  • John Fisher says:

    Love this software! I’ve been using SAS since since 2006. It does a great job! Hoping for one of those 20 pro licenses. =) Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Michael Dresser says:

    Mwa ha ha ha, those licences will be mine!! :0)

  • Samuel Kemp says:

    Cool, another givaway!

  • Kevin says:

    Would love the Pro version

  • Alek Lefebvre says:

    Great give away!

  • Gabriel Pineda says:

    I always use SAS in my computer. It’s a great software for technicians.

  • Richard says:

    Like to win a license

  • T. Lindsay says:

    Gotta love that SAS.

  • Tyler says:

    Free SAS??? How could I not…

  • sandra says:

    have been using SAS for years…would love a pro license..
    it finds stuff the antivirus doesn’t
    great program:)

  • Reed Helmly says:

    Very cool way to get comments on your blog! I have never uses SAS, but it looks like I need to try it for sure. Looking forward to checking it out. Corndog2!

  • Peter Stevenson says:

    I always use SAS as well. I would love to test out the pro version.

  • Keith says:

    Love this software!!!!

  • kevin says:

    A good product works well

  • Steve Roles says:

    Sounds awesome.

  • John says:

    SAS is da shiz.

  • Steve Baldwin says:

    Use SAS on every computer with infections to double check. It is part of our for techs as well!

  • Alan says:

    I would love to get my hands on those, one of the best out there!

  • Edwin says:

    If it’s a product of which you (Technibble super technicians) say it works and is good. I love to have 1 of the licenses.

  • Steve Bossen says:

    SuperAntiSpyware is fantastic. We are resellers and this software has saved numerous countless systems for us.

  • brandon brimberry says:

    SAS is awesome! Would love to win this giveaway!

  • Victor Dempsey says:

    I love SAS, and have used it for years. I have recommended it countless times, just yesterday as a matter of fact

  • Anthony says:

    SAS is one fantastic product! I always use it as a part of mopping up system viruses.

  • Basil says:

    This would be great to have. Thanks

  • Mark says:

    Other comments are positive….will try the free version and hope for the licensed version in the draw…

  • Eric Robinson says:

    I have heard about it, and would love to give it a try!


  • Ken says:

    Technibble and SAS rock!!!!!

  • Brian [PauerSource Computers] says:

    SAS has been in my arsenal as a major tool that I use on every clean/tune-up. While it does not catch everything, it does catch items that Mbam and other scanners I use completely miss. I would very much appreciate being one of the 20 random “winners”, but will deal with the luck of the draw! :)

  • Drake says:

    Free stuff is awesome! Love SAS and use it often.

  • Kompix says:

    It will be nice to try SAS

  • Rudy Garcia says:

    this is awesome !! Thanks!

  • Edgardo Vazquez (Egmari Computer Services) says:

    I have been using the SAS Free Edition for my personal use and i find to be a excelent product. I bet the pro is even better.

  • Paul Bucalo (PMB Enterprises, L.L.C.) says:

    Definitely. Used as the first scan in most every malware removal job that allows for the its installation or operation from USB flash. It is the epitome of appetizers for all else that follows from my arsenal.

  • Julio B says:

    With Technibble its has helped me with my business. Not only with organized information but how to actually get clients and keep them.

    Thanks guys!

  • Russ Braaten says:

    I love SAS, and it’s a staple in my toolkit. I especially love the portable version. Love to have a Pro license.

  • David Hyler says:

    SAS is great software

  • Justin Whitstine says:

    Great piece of software.

  • Ismael Cortes says:

    Great stuff!!! We use SAS in our repair facility as well as the portable version out in the field. This is a must have tool for any repair technician, novice or seasoned… We always recommend it to our client base. Even the freeware version is an asset when ridding machines of spyware infections. Two Thumbs Up!

  • Patrick says:

    I hope to get one of SAS license :) GL everyone

  • Gerald says:


  • TechMaverick85 says:

    Good luck everyone – a pro license would be great.

    Thanks TN :)

  • Ari says:

    A great tool, indeed; it has consistently been rated one of the top in its field for years!

    • Shawn Jones says:

      I concur with the others that this is a very solid app with great detection rates and low level of false positives. Very solid program. –SJ

  • Ken Orabone says:

    SpyBot was my favorite for some time, but was usurped by MalwareBytes for a while, but SAS rose to the top several years back and has stayed there for me. Simple to use, cleans out the majority of infections and does the job I expect it to do.

  • Geo says:

    SAS PRO for the win!

  • uncle_buggy says:

    been using free edition for years, wonder what the “pro” version is like ??

  • walter says:

    I have been using SAS for years, great product!

  • Spencer says:

    SAS has saved many computers under my watch. I’m very thankful they even have a portable version.

  • Bob Slyker says:

    Hey Technibble,

    SUPERAntiSpyware has a well deserved reputation as a “first line of defense tool” when you suspect your system has been compromised.

    Please add my name to this “giveaway” opportunity.

    Thanks for all of the tips and info throughout the year.



  • Harold P. Fultz, Jr says:

    SUPERAntiSpyware is one of the greatest

  • Wally Hass says:

    SAS is a great product. Intergration w/Kaseya would be ideal and would move us to purchase a site license.

  • Harry G says:

    The free version is a good tool – hope to win the Pro.

  • LisaDawn McCabe says:

    I use SAS regularly on computers that I set up for customers – it’s one of only two anti-spyware/malware programs that I recommend because they work! SAS finds the nasty programs and gets rid of them easily enough for novices to use and that’s what matters.

  • Jason Bennett says:

    SUPERAntiSpyware is my favorite tool to use when dealing with compromised systems. I would do anything for a SAS Pro License.

  • fRequEnCy says:

    Great tool! Good luck everyone!

  • Shawn says:

    SAS is one of the better tools I work with. I’m anxious for the opportunity to use the professional version. “Never too much of a good thing!!!!’

  • Ed Allen says:

    Excellent program; thanks.

  • John (from Canada) says:

    Used SAS two days ago and it rooted out some nasty stuff from my clients PC.

