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CryptoPrevent – Protect Windows from Cryptolocker Infections

Published 6th November 2013 By Bryce Whitty

Computer Technicians and System admins across the internet are hearing more and more about the Cryptolocker threat. If you havent heard about it, Cryptolocker is a nasty piece of ransomware that will seek out certain files on computers, attached drives and networks and encrypt them. Once it has finished encrypting the files, it will show a popup that tells the user that their files are encrypted and they have to pay a ransom to decrypt them before the 96 hour countdown completes. If the user doesnt pay the ransom during the countdown, the private key used to encrypt the files is destroyed and the users files become unrecoverable.

Nick from FoolishIT (creator of the popular tool “D7″) took the “How to prevent Cryptolocker steps” from BleepingComputers guide and turned them into a handy executable.

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Inventory Management for Techs

Published 29th October 2013 By Micah Lahren
inventory management

‘What happened to that stack of hard drives I just had? I could have sworn I had three video cards in stock, but they’re nowhere to be seen!’ If you’re having issues tracking your inventory, or failing to track it at all, it will seriously hamper your efficiency and can even cause your workflow to grind to a halt. There are some excellent inventory management systems available now, and they’re not that expensive. In fact, some won’t cost you a thing, and they may provide exactly what you need. If a simple spreadsheet just isn’t working for you anymore, it’s time to get something more advanced. I’d like to cover just a few options you should try out if you need a good inventory management system.

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Comodo Cleaning Essentials – Detect and Remove Malware

Published 24th October 2013 By Husayn Jamal
Comodo Cleaning Essentials featured

Comodo Cleaning Essentials (CCE) is a fairly large, portable and freeware software that allows you to remove malware and unsafe processes from your client’s computer.
Although there is no perfect solution when removing malware from a client’s system, having one more program in your toolkit never hurts.

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Top Twitterers for Techs

Published 22nd October 2013 By Micah Lahren
Top Twitterers for Techs

Just as RSS feeds are a great way to keep up on Tech news, Twitter is another way to keep up to date with Tech news, reviews, and stories in the technology industry. As a Tech, though, why bother with Twitter? There are several reasons.

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Memory Testing Tips for Techs

Published By Micah Lahren
memory testing

Your client brings in a machine that is acting oddly. Certain applications either won’t run or they constantly crash, especially memory intensive ones. It reboots at seemingly random moments, with the ‘recovered from a serious error’ message. Often, the machine will just go into a boot loop.

The infamous Blue Screen of Death may also make an appearance. These may not be the only symptoms, but such odd behavior often indicates that the memory is either faulty or is failing completely. There are more than a few ways to test memory sticks, and some tests are more exhaustive than others. Here are some basic tips for testing memory or troubleshooting when you believe the issue is with memory or the memory slots themselves.

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DriverBackup – Quickly Backup and Restore Drivers

Published 17th October 2013 By Husayn Jamal
DriverBackup Featured

DriverBackup is a small, portable and freeware software that allows you to backup, copy and restore drivers on your client’s computer.
As a technician, downloading and installing drivers can be a very repetitive part of your job, especially when you need to reformat a client’s computer. DriverBackup allows you to backup and restore all of the drivers on your client’s computer.

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Mobile Device Repair for Techs

Published 15th October 2013 By Micah Lahren
mobile device repair

The move from the desktop and laptop to tablets and smartphones in the residential tech sector has been a cause of concern among many PC Techs. Tablets are often less expensive, harder to repair, and that means they’re easier to dispose of and just replace with a new device. If you’re an expert on conventional machine repair and are finding yourself a little uneasy about the current trend towards mobile devices, don’t despair, go into tablet repair!

While it sounds easier said than done, the fact is, tablet repair resources are popping up on the internet, making it easier for experienced technicians to move into this field without feeling completely in the dark. The tools may be a little more specialized for the job than the usual PC repair tools, and the components inside tablets are more delicate than your common computer hardware, but with a steady hand, a light touch, the right slim tools, good repair resources, and a firm grasp on technique, you can slide into tablet repair with ease.

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Tech Services for Residential Mobile Device Users

Published 8th October 2013 By Micah Lahren
Residential Mobile Device Users

With the massive influx of mobile devices into consumer households, we’re seeing more of a need for services in that area. New tablets and browsing devices are popping up everywhere, which brings new concerns for residential consumers.

Internet filtering for kids, getting a certain piece of hardware to work on a new tablet, network troubleshooting, linking, and setup for mobile devices, and network expansion are just some of the concerns residential users have with mobile devices. We’ll take a look at some of the services you could provide for residential mobile device users, and perhaps even some business clients, if you haven’t started already.

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Panda Ransomware Decrypt Tool – Restore Encrypted Files

Published 3rd October 2013 By Husayn Jamal

Panda Ransomware Decrypt Tool is a small, and freeware software that allows you to restore files that were renamed or encrypted on your client’s computer due to a virus infection.

Here’s the scenario; you have already removed a virus from your client’s computer, but some of the files that were affected can no longer be opened or accessed. Panda Ransomware Decrypt Tool allows you to restore and decrypt these files so they can be used.

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Tech Insight on the Mobile Device Repair Industry

Published 1st October 2013 By Micah Lahren
Mobile Device Repair Industry

Mobile devices have a knack for jumping out of consumers’ hands without any advance notice, and the question that comes up immediately after the event is a very old one. Repair or replace? Technology is moving at a breakneck pace, faster than ever before. If you had told someone in the early nineties how many gigabytes can now be easily stored on something smaller than a fingernail, they would probably laugