How to Replace a Video Card GPU Fan

Published 1st September 2006 By Boris M

Heat is the enemy of computers. Unlike short circuits and lightning strikes, which usually do instantaneous damage to your components, heat is one of the nuisances that can damage your computer over a long period of time, as well. Without delving into water-cooling and similar alternatives, having a well-ventilated, spacious and tidy computer case can help the general airflow. However, sometimes heat has to be directly removed from the overheated component, be it the CPU, the northbridge chipset or the graphic card’s GPU. Those three are commonly considered the three critical overheating points inside a computer.

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Confessions of a Geek Squad Employee

Published 31st August 2006 By Bryce Whitty

An ex Geek Squad employee speaks out about the price and time gouging forced by their parent company Best Buy to meet weekly quotas. Read More …

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New Virus Targets AMD Processors

Published 30th August 2006 By Bryce Whitty

Laharl ex spotted this one for us:
Researchers at Symantec have discovered a proof of concept virus that targets a systems processor rather than its operating system. There are currently two versions of this virus, one targets the 32 bit version and the other targets the 64 bit version proccessors from AMD. Symantec are calling these viruses w32.bounds and w64.bounds.

Symantec found this code in online meeting places for virus writers such as underground websites and IRC chat channels.

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Geek Squad Marketing: Why they get more clients than you.

Published 29th August 2006 By Bryce Whitty

The Geek Squad is something most computer technicians have seen or heard about at some point even if you are outside the US. In this article I will be talking about their beginnings and their highly effective marketing that make people view them as mini-celebrities instead of just computer technicians.

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Performing Data Recovery

Published 26th August 2006 By Boris M

There comes a time in the life of each hard-drive when it just won’t access any of the data on the drive anymore. The same applies to CDs and DVDs which, due to their fragile nature, get scratched and scraped beyond readability. As Murphy’s law would often have it, it happens exactly to the files you need when you need them. In order to preserve your data (and your sanity in case data starts mysteriously disappearing), you need to know exactly what can be done to make sure you don’t find yourself losing important files.

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Sophos releases rootkit detection tool for free

Published By Bryce Whitty

Sophos has released an Anti rootkit detection tool which will detect and remove known and unknown rootkits. For those of you who do not know what a rootkit is, a rootkit is a term used a trojan which is used to hide a malicious object such as a file, process, registry key, open network port etc..) from the computer administrator or user. For more information, click HERE. For the direct download link, click HERE.

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Stolen Laptops, Exposed Data and Identity Theft

Published 23rd August 2006 By Bryce Whitty

According to the FBI, laptop theft is the second most common computer crime and less than 2 percent of those stolen laptops are ever recovered. Four in five (81%) of US firms have had at least one laptop stolen containing sensitive information according to a recent study.

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Why Dell laptop batteries explode

Published 22nd August 2006 By Bryce Whitty

As many of you have seen in the news. Dell has had a massive recall of certain types of batteries in their laptops due to the possibility of them exploding. This article explains how something like a laptop battery actually explodes. Read More…

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Self Employment, Salary Jobs and Job Security

Published 20th August 2006 By Bryce Whitty

This is something I have been thinking about for a few months now since Australia has recently changed its employment laws. Who has better job security? someone who is self employed or someone in a salary job?

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Getting a local computer supplier, the cheeky way.

Published By Bryce Whitty

Something most computer business startups need is a supplier for their computer parts. However suppliers are typically hard to find because they are usually factories in the backblocks of town and they dont advertise.

So how do you get a computer supplier? Find out who your local computer store uses. I doubt they will tell you if you asked so I am going to share with you how I found my supplier.

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