Getting a local computer supplier, the cheeky way.

Published 20th August 2006 By Bryce Whitty

Something most computer business startups need is a supplier for their computer parts. However suppliers are typically hard to find because they are usually factories in the backblocks of town and they dont advertise.

So how do you get a computer supplier? Find out who your local computer store uses. I doubt they will tell you if you asked so I am going to share with you how I found my supplier.

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The Sony VAIO UX180P Micro PC at my Doorstep

Published 18th August 2006 By Bryce Whitty

The other day a new client came to my house to drop off his laptop for me to fix as he was having problems with receiving his emails. When he arrived he handed me a small leather case which I assumed was the case for either a charger or a external laptop CDRom and waited for him to hand me the actual laptop. When he didnt I asked “could I see the laptop?” and he said that IS the laptop. I opened up the leather case and found this little gem. The new Sony VAIO UX180P Micro PC.

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Laptop Data Recovery: How to rescue data off a dead notebook.

Published 16th August 2006 By Bryce Whitty

This is an illustrated step by step guide to instruct readers how to recover data off a laptop. This procedure should only be carried out by computer technicians as laptops can easily be damaged.

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Speeding up your booting and minimizing RAM usage

Published 10th August 2006 By Boris M

One can never have too much (free) RAM. As with quite a few short computer proverbs, this one holds almost too true. As years have passed from old operating systems, which used as little as 8 MB of RAM, something was bound to happen. Our dear Windows OS has turned from a resource hog by the standards of 486es to an even bigger resource hog of today’s P4s and A64s. Despite all the new components and large-sized memories that are already measured in gigabytes, something always decides to hog up the RAM. Poof – instead of 1 GB of free RAM, you are lucky if you have half of that available. And if you’re trying to run Windows XP on something as low as 256MB or even 128MB, even booting up becomes tedious.

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How to Recover Accidently Deleted Files

Published 7th August 2006 By Bryce Whitty

Something that most of us will do in our computing lives is accidentally deleting files. Sometimes people will empty the recycle bin without checking its contents, press SHIFT+DELETE on a file or folder (which deletes it without going to the recycle bin) or delete a file or folder from the command line. All of these methods will render the file or folder no longer visible to Windows XP and is seemingly lost forever. Luckily for us nothing is ever really deleted on your computer unless something else takes its place on the hard drive; Chances are your files are recoverable.

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Cooling your Computer: CPU Cooling

Published 2nd August 2006 By Bryce Whitty

Written by Guest Writer. Steven N: An aspect of computers that is overlooked many people is the cooling aspect. If a system does not have proper cooling, a lot of things could go wrong. You NEED adequate cooling if you want your computer to run smoothly. This article talks about cooling your computers CPU.

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Posted in Hardware

Basic Computer Protection and Defense

Published 30th July 2006 By Boris M
Computer Protection

The internet is not a safe place. I hope the sentence got your attention, because it’s completely and undeniably true. Although the Internet is a place to search for information and download just about anything, you can never just assume whoever is letting you download is friendly and helpful. Sometimes, whatever you download has an invisible, but potentially problematic component.

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Interview with Robert Gail (IT Helpdesk Supervisor)

Published 26th July 2006 By Bryce Whitty

We at have decided to open up a new section for interviews which we believe will be useful to our members. There are many IT courses out there with many acronyms that all have different levels of value and desirability for employers. It is sometimes hard to know which ones to go for and to know which ones are actually used in the industry so this is why Technibble has decided to interview those actually in the industry dealing with this sort of thing everyday. For our first interview we have decided to interview Robert Gail, age 44, who is a IT Helpdesk Supervisor for the Albuquerque Public School system and a friend of ours.

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Common Spyware Application Processes

Published 24th July 2006 By Bryce Whitty

In the past we have covered what are the essential processes needed to run Windows which is useful for allowing you to spot adware/spyware and viruses because you know which ones should be running and which ones shouldnt. We have compiled a list for your convenience of common Adware/Spyware applications and the name of the processes they run allowing you to identify them without the use of scanners.

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How to remove (W32.Myzor.FK)

Published 21st July 2006 By Bryce Whitty or W32.Myzor.FK@yf is a new rouge anti-spyware program . When it is installed it hijacks your homepage and creates fake popup messages warning you of a W32.Myzor.FK@yf virus. This infection is designed to fool users into paying for a commercial version of the program. Here are the removal instructions for SysSecuritySite/

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