A Peek At Other Computer Technicians Workbenches #4


Keeping with what has almost become a Technibble tradition, its time again to take a peek at the Technibble forum members workbenches. Its a great way for technicians to get inspiration for your own setups, see how others are doing it and for the owners to show off a little.
We are now up to Workbenches #4 and if you missed them, you can check out our previous “Peek at Technicians Workbenches” posts here (1, 2, 3).

Here is “A Peek at Other Computer Technicians Workbenches #4″:

Here are three pictures of our workshop. The images have not being stages or have I tried to tidy up for the pictures.

A lot of the “stock” will be hopefully gone this week, once it’s being put on eBay.


Its not much, but it gets the job done


Here’s an update now that my room is pretty well 95% finished. Fully functional now. Only thing left to do is put up a couple more shelves, and get electricity to the wall to the left in the first pic. Until then it’s still a great space for things like laptop disassembly.

Computers under the counter are waiting to be parted out/pieced together into used computers.

Center island with two tech machines, a server, and a collection of usb drives with various tools on them. By far the messiest right now, I need to clean it up again.


Were moving into a new building across the street from our current location. LOT of work ahead! Were thinking of reversing our theme colors for this one (Walls green with black trim) and Blue used as accent color. Currently its the exact opposite. We’ll be tripling our space (there’s more offices, storage area in back not shown in pics).
ComputerPro ComputerPro2
Right now its VERY bland being plain white. Compared to our loud colors anyway lol. Here are a few photos of the new building.


This is my own little dark and dank corner of the world. This is in my basement, and I had a fluorescent bulb go out on me this morning, so its not always so depressing looking in there. I am in the process of building a 20″ long bench to the right of the wooden door in the pic. I’ll probably convert the space my bench is in now to shelving, get all the machines of the floor.

Eventually, I’ll stud out the walls, sheet rock them and make it a proper looking shop. Eventually…

PS: That red cup is a pen/pencil holder, not a drink.


Here are the pics of my shop inside my home. My house was zoned business so I build this shop inside the front door and put a 5 foot sign in the front yard.
gamesta400 1 gamesta400 2 gamesta400 3 gamesta400 4


The skylights work great for us, no need to turn on the lights during the day time.

I have added about 20 more computers sitting in the racks and under the work benches now. I seem to be constantly purchasing more and more stuff… just can’t seem to pass up a good Craigslist deal. Just today I purchased 2 – Dell 22″ monitors (P2210t’s) for $60 each and a Dell 2007 Ultrasharp for $15 (which replaces the one we just sold today).

We have room to expand if we need to (have an empty bedroom). That one monster of a tech bench I had in storage for about 3 years since we didn’t have a place big enough to put it up (a free item that I found on Craigslist along with a full size server rack).
gikstar 1 gikstar 2 gikstar 3 gikstar 4 gikstar 5


Here is my work at home area.


My “workshop” down in the basement
billmoney1billmoney2 billmoney3 billmoney1 billmoney2


Here’s my workshop in the garage. Those book shelves used to go all the way down to the floor and all the way across the wall…wasn’t easy letting go but we now have an awful lot of credit at the used bookstore down the street.

Tech Lady 1 The left half is more for laptops, the right half more for desktops. Tech Lady 2

Sewed the curtains myself :)Tech Lady 3


Left pic – my spot, right pic – bob’s spot, bottom pic – spare bench, shared, for work overflow.


PR Tech
Here is a Google virtual tour link of my shop. Fun things to see… 3 Chronic Cellars posters (Dead Nuts, The Unteachables & Purple Paradise) in the tech bench area and the wall clock in the reception area. I had the tech benches custom made by a local cabinet maker. I use raceways to hide the cabling.
PR Tech


Special thanks to everyone who shared pictures of their workbenches with us!

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Comments (9)

  • Sean Goodwin says:

    Hi all.

    Some great places and good ideas here. I like the one with the Island in the middle. I have a 12′ x 10′ Steel Galvanized workshop come junk shed at the moment. I bought it for £400 and had a Concrete base put down for it. Due to ill health and financial hold ups the Biz has took a back seat but know I am moving forward again and will soon be ordering a skip to empty all the junk out, damp proof the shed and line it all with a proper floor and under floor water proofing a 12′ bench and sockets Lan coming off my Fiber net con and some heating, cant wait to get cracking with it all, I also have your business pack which is just great more than I need for my start up just as a one man band. I would love that free quick guide you are giving away with new subscribers this week Bryce if that would be ok. Thanks for a great site and all the fantastic tools etc

    All the very Best from the UK.


    • Matt D. says:

      I have been waiting almost two years for this 4th installment. WOW! Some great setups. Just as Sean said, Maniaman’s shop is nicely set up. If I were to give an award for the best though it would be ComputerPro. Those colors are great and the shop looks so inviting and friendly. I only wish I would be brave enough to let people see the dungeon I work in. And thanks Sean for sharing your comment from the future….here on the East Coast of the US we are still living out the 28th!!

  • Alexandre says:

    Maniaman’s shop has a good layout. I like it.

  • PC Angel says:

    It’s odd…it’s just feels like I’m looking at a museum of tech history here. How fast things have changed! I have similar setups in my lab, but I have to tell you they never get any use anymore. I have one station that is set up for lighting and magnification and that’s where I am 90% of the time now. I can pretty much get rid of the rest of the stations because i see maybe a few desktops a month now if that, and most of them are not even worth the cost to fix. The only money I’m making off of desktops is in recycling. I did sell a desktop recently which was surprising, but it was nice 75 year old woman that didn’t want to learn anything new. I guess that’s the market for desktops these days…lol Well that and workstations for business.

    I just hope manufacturers consider a DIY mobile market to keep us afloat in the ever changing world of disposable content delivery systems that seems to be taking over.

  • Den Collins says:

    It seems to me the paradigm shift is towards laptops. Probably because the average user is just putting around on the internet and maybe producing a few word documents here and there. But for the most part, Laptops are more susceptible to breakage because they are portable. I see more laptops with broken power jacks then anything else. Yeah, you get the occasional broken screen, broken hinges, or a bum hard drive, But mostly it is power jacks that need repair.

  • DenCollns says:

    “I particularly like Maniamans setup. Thing about this setup is that all of the benches were hand made from 2×4’s. What was really impressive was the fact that he has the flat screens mounted on the walls by way of a 2 x 12 planks. Behind every monitor is the keyboard. Very convenient if you ask me. Just plop those computers on the bench and there’s no fuss, no muss. Just hookup the keyboard and monitor and you’re ready to go! What’s even nicer is the it appears that he has all his parts in labeled black boxes. Now that’s what I call organization! The only thing I would change is the center island I think that should be where the packing and shipping should be done or as a final destination for completed operations. But I suppose that this may be done elsewhere in the shop. “

  • Agogo says:

    maniaman’s setup is really convenient. if your going to work around without bumping your co-workers. someday i will build something like his.

  • Security Tech says:

    Hi, I come from working/owning my own Computer Business for 12 years, with a total of 20 years in the IT industry. I now work in the Security / Alarm / CCTV industry now for the last 5 years. I’m appalled by PR Tech lack of security concerns for his business.

    Big deal, you got cameras and an alarm system. But I now know your exact location, the layout of your shop. You have equipment right near windows and doors, I can be in and out your business with your items before even the siren sounds.