GeekUninstaller – Efficient Uninstallation of Stubborn Windows Programs

Published 11th July 2013 By Husayn Jamal

GeekUninstaller is a small, portable and freeware application designed to help you remove troublesome software from your client’s computer.
Microsoft did an adequate job with their default Add/Remove Programs feature, and in many cases, it is sufficient for removing a lot of software your client doesn’t need, but what happens when you need to remove bloatware that shipped with a new computer or your client installed a troublesome program that does not uninstall properly when using the default Add/Remove Programs feature?

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Offering Custom Built Computers can be Profitable and Easy

Published 8th July 2013 By Contributor
custom built computers

Article by Tony Scarpelli of CFI Computer Repair:

Have you ever considered building custom computers? You’ve probably asked yourself “Can I do it profitably?”, “Which components should I use?”, “Where might I source these components at the best prices?”, “What warranty must I offer and how do I handle that?” and of course “Is it worth my time?” This article is targeted for those technicians who are fairly adept at resolving PC hardware issues and who might wish to consider building custom workstations for their own use or their clients. This article will answer these questions and more.

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Time Tracking for Technicians

Published 5th July 2013 By Micah Lahren
time tracking

For thousands of years, we’ve been tracking time, for business or other purposes. The ancient Egyptians used shadow clocks. Sundials were popular for a while, but it’s difficult to carry one around with you. Now we have all manner of digital time tracking devices and utilities. As technicians, we need an accurate way to keep track of time spent on the job, and when you have many going at the same time, it can easily get away from you. You might find yourself trying to figure out how much time you spent on certain jobs at the end of the day so you can add it to your logs and in turn, convert those logs into invoices. There are a few handy tracking applications available on the web, but we’re going to focus on what will be especially useful for technicians and those in the computer technology industry.

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ToolWiz Time Freeze – Protect Clients Computers from Unwanted Changes

Published 4th July 2013 By Husayn Jamal

This week on Technibble, we are going to take a look at the software Time Freeze by ToolWiz. ToolWiz Time Freeze is a simple and instant system restore software to keep a computer safe from undesired or unwanted changes.

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Dealing with the Cost of Expensive Repair and Inexpensive Replacement

Published 2nd July 2013 By Micah Lahren
Old vs New

‘You’re estimating $250 to repair this computer? But I bought it for only $400! I could go get a brand new one for $150 more!’ While this may not be true in every case, often the repair of an electronic device can be equal to 50% or more of the actual purchase cost at retail value. Why is it often cheaper to replace an electronic device than repair it? Furthermore, what course of action do you recommend to your clients in the face of the growing trend of expensive repair and inexpensive replacement?

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The One Secret I Learnt Running my IT Support Business

Published 28th June 2013 By Contributor
gordon tan

Article by Gordon Tan:
It’s funny to think I’ve been in the IT Support game for 10 years. It feels like only yesterday I was driving around with my car and mobile phone crawling under people’s desks to fix their PC’s. Now, things have changed slightly – we employ over 30 staff and I shuffle a lot more papers than I get my hands dirty, which is sometimes tough being a geek at heart!

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PC-Wizard – Advanced System Information Collection and Benchmarking

Published 26th June 2013 By Husayn Jamal

PC-Wizard is a moderately sized, portable and freeware application designed to collect and report the hardware specifications of your client’s computer.
When diagnosing a client’s computer, a lot of the essential information, such as the processor and the amount of RAM installed is very easy to find, but other information, like the model of the network card and hard drive, among others, can be difficult to pinpoint.
PC-Wizard scans your client’s computer and returns a detailed report about the hardware inside the computer, allowing you to make a more accurate diagnosis.

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GetMacApps – Quickly and Easily Install Multiple OS X Apps at Once

Published 20th June 2013 By Husayn Jamal

Installing apps on a Mac can sometimes be a long and tedious process, especially when dealing with your clients. As a technician, you have a lot to do in a day, and manually installing apps for your clients can consume valuable time in your busy schedule.
GetMacApps makes it easy for you to batch install multiple Mac Apps for your clients, usually, in under a minute.

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Call That Girl’s 3 eBook Sale ENDS TOMORROW

Published 19th June 2013 By Bryce Whitty
Call That Girl 3 Ebook Sale

Just a reminder to all the technicians out there that the CallThatGirl’s 3 eBook sale for $29 USD ends on Thursday June 20th 2013.

For those of you who missed our writeup about the sale before, you can read about it HERE.

The books that are included in the eBook bundle are Call That Girl’s Guide to Remote Support, Call That Girl’s Guide to Social Media and Call That Girl’s Manual of Operations

Dont miss out on this deal. Get it Today!

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Call That Girl’s 3 eBook Sale – Remote Support, Social Media, Manual of Operations

Published 13th June 2013 By Bryce Whitty
Call That Girl 3 Ebook Sale

Lisa Hendrickson, also known as “Call That Girl” has become somewhat of a mini celebrity here on the Technibble forums. For those who dont know her, she is a successful computer business owner does the majority of the her work via remote support and her main source of clients is social media.

Lisa has written 3 books on her experience which are constantly updated:

  • Call That Girl’s Guide to Remote Support
  • Call That Girl’s Guide to Social Media
  • Call That Girl’s Manual of Operations

The price of these books were previously $29, $10 and $20 but right now they are on sale for only $29 for all three! I feel its too good a sale for Technibblers to miss.

As I said before, Lisa constantly updates her books so if buy now you also get the newest edition of the Remote Support book for free when it gets released.

This offer is only available until Thursday June 20th 2013, so grab it while you can.

Take Advantage of This Deal and Click Here to Buy Now

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