  • shane says:

    Ive been using SAS free version for the last few years. It’s an invaluable tool. I would love to the chance to move up to the professional version.

  • Elie says:

    Thank you :)

  • Amy says:

    love it!

  • Tim says:

    I would love to get SAS free

  • Huzefa Suratwala says:

    I recommend SAS to all my clients!

  • xeed says:

    I WANT ONE!! this is helps a lot for me!!! LUCKY 4 ME!!!!

  • William says:

    OOOOOOOH! A squirrel!

  • Matt M. says:

    Awesome tool, thank you for the chance to enter.

  • John T. says:

    I haven’t ever used it, but I am looking for a good AntiSpyware solution now that Lavasoft has seen fit to include AV in Ad-Aware and it conflicts with Norton AV. I have been avid user of Ad-Aware (8+ years), so hoping to make this my new solution…

  • Ron Hayden says:

    Interesting Software!

  • Polat says:

    It’s good to see that we have to wait only 1 week. Good luck everyone.

  • Bruno Casarini says:

    SAS portable edition was an awesome version, but they changed it so now it’s the normal free version. Thumbs down.

  • Carlin says:

    Always use SAS.
    Recommend it to your customers.
    Excellent software.

  • Jonathan Skinner says:

    I love SAS, the portable version is so darn convenient!

  • Bill Lavallie says:

    I use SAS on my bench system that is used to examine drives that are from malware and spyware riddled systems.

    As soon as I plug the drives in, I do a scan to clear as much spyware off as possible with SAS. This allows me to then put the drive back in the computer and gain control over the rest of the cleaning process….

  • Ryan P. says:

    Been meaning to try out SAS, a Pro license would be a nice way to do so.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • tomecole says:

    Great give-away. When cleaning a client’s unit, at the end I always run SAS and Malwarebytes to confirm my other efforts were effective. Free SAS is a really great product. The paid version should be even more so.

  • Brad H says:

    SAS is awesome! Always my first program that I run when cleaning up computers! Technibble is a great read everyday!

  • Gustavo says:

    Very good tool.

  • Craig says:

    Haven’t yet used this on a production machine. Would be very interested to try the full fat version.

  • Fastfix says:

    Great piece of Software is oustanding for malware detection please Bring th portable free version I miss it

  • Manny Floresca says:

    SAS is part of my toolkit for detecting threats and works very well. I like the portable executable too which helps when you want to bypass OS bootup.

  • isavecomputers says:

    SAS works great would love a Pro version.

  • Scott says:

    Good product!

    SAS is one of those items I refuse to be without as a computer tech! I consider it to be just as important as Anti Virus software it’s self!
    Even if you don’t win, TRY IT!

  • Vasco Ribeiro says:

    Hope to win!!!! thanks

  • Ray says:

    This is just one of the products I use to clean spyware/malware. I am amazed how many times I try some other product first and then use SAS which finds dozens more problems!

  • hk says:

    SAS i want it !!!!!!

  • peroty says:

    I love SAS and have used it for years. I’d love a full on copy!

  • pctechn says:

    I’ll make sure that I mention that I won these on Nice giveaway Bryce!

  • David Lidstone says:

    SAS portable with a bootable DVD to bypass OS bootup helps big time in cleaning systems. Free version is a good idea in these financially restricted times. A Pro version would be a great Birthday present as I’m 60 soon.

    Technibble for ideas and inspiration.

  • Dan says:

    SAS is one of my favorite tools to use

  • matt1178 says:

    SAS is top notch!!

  • Ciaran says:

    Pick me! Pick me!!

  • James says:

    SAS has been a wonderful tool for my business!

  • Tom says:

    It has helped clean up infected machines a number of times belonging to friends. If someone tells me their machine might be infected, I get SAS on the scene before even worrying about their current AV situation. The fact that there is a portable version is icing on the cake.

  • Rein says:

    Great to have, thnx.

  • jonny says:

    Who’s on first?

  • Eli Jaffe says:

    This is an excellent anti-malware product that installs and runs under conditions where other products fail. It has been my fallback for over 7 years.

  • Pete Burke says:

    Superantispyware is a great tool that keeps getting better and better!

  • Pablo Gallegos says:

    have been using free SAS for years and would love a pro license.

    excellent program:)

  • James Borg says:

    SuperAntiSpyware has saved us a few times.

  • Matthew Brock says:

    Great adjunct to Malwarebytes when fighting an infection!

  • Jason Lake says:

    Would love a pro license of SAS.

  • Rick says:


  • Arturo Cureño says:

    I could say that Super Anti Spyware will be perfect if it can integrate with Kaspersky Internet Security, may be the new version does not conflict with KIS but only testing it will give me the answer. Thank you and good luck to you and me!

  • Dsane says:

    I’d love to win a free license!

  • Francisco says:

    Sure! I want a copy of that powerful tool !

  • Michael Oke, II says:

    I have used it successfully in the past. The pro version would be a nice addition to the toolbox.

  • Teresa says:

    Have been using SAS for years. Most clients comment on “why does it look like malware” but after they use it they love it. One of the few products I encourage clients to purchase.

  • D says:

    I have been frustrated by Trend micro client/server security agent software,that came pre installed on a new Dell laptop I just bought.Wasted lot of time jumping through hoops & still cannot activate or configure this service,& very poor customer support from Trend micro

  • Laura says:

    Love that software. Put the free version on clients machines and they end up purchasing the pro version.
    Thank you for all the wonderful tidbits.

  • Hector says:

    I used this program several times and worked great for me, but at times I had trouble uninstalling it from several clients PC’s. I used other methids to unistall the program but overall it works great.

  • Wiltz Cutrer says:

    Pretty cool! Love the articles. SAS Rocks…and while commenting, anyone in here playing with D7 too…?

  • Andrei Brandes says:

    Never used SAS but would love to try the Pro version

  • JR Batson says:

    SAS is a great tool.

