How does my computer get infected with Adware and Spyware?

Published 19th May 2006 By Bryce Whitty

If you are reading this article and you are on a Windows PC, chances are that your computer is or has been infected with Adware or Spyware at some point. Even if you are technically literate and you have all the prevention software such as Ad-Aware and Spybot for the Adware and Spyware. Norton/McAfee/VET for a virus killer and a physical or software firewall, you are still likely to get infected at some point.

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The Unlikely Computer Repair

Published 18th May 2006 By Bryce Whitty

I was recently talking to a fellow computer technician who owns a bricks and mortar computer shop and has a few techies below him. He told me a story of a very unlikely scenario that occurred when repairing a computer.

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How to Remove AntiSpyLab (Spyware Sheriff)

Published 15th May 2006 By Bryce Whitty

AntiSpyLab (spyware sheriff) is a fake anti-spyware program (very closely related to SpyFalcon) that is designed to fool users into paying for a full version of the program in order to remove a supposed infection which the ‘free version’ put there in the first place. We had done a case study on about 2 weeks ago, now here are the removal instructions.

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How to remove SpyFalcon

Published By Bryce Whitty

Spyfalcon is a new rogue anti-spyware program that is designed to fool users into paying for a full version of the program in order to remove a supposed infection which the ‘free version’ put there in the first place.

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Physical Security Considerations: Data Extraction

Published 12th May 2006 By Bryce Whitty

Do you have one of those USB pendrives? Maybe an MP3 player? How about a USB watch? Or a mobile phone with a USB port? And how many work on a computer with USB ports? Now, of those with your hands raised, how many work with data which could be considered confidential? Now, consider you’re an employer, you run a business working with various forms of sensitive, confidential, perhaps even classified information. Trade secrets, financial reports, medical records, personnel records… Take a look at the sea of people with their hands still raised. These are yet another security threat facing your business.

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Windows XP Home License Agreement Translated

Published 9th May 2006 By Bryce Whitty

Many technicians in the computer industry install copies of WindowXP Home onto systems multiple times a week and everytime you do, you are agreeing to the Windows XP EULA (End User License Agreement). Most people just click the “I Agree” and accept it as the usual legal mumbo-jumbo. Since you are agreeing to be bound by it (even if you don’t read it you are still bound by it) you might as well know what you are being bound to.

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Anti-Virus Software: Not A Magic Solution

Published 7th May 2006 By Bryce Whitty

Most people, these days, seem to have antivirus software on their computers. Partly, I suspect this is due to it being preinstalled by the shop they bought the computer from, but also, it is due in part to better education of users on how to prevent viruses. Of course, simply having antivirus software isn’t enough; user education now needs to focus on how to use it.

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Case Study: Removing a virus/adware (AntiSpyLab)

Published 4th May 2006 By Bryce Whitty

In this article I will be demonstrating how a virus/adware was found on a clients PC and how it was removed without the use of Virus scanners or adware removing software as they were unable to detect it.

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Marketing your Computer Business on a small budget

Published 2nd May 2006 By Bryce Whitty

The advantages that the internet brings to the market today are truly impressive. A business owner can create a business and market it effectively for a small cost.

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The Importance Of Patching

Published 29th April 2006 By Bryce Whitty

In a state of complete exhaustion from having to clean friends’ computers repeatedly of viruses and other malware, I’m going to babble on a bit about patching and updating your software.

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