Repair Tool of the Week: Dial-A-Fix

Dial-A-Fix is a handy user interface to perform tasks which are usually used when repairing computers after Spyware/Adware/Malware damage.

Dial-A-Fix allows you to:

  • Re-register Windows DLLs: Frequently used when Internet Explorer wont connect to secure websites.
  • Repair Active X Controls, Control Panel Applets, Direct X & Windows Media Player
  • Fix Windows Update: Frequently used after a virus attack destroys the ability to update your windows.

It also has a series of other handy tools such as:

  • Flush DNS
  • Flush Icons
  • Process Idle Tasks (used to clear ram)
  • Reinstall Automatic Update Service
  • Reinstall BITS
  • Reinstall Defrag
  • Reinstall Help and Support Service
  • Reinstall System Restore
  • Reinstall Windows Firewall
  • Reinstall WMI/WBEM
  • Repair/Reinstall IE
  • Repair Permissions
  • Reset Networking Interfaces
  • Reset Help and Support Service
  • Reset Time Service
  • Reset WMI/WBEM
  • SFC Purge (system file checker files)
  • SFC Scan




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