  • Rudger says:

    SAS always a handy utility for removing last bits of spyware

  • Blurave says:

    Have used the free version of SAS for sometime now, this is a very good tool for your toolbox

  • PCMEDIC1968 says:

    SAS is a great product! Throw my name into the lottery please!

    Kudos to Technibble for being such a great resource for computer techs!

  • Jaime Efrain Favela says:

    Great product I always scan my pc with it.

  • Iceburg says:

    SAS is a staple in my PC arsenal. Solid product with great results. I’m in! Thanks Technibble for all of the great articles and access to resources over the years!

  • Syd Arblaster says:

    I have been using SAS and SAS portable for quite a while, great free program. However if there is a bad malware, SAS is attacked easily and incapacitated on my PC…I don’t know why. Thanks, keep it coming

  • Aaron Curdy says:

    I love SAS and use it all the time. It is the first tool I go to when I suspect an infection.

  • Erik Dreyer-Goldman says:

    SAS has been one of the tools that has been extremely useful. It works pretty weel.

  • Monkizzle says:

    I am very intersested in trying out SAS now to see what it’s all about.

  • John Jordan says:

    SAS is a great product. I am looking forward to winning the Pro version.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Andres says:

    Every computer I take in for repair, I always run a SAS scan. It has never failed me, so I recommend it to all of my clients.

  • Les says:

    Latest version always on my “Tool Stick”

  • Ben says:

    Great tool Love to have the License.

  • Norman Crypt says:

    Great tool!

  • Charlie says:

    Considered one of the best, would like a free license.

  • saveic says:

    I would love to participate in the give away please thank you

  • Rino says:

    This is one of the finest products in the marketplace today. Would not be without this great tool in my toolbox arsenal.

  • Brian Roy - DataDataU says:

    Count me in, thanks Bryce and SAS

  • Tony Scarpelli says:

    We love SAS and use it regularly.

  • Will Enlow says:

    Boy, You mention free and everyone posts. Pretty cool offer, because I use SAS all of the time and I recommend it to everyone. Thanks a bunch for this cool offer!

  • Kyriacos Hajisavva says:

    Good product, rescued heavily infected systems on a number of occasions using sas portable when ev.erything failed

  • Mikesit says:

    SAS is great…I’m even a reseller for them, but 20 free is great.


  • Ted says:

    I would love a SAS key!


  • Aclesio says:

    I’d like to win a license.

  • Bob says:

    I have had SAS in my arsenal of tools for a while now. Most recently I have found it is catching things that my other tools are not. I would love some licenses!

  • Neil Harrison says:

    Now that would be very useful – a “must have” tool.

  • Jared Ledvina says:

    I enjoy commenting, but free stuff works too! :D

  • Tim says:

    Technibble and SAS Rocks!

  • Tom Radford says:

    This is one of the best free things I have ever gotten on the net!
    Keep up the great topics for all of us out here.

  • Vicki says:

    WOO HOO!!!!!

  • Ed Williams says:

    Excellent give away, would love a Pro license.

  • John Murphy says:

    I have used sas for a few years and find it great, it rocks

  • Michael Frymier says:

    SAS rocks! Would love free license :-)

  • Al Godwin says:

    I’ve never tried SAS; but would be interested in trying it.

  • Ben says:

    I <3 Technibble.

  • Simon says:

    Not tried SAS yet, but will have to give it a go.

  • Gideon Pineda says:

    SAS is my favorite software in finding malwares. Thanks for this software.

  • Marcus Espenlaub says:

    Technibble is a great resource, and SAS would be a great tool to have in my belt. Thanks either way

  • Roger Johnson says:

    SAS is a great product that I use on the majority of my jobs.

  • Perry Adams says:

    I use it everyday. It’s an excellent product. Keeps me and my clients happy.
    Go SAS!

  • Cathryn Camacho says:

    I love SAS. I always use this software to scan my computer. Thanks for this software.

  • Douglas Lawson says:


    :) Thank SAS for us

  • Arlee C says:

    SAS is my favorite software when it comes to malwares.

  • Tammy says:

    We have never used it, surprisingly didn’t realize it was that popular or worked so good. We are gonna give it a try now! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Of course winning would be great too! We love Technibble, you have become an information staple for our business. Thanks Technibble for once again helping us to be a better PC shop!

  • Scott Kerschner says:

    I would love to be able to try out this software.

  • Haladhar says:

    Cool, tnx ;)

  • Martin Hackle says:

    I love SAS; it’s my first choice for spyware removal for me and my customers.

  • Randy Baker says:

    SAS and Technibble…..a winning combo!

  • Phillip Smith says:

    WooHoo! Another great contest!

  • Brendan O'Reilly says:

    Another super giveaway!!! Well done to both parties!!!

  • Tony Houlbrooke says:

    Yes I am a regular user of SAS and find it very helpful as an initial check for malware.

  • David Inman says:

    SAS is a must have if your a technician like me!

  • Kristian says:

    The free version of SAS is pretty good but i’d like to try the pro version.

  • Willett says:


  • CompuControl says:

    Great piece of software. It has found viruses where other mainstream programs did not….

  • John Gontowicz says:

    I recommend this product to my customers. If they have a lot of viruses when I work on their machine, I include a license in my price. This ia a great tool to have.

  • Kris W. says:

    One of the best antispyware tools

  • Dave Cameron says:

    Great program. I recommend the free version to everyone who qualifies for it.

  • Yiannis says:

    Excellent program. Compared with others, its easy to use and its antispyeare engine is awesome. One of the best.

  • Richard D says:

    SAS must have improved some. I used to use it a while ago. Would be great to try the Pro version!

