Interview with Robert Gail (IT Helpdesk Supervisor)

Published 26th July 2006 By Bryce Whitty

We at have decided to open up a new section for interviews which we believe will be useful to our members. There are many IT courses out there with many acronyms that all have different levels of value and desirability for employers. It is sometimes hard to know which ones to go for and to know which ones are actually used in the industry so this is why Technibble has decided to interview those actually in the industry dealing with this sort of thing everyday. For our first interview we have decided to interview Robert Gail, age 44, who is a IT Helpdesk Supervisor for the Albuquerque Public School system and a friend of ours.

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Common Spyware Application Processes

Published 24th July 2006 By Bryce Whitty

In the past we have covered what are the essential processes needed to run Windows which is useful for allowing you to spot adware/spyware and viruses because you know which ones should be running and which ones shouldnt. We have compiled a list for your convenience of common Adware/Spyware applications and the name of the processes they run allowing you to identify them without the use of scanners.

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How to remove (W32.Myzor.FK)

Published 21st July 2006 By Bryce Whitty or W32.Myzor.FK@yf is a new rouge anti-spyware program . When it is installed it hijacks your homepage and creates fake popup messages warning you of a W32.Myzor.FK@yf virus. This infection is designed to fool users into paying for a commercial version of the program. Here are the removal instructions for SysSecuritySite/

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Computer Maintenance Technician Salaries – USA 2006

Published 18th July 2006 By Bryce Whitty

Thinking about becoming a Computer Maintenance Technician or don’t think you are getting paid what you are worth? Here is a handy chart of the average salary for Computer Technicians in each American state.

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How to Handle Customers

Published 14th July 2006 By Arden

There will come a time when you will face satisfied customers, confused customers but above all, angry customers. This is an article written out of experience for technicians who either have trouble with, or will be facing these customers. This article is about how to handle customers, not how to handle PC problems.

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How to install Laptop RAM

Published 11th July 2006 By Bryce Whitty

This guide has been created to instruct readers (both technicians and consumers alike) the proper procedures of installing laptop memory. It includes a step-by-step illustrated guide on the physical steps required for installing laptop RAM.

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How to remove Spyware Quake

Published 8th July 2006 By Bryce Whitty

Spyware Quake is a new fake anti-spyware program. Once it is installed it creates fake popup messages designed to fool users into paying for a commercial version of the program. Here are the removal instructions for SpywareQuake.

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Troubleshooting Video Cards: Problems and Solutions

Published 4th July 2006 By Bryce Whitty

These days with computer games requiring more resources than ever, many people are upgrading their own video cards. Most of the time the video card installtion goes without any troubles – but some of the time things dont go so well. Here is a guide to help you troubleshoot problems with your videocard.

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Starting a Computer Shop

Published 1st July 2006 By Bryce Whitty

Today, businesses and schools are the only places where you will find powerful computers, the PC has become a perinant fixture in many homes and some even have more than one. In this article we will talk about setting up a computer repair store.

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What is ITIL?

Published 29th June 2006 By Arden

ITIL means Information Technology Infrastructure Library and although the British government created it, it is rapidly being adopted all over the world as the best practices for IT service. The ITIL are a set of guidelines set up by IT-ers to improve the IT-infrastructure.

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