  • kman3 says:

    I don’t get all these positive comments about Super Antispyware. Maybe I haven’t given it long enough of a try. A person in my dept installed this on several machines where I work and whenever I come across it, I find it completely annoying, kind of in your face, popping up messages alot like AVG which is rated high for free antivirus and the way it is packaged along with it’s name, look and sound like a “Rogue” antispyware tool…it looks fake and the name sounds fake. I have disabled in on a number of machines and uninstalled on some depending on how much it annoys me when I find it. I have been a computer tech since 1999 professionally and whenever I come across malware, running Malwarebytes in safemode several times never fails me. And as far as antivirus tools, MS security essentials for the most part stays out of my hair except for major updates and it does it’s job well enough. I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy and need to give SAS another chance…maybe the full version would be better for me to try. All these positive comments can’t be wrong and I love and trust Technibble for advice…so I must be crazy.

    • 02befree says:

      MBAM is Safe Mode is the killer app. Like you, I thought this was a rogue spyware product when I first saw it. There must be something to it, and I have used it a few times.

  • Mark Blackstone says:

    I have used SAS in my computer cleaning business for a few years now and prefer it to anything out there. I once had a computer with over 5000 pieces of spyware on it. Ran real slow for some reason. SAS is number one in my book. Thanks.

  • Dan says:

    Super Anti Spyware is what I use in my Tech Tooldbox, It Rocks.

  • Conor says:

    SAS is definitely one of the top removal tools ever made.

  • At Home Computer Solutions says:

    Man, I’d love a Pro license of SAS…

    • dale barton says:

      a god send. been recommending to my customers for 6 years use the portable version on a regular basis.

  • David says:


  • Allan says:

    Never have used this version. However the free version works well. And this is a great informative site.

  • Tornado PC Repairs says:

    Use it already but a spare licence helps

  • Tim says:

    Sweet deal!

  • Alfredo Talamantes says:

    Thank you for all the tech posts!
    SAS and Technibble has helped me out a lot :D

  • Darcy Grimesey says:

    SUPERAntiSpywar Rocks

  • Matthew jackson says:

    cool thanks Tecnibble

  • Greg says:

    I’ve never used SUPERAntiSpyware but based off of just about everyone’s positive reviews, I’d love the opportunity to try it out and learn about it. Thanks for the opportunity Technibble! Hope I win a copy.

  • VInce says:

    I have never used it but it sounds great!

  • Matthew Herch says:

    I’ve been using SAS for two years now. I’ve recommended it to every one of my customers and have installed it when requested. It is THE BEST AV out there. I moved from AVG, which has proven recently to be a memory hog in the same category as Norton.

  • LastBoyScout says:

    I like SAS…….. BUT I LOVE TECHNIBBLE!!!!!

  • Bogin Bob says:

    Had a major issue on our point of sale – ran a sequential cleaning of Malwarebytes, Spybot …. same issue … went to safe mode and added SAS and ran Mal > Spy > SAS …. SAS found 230 issues.

    Completed job with CCleaner … business Point of Sale (retail) now functions. SAS is a must for my basic tool box. Thanks SAS


  • Hep says:

    I love SAS, been using it for a while now

  • Andy says:

    Use it nearly everyday …does a great job

  • Ronz says:

    SAS the best anti- spyware removal!
    Just love using it as I scan my clients computers. It does the job right to the point!

  • Rayfield Drake says:

    Have used the free version and it rocks! Would love to try the pro version.

  • Vision Computer Tony says:

    Great Giveaway… PICK ME! :D

  • Kyle Rogan says:

    I have used SAS for about three years now along with a string of other malware and spyware removal programs. SAS consistently finds malware and spyware the others can’t. I would love the opportunity to try out SAS Professional. Thanks Technibble.

  • Nathan Williams says:

    Use SAS all the time as one tool in many to clean up systems.

  • Brian says:

    I would love to have a copy .
    thank you for the giveaway !

  • David Mason says:

    OMG !!!! SAS!!!! We LOVE SAS!

  • Andy says:

    Holy Crap!! Mention FREE and they come out of the woodwork. Ok, well, I’ve got to get back into the woodwork, let me know when I win the free license.

  • Julien says:

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    Talking about spywares for those of you who might of tried Texter posted under the suggestion tools if you make a shortcut (in a sandboxed installation) and open the run command and type the trigger command it will run. =D So right now I’m downloading SAS to see if it will catch it before the command runs…

    Have fun everyone and for those who’s are from canada “father’s day weekend” to all the fathers out there have a great one!


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  • Bobbo says:

    This is the first I have heard about SAS – sounds like an excellent product, but I’m going to do a little research on it, as I do with all new or different products. I always want to be sure I’ve done my due diligence before recommending or installing anything on my clients’ machines.
    And thanks for Technibble – I follow it daily.

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    SAS is powerful and I would be thrilled to have the pro version!

  • Clarrisa says:

    I want to win for my husband! He fixes computers, and is always on this site.

  • Greg from Canada says:

    Have been using SAS Free for years and wouldn’t mind a pro copy! My odds right now are 1 in 480 … better odds than winning $1 million!! :-P

  • Jerry says:

    I have never used this. i would love to try it.

  • Brian says:

    Technibble has been an invaluable resource to me in building up my PC repair business. I can’t wait to try out SAS!

  • Kevin says:

    I use SAS regularly. It along with MBAM are a great 1-2 punch.

  • Cameron says:

    SAS is one of the best tools out there. It regularly finds malware that others don’t.

  • Tony Brix says:

    SAS Rules

  • Jeff says:

    Never tried SAS before but now have the free version. Very impressive, wish I’d discovered it years ago!

  • James says:

    Very nice program to have. Hope to win one.

  • Dennis Flanegan says:

    I use SAS portable on every computer tune-up I perform. It is loaded on all of the computers in my shop, as well as my personal computers.

  • Anurag says:

    Run SUPERAntiSpyware next to another antivirus product, which in itself makes it an excellent complementary tool to have as it is adding protection to the system without interfering with other security software that is already installed on it.

  • Steve Boylan says:

    I have used SAS Free, and would love to have a free licence.

    Nice competition Technibble :)

  • Chris says:

    While all of us would love to get a license, and this does bring SAS to people’s minds, I don’t know how profitable it will be for SAS. I would suggest that since everyone here has taken the time to post a comment, it is reasonable to assume that we are all qualified leads. If SAS were to then offer an incentive for us to purchase the license, say at just a slight discount (5% or such), the likelihood of them closing the sale would be great. Please pass that on to SAS!

    P.S. I would very much like to win :)

  • William DeLong says:

    Have not tried Super Anti Spyware but trying today.

  • DrRAid says:

    SAS IS cool I swear by it! anything in my shop gets this before anything else is tried.

  • Jason KUnselman says:

    It’s a really great program

  • Michael says:

    As a small business owner I have found the non-paid version to be of upmost value. With 20 free license I can only imagine what my business will be like. This would be the best opportunity for a small startup firm, like myself, to really get the flow of traffic moving!

  • Brian Osborn says:

    :-) Thanks for allowing us to enter the contest. This product would come in handy.

  • James Sweeney says:

    Always a part of malware cleanups I do. Has even found rootkits on more than one occasion. I Keep SAS Portable updated on a USB Key all the time.

  • Preston says:

    Love Technibble! Been using SAS for 5+ years and love it as well! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Kallan W. says:

    I could definitely use this. Thanks!

  • Mike Hall says:

    SAS Rocks!

  • Saralyn says:

    Love your site and blog. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of SAS!

  • Larry Hults says:

    Technibble is the best! I could use SAS.

  • ANDY says:

    I have used sas and found it a very reliable tool. I would love the professional version.Cheers.

  • Adam says:

    Just adding my name to the drawing. Nothing to see here.

  • Bill says:

    Been using, and recommending SAS for many years.

  • Itlan says:

    SAS is great. But not a single solution. Anti-Malware is a great 1, 2 punch on viruses and malware.

  • Walt Shank says:

    I don’t think a day goes by that we don’t use SAS on a client’s PC.

  • Leead Negri says:

    SAS is a robust anti-malware tool.

  • Greg says:

    SAS is a great tool

  • says:

    Nice giveaway

  • Mark Miller says:

    I’ll jump in for a chance to win.

  • briareoushex says:

    Count me in.
    Thank you for giveaway.

  • Chris says:

    SAS is my #1 tool I use while on the job. I hope I win!

  • Dave Mason says:

    Pick me! Pick Me! I love this tool!

  • Paul Valdes says:

    I never used it but after reading all the comments i will haveto try it out.

  • Giovanni says:

    This definitely my favourite antispyware program.
    Please count me in!!

  • Jamie says:

    Sure… I always like free stuff :)

  • jeff.mccann says:

    SAS is head and shoulders above the competition

  • Walt says:

    I seen SAS adverties, but never tried it. Going to site now to download. If it is as good as every says, I want a proversion.

  • Mixedsignals258 says:

    count me in please

  • Edward says:

    Been using SAS for over a year! One of my favorite antispyware tools!

  • Luis A Ramos Jr says:

    I have been using the free version since it came out and I have clean clients computers with it.I hope I. can win a professional version of it.

  • Mark Swanson says:

    Yes please, love it, my hand is up, pick me ;-)

  • ben p says:

    looks like a 2-3% chance for a free licence

  • Jim Beck says:

    The best software to use when you have severe malware to clean

  • pkolasa says:

    Nice giveaway!
    Please, count me in.

  • elcompudoctor says:

    All these comments are so sketchy,and i don’t see how you will keep cheaters out. Oh well I’m not fond of sas anyway.

  • Mike J says:

    Love your newsletter. I read and save almost every one of them.

  • frenchscottie says:

    SAS is Super And Sexy

  • David V says:

    Never tried SAS but I’m willing to give it a shot

  • Mike N says:

    Looks like a well rounded product.

  • A Guy says:

    Been using the free for many years now. The Pro would be great, thanks.

  • JGR33N says:

    Nice price of software…count me in please!

  • Greg says:

    Professional version would be awesome!

  • I. M. Anonov says:

    SAS sounds just what we all can do with, in the same way as we couldn’t do anymore without Technibble.

  • Orlando says:

    I use SAS a lot. Would be good to have the pro version for once. :D

  • 4r4nd0mninj4 says:

    SAS you say? I’ll have to look into this one.

  • Xander says:

    Wow – they really come out of the woodwork when there’s a giveaway, eh? Where are these guys when it comes to the forums and the community?

    (Don’t count me in the draw. SAS is alright but I stopped selling it when bought them out)

    • Mr. Friendly says:

      Just TRY to be nothing but friendly for a week. It doesn’t hurt you know. Who knows it’ll turn you into a genuine friendly person.

      You constant flaming and endless whining is bugging the hell out of the entire community.

      Did you even care to consider that not everyone used their forum alias??


      Just stop it, will ya?

      • Xander says:

        Nope. I’m fine. Think on this, Mr. Holierthanthou – a regular article will have 10-20 comments. This one has 848 right now. So, yes, the woodwork is full. Unless you are suggesting that there are over 800 *active* contributors on the boards and they all came out for this? Not a chance.
        Secondarily, your anonymous internet opinion has no worth to me. Maybe if you had had the stones to use a real login … but you didn’t.

  • Brendan says:

    I’ll take a chance

  • Uriel says:

    I would like to try Pro version, Thanks!

  • Sharp Computers says:

    Great Program, Just Started Using SUPERAntiSpyware & Has Been Great…. Love A Good Full Copy!!!!

  • Benjamin S says:


  • Bar says:

    I hope I’ll be given a chance to use the SAS pro!

  • Moses Mullins says:

    Hi Guys,
    Fighting & removing spyware & viruses (viri) is a major part of what I do everyday. The reputation of SAS is wellknown. Receiving one of the professional licenses would be a great help.
    I thank you in advance.

  • Greg Petrewski says:

    SAS is the best!

  • Kickglide says:

    Would love to win the Pro version of SuperAntiSpyware

  • Unified says:

    This tool is a must regardless of the Internet Security is installed. I would love to have the professional version. Please count me in :-)

  • leofelix says:

    Hi Bryce Whitty
    first and foremost thank you so much for this contest.
    I would not mind to enter the draw.

    Cheers ;)

  • Kyle Hansen says:

    LOVE the TECHNibble. I so look forward to every TechNib email i get and would love to win a SAS license.
    Thank you for all the help.

  • James says:

    Thank You ! ! !

  • Joe Shearey says:

    If that software can stop a virus, count me in.

  • Travis says:

    SAS and Technibble Rock!

  • Sandy Coulter says:

    SAS is a must have for all computer technicians.

  • Gary Johnson says:

    Technibble is a must read everyday. SAS is a first rate tool.

  • Martin Creson says:

    Looks pretty good. May add it to my tool kit.

  • Ben V says:

    A comment (required)
    to gain software (desired)
    To remove software (intrusive)
    Or other program (abusive)
    Restore my computer (to peace)
    Set my mind back (to ease).

  • Giulio B says:

    I have never used superantispyware but I would like to try it.

  • Andre Walker says:

    I keep SAS in my toolkit, I always is my favorite scan tool.

  • David Frazier says:

    Excellent product. An asset to any toolbox!

  • roy simpson says:

    i would love to add this to my toolbox

  • Mohammad Wasiullah says:

    Thank you very for this giveaway i hope i will be win this time
    count me in

  • Jaypee says:

    I want to try that Product.

  • Nick says:

    I think i’ve used the program once or twice before. But never really got around to learning the ins and outs of it.

  • Mark says:

    I would love to win this product as I heard so many good things about it and did I tell you I love you RSS Feed and have enjoyed using your web site.

  • Jim says:

    SAS always works…

  • lovrenz says:

    Never used this software before…. maybe time to try :-)

  • Gelujaan says:

    very nice software,
    Please count me In

  • GR8Metal says:

    Would love this!

  • Boti says:

    I use frequently the free edition, it’s very useful! :)

  • shaun orwin says:

    If the product is as dangerous as (THE REGIMENT) to the enemy . Them SAS is the first tool you need to reach for .

  • xavier says:

    Hi, never used SAS, but from the comments i should give it a try.

  • Lighthouse says:

    A great piece of software, and well recommended.

  • sherek says:

    A great piece of software, and well recommended

  • uross says:

    SAS free version is good antimalware tool, i would love to have free pro version.


  • carrcomp says:

    I have heard alot of great things about SAS.

    Truth be told, if I won one of the keys (which honestly is not likely :P ) I would test the crap out of it and write an article for you guys about my opinion on it.

  • Josh Scoville says:

    SAS is awesome! It drops the bomb on logic bombs.

  • Liam Sweeney says:

    Have used the free version in the past which was quite good and I’m sure the new professional version would be as it says on the tin “Professional”. I’m in to win!!!!!

  • Dipper says:

    Super Anti Spyware is da bomb! :-)

  • Ben Henry says:

    SAS, What a fantastic tool!

  • James says:

    Great tool- One of my first choice tools that I use.

  • jaxon says:

    Technibble & SAS are both awesome!!

  • Jason Dimuzio says:

    sounds wonderful would love to have it.

  • Scott says:

    SAS free is part of my toolbox. Would love to give the professional version a run around the block.

  • Rob says:

    SAS it up!

  • Brad C says:

    I’m a believer in SAS! It’s the very first tool I turn to when it comes to malware removal on client machines.

    A Professional License would be icing on the cake! And, speaking of cakes, the winners will be chosen the day after my birthday. So, that pro edition would make for a mighty nice birthday present!

    p.s. Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there!

  • Great software!! says:

    As a up an coming pc repair tech .I have like the rest of my fellow pc techs here have been collecting, software from only the best antivirus removers and since finding and using the free version of this software and seeing what ,it can do has been an essential part of cleaning up pc’s.

  • Dianne M. Bright says:

    I’ve used SAS in the past and have had no problems with it. Would love to get a free copy of the professional version.

  • edward hill says:

    sas is the best to me and my beginning computer repair/malware/spyware remover… i use it first and it’s reallllllly great but i only use the free version. on fathers day it would be a great gift and a professional version would be the best!!! thz hope i get one :)

  • Lucy MN says:

    I refurbish donated computers for a non-profit and we put the free version of SAS on them. It would be great to have the professional version.

  • Kevin says:

    Send me that SAS license

  • D says:

    Been using this for years found it to be gre3at software asset. Have referred it to local user group members how now use it regularly. Would not be with out it.

  • Blayne Overman says:

    It would be great to be able to get SAS Pro!!!! It is the boss!!!

  • Angel Figueredo says:

    This word move by rotation. I was born in 1937 and I love year 2012. As an Airplane flight instructor for so many years, my first fly was made on a Piper Cub many years back (that was great); today a like to fly Jet or higher equipments. I remember my first computer…286, 386, 486 and the bit goes on. ¡Innovation, innovation, innovation!

  • Karl says:

    I bet SAS could give away 200 professional licenses and still not have enough for eeryone that wants/uses it in their business. I know I have recommended SAS to many clients and colleagues and many have thanked me for it. It is an essential part of my toolbelt.

  • Claude says:

    SAS is truly a fantastic product. I love it!

  • Mitch says:

    Wouldn’t mind getting me one of these,

  • John W. says:

    You guys are cool. Thanks for the contest!

  • Martin Q. says:

    Thank you so much…..

  • Bomos says:

    There’s no place like

  • Doc+Com says:

    As most techs will testify, it’s usually necessary to run (at least) a few anti-viral program scans on infected machines to fully eradicate and ensure a clean PC and I’ve been lucky enought to have tested quite a few in my years as a PC technician. I can say without doubt that Super Anti spyware has become a requirement and the firm choice of my virus removal artillery. It’s scanning is thorough and fast, just what you need as a Professional tech in today’s fast-paced world and the interface is simple and easy to adapt and configure. I use and recommend the use of SAS to my clients and colleages.

  • Azmi says:

    I’ve been looking for SUPERAntiSpyware Pro giveaway all over internet for the past months and thank god it’s finally here. I’ve been using SUPERAntiSpyware free version for more than 2 years, alongside with my current antivirus and other on-demand scanners. I never had a chance to use the paid version before, so I would be very happy to try it for a year, at least. SUPERAntiSpyware is one of my favourite malware scanners, with good detection rate and effective malware cleaning, as well as lightning fast scanning speed, thanks to its scan boost feature. Besides, it’s easy to use, with simple, slick and stylish graphical user interface and most importantly, it doesn’t bog my system down during scanning. The free version lacks many important features compared to PRO version, such as automatic updates, schedule functions, as well as real-time active protection. I haven’t had a chance to use those greyed out and disabled features in the free version before so I won’t let my only chance to upgrade this awesome malware scanner for free to slip away. Anyway thanks Bryce for this fantastic giveaway, put my name in your winner list and good luck to all contestants. Oh, and two quick questions; How long does the license last? And does the license need to be activated within a certain amount of time? Thanks.

  • Joe Schell says:

    I use the free version SuperAntiSpyware often in addition to other Malware removals tools for many of my customers that cannot afford other more costly solutions. Many of my customers find it works well for them and upon my recommendation some customers purchase it as a permanent defense.

  • David Pham says:

    SAS is one of my most commonly used tools. Super easy to use!!

  • josh dickson says:

    Tech nibble is awesome!!!

  • Adrian says:

    Have been very impressed with the free version. Would love to win the pro version

  • Vicki Webb says:

    Haven’t heard of nor tried this app but heard of your website thru TPteQ computer repair site (which I just happened across). I look forward to trying it out…

  • Waldir says:

    SAS is one of the best software in his category I use it everyday like scanner to fix computers. I would like to have the full edition of course! :-)

  • William le gros says:

    Well this would be a big help to everyone, but mostly me ;)

  • Steve Wallace says:

    Have used the free version, would love to have the Pro verison.

  • Vasilis says:

    SAS is always in my arsenal!

  • K.Roberson says:

    SAS is was my first antispyware program.

  • Osvaldo says:

    Yes, one of the best. I always install the free version in all my computers.

  • UncleD says:

    Wow!…. That pretty much says it all about Super Anti Spyware. Well, that and, “It’s a good thing”.

  • David says:

    I’ve never used SAS before but would be interested to learn more about it.

  • Dave says:

    Always interested in trying any product recommended on this site

  • Seth Pheasant says:

    Lemme get dat code.

  • Bruce says:

    Never used the software but love this forum. Great topics and advise.


  • Daniel says:

    I’m willing to give this software a shot. count me in!

  • Bob B says:

    Best Tech news found here

  • Rob says:

    *spoken in a monotone*

    “Other anti-malware programs leave me tired and listless, but not SuperAntispyware – it’s amazing.”

  • Macgyver H. says:


  • Mike Hambrecht says:

    I would love to win this license.

  • plasencia us says:

    I always use this product when I am repairing an infected pc. It’s a must have utility and I would a free subscription. For all those user’s who are constantly having malware’s and viruses. This is the first utility I would use. Give it a try and it might just say you some repair time.

  • vinnieTLB says:

    I would love a Pro license

  • Jeff Dove says:

    SAS has worked for me on several occasions!

  • knighttoday says:

    S.A.S. is my ‘go-to-guy’ when a computer is brought to me for clean-up. That in itself is a wonderful thing but S.A.S. goes even farther in that it is easy to use so I constantly prompt my subscribers to get a copy soonest.

  • Tom says:

    Great product and use frequently as a secondary check.

  • Chad says:

    SAS is definitely one of my faves.

  • Danny says:

    SAS is great, Used all the time. A pro licence would be awesome!

  • Don Jagoe says:

    SuperAntiSpyware is my spyware removal tool of choice. It always finds stuff that other tools miss. I highly recommend it to everyone.

  • Daniel says:

    SAS is a great tool for anyone to have

  • Zach says:

    I have used SAS for years, it has worked well for me.

  • Cameron says:

    SAS has been good to me over the years

  • Grr says:

    Thanks for the giveaway, please count me in.


  • Jarred Tsinnie says:

    SAS is awesome, great giveaway.

  • Jacob says:

    I hope I win!

  • Chris Kelly says:

    Love the product hope to be a lucky winner

  • SuperSugus says:

    Count me in.Thanks a lot!I hope I can win it!

  • Bdraft says:

    Anybody a reseller for them as well?

    P.S. Does anybody ever win these giveaways?

  • Alan says:

    Thank you Technibble for always providing us with the best and up to date irreplaceable information and support.

  • Connor says:

    I love SAS. Will certainly put this to good use :)

  • Steve says:

    SAS is awesome!!!!

  • chris carricato says:

    I have used sas for a long time and if has caught many infectiins that others just dont find. I RECOMEND IT TO MY CUSTOMERS

  • Jason Miller says:

    I need to feel some of that sas love!

  • Nick Hatton says:

    SAS is new to me, will have to give it a try!

  • Duanee Mininall says:

    Why would any techinician not use even the free version if SAS? It is very effective at removing viruses ad the popular malware hogging programs. Even more so the users who get their browsers hijacked have been tototally saved from SAS bundled features to fight off spyware. I have been servicing computers for 12 years and i find it to b a reliable software program. If u dknt have it you are cheating yourself.

  • Steve B says:

    Fantastic software

  • Frank Falconer says:

    Very good anti spyware always saves the day when called upon. The new features should even make it more superb.

  • Jamar Waterman says:

    SuperAntiSpyware is definitely a great tool to have.

  • Richard Groves says:

    Love SAS. Use it all the time to scan suspicious machines. A geat tool to have on the Anti-virus tool belt.

  • Jeff Burnett says:

    love this product and want the pro license!

  • Tony Dukes says:

    Love to have a copy. Nothing beats Free !!!

  • Tom says:

    Works for me everytime!

  • Norman Bartky says:

    Have not used SaS, but very anxious to give it a try.

  • Terry says:

    I dunno if shintako’s picture is funny or scary… SAS is good software, one of the best antimalwares on the market.

  • Damarest says:

    Haven’t used product but would like to.

  • Corey Walterson says:

    SAS is a great tool and has saved me on many service calls. Thanks for a great product.

  • CrySTaLiSe says:

    Great, Thnx… ;)

  • Brandon South says:

    Would love to have this. SAS has gotten very good recently and might just surpass Malwarebytes as my #1 scanner.

  • Mark De Sutter says:

    a free pro version would be great …

  • ALFRED MBA says:

    I tried the free version and it was great, just that it had some limitations. A full version will be fantastic

  • jamal says:

    haven’t heard of this spyware !

  • Nicolas says:

    I would like to have the free licence!

  • Markus says:

    I would love to win this!!!

  • Carmelo Treviso says:

    Would love to try this product. Never heard of it. Thanks for posting the info on it.

  • Jerry says:

    Great tool, works well and easy to use.

  • Nick says:

    I like free stuff

  • Adam says:

    I’ve been using the Free SAS for sometime and would love a free copy of the pro version!

  • Edgard Díaz says:

    Excelent software

  • Sam says:

    I’ve been using SAS for many years (free version). I work at a college with over 1200 computers. Whenever we get a system in that is infected with spyware, we run SAS and so far we haven’t had a piece of spyware that has gotten the best of us. SAS is a “must have” for any computer technician!! It works and works VERY well.

  • Jose' Rodriguez says:

    Super software !

  • Matt says:

    Enter me!

  • Sebastian Zuidweg says:

    SAS has been one of my favorites for a long long time. Each time I recommend it I get the double capitol O look ( O.O ) because of the kinda cheesy name… I always tell em it’s a cheesy name but a good product.

  • Lance Washburne says:

    This is a terrific opportunity to add some software to my toolkit.

    Thanks Technibble for providing great information and resources to help us do the best job possible.

  • Mason says:

    Super Antispyware is a very useful and good antivirus. I would highly recommend it. It’s way much better than McAfee and some of the other ones advertised/recommended here.

  • Matt Porcelan says:

    Yes, please!

  • Craig Campbell says:

    Use SAS on a regular basis. I find it useful in finding and removing malware.
    It is one of my main tools.

  • Jesse Geron says:

    SAS is a great program. Would love to have a professional license :)

  • Ed says:

    Obligatory comment. SAS rocks.

  • Micah says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter the drawing for SAS!

  • Eve says:

    I’d love to check out the pro version of a great tool.

  • Mate Bauer says:

    Very useful tool. Highly recommended to everyone!

  • wifiman says:

    Live from California. SAS is a unique tool and I would love to win a license for it.

  • Mike says:

    SAS is awesome

  • Gwen says:

    I use the free version nearly everyday. I would love to have a license for SAS it could possible change my life.

  • Larry Zolla says:

    I would love to get a copy as the family is always inviting unfriendlies to to PC in the Den

  • Amie says:

    I have been a bot for years, nothing gets rid of it for long. If this software is so great and can save my laptops from a fate worse than bot, I’m all for it. ‘Sides, I need to be prepared to help the rest of the world become botless as well! Buddy, can’t you spare a bot a fix? God Bless you ALL!

  • Shad Beckering says:

    Let it be me spyware sucks!

  • sb says:

    yee haw delete spyware for free!

  • ryan mecca says:

    no more spyware

  • stacy brewer says:

    be gone spyware!

  • I'm sexy and I know it says:

    Name says it all

  • Teknyka Computer Repair says:

    SUPERAntiSpyware is one of the best tools we have for virus removal.

  • Dave B says:

    I hate spyware! :)

  • Gary says:

    Sign me up!

    Free tools are great.

  • Brian says:

    SAS is the best!

  • Chris says:

    Used it for years and continue still. Among one of the good tools in the tool bag. Great to have.

  • Davi says:

    Awesome opportunity!!

  • Murray Sinclair says:

    Did someone say FREE! OH BOY!

  • Daniel Liddell says:

    Yep SAS definately one of my favourites!

  • Dan Reutebuch says:

    SAS has saved many computers that I have worked on. Still found malware after the others had finished! Great product!

  • Brandon says:

    SAS is a great tool for techs.

  • Mario Mendoza says:

    SuperAntispyware use it alot and would truely enjoy the full version.wish they would implement a MBR check

  • MTRSupport says:

    we could use the full version of SuperAntiSpyware on our main system

  • Steve says:

    We at love SAS and have been selling it for over 3 years now!!

  • Lee Howard says:

    SuperAntiSpyware is solid entry in any Tech’s Anti-Malware toolbox

  • Cody Spencer says:

    It’s not my first choice but it’s pretty useful software.

  • ben says:

    SAS does the job but also has quite a few false positive

  • BigNerd says:

    I loves me some SAS! Great product, really does a great job!

  • Arthur says:

    Oh boy, free… thanx, i hope to win at least two licenses… :P

  • Baron VS says:

    Seems to be a great product. ;-)

  • Eric Rahn says:

    I want a SAS license! :)

  • George Sprouse says:

    Great opportunity for us! Software is a must

  • David Forys says:

    Had not tried SAS until you mentioned it recently. I shall keep using it. Technibble is always the first email I look at

  • Will says:

    Super Antispyware is a great security program. I have tried it and won’t mind having it for use again.

  • Atish Kumar says:

    SAS is just right and I am using this currently

  • Rick says:

    SAS is an awesome antimalware app. I use the free version for home and for mates PC’s. The pro version would be useful for work.

  • Luther R. says:

    Wow! A lot of competition.
    Is this also for a tech license of the mobile version?

  • Robert W. says:

    It would be hard to beat the free version as it finds multiple threats on my PC. I hope that the PRO version will give even better protection as it is really dangerous on the web.

  • Martijn Heuts says:

    SAS is an awesome tool, for sure can recommend to any technician. It will save you time and money, will gain happy customers and a better business for you!

  • SK says:

    Farts smell bad – but the own ones are ok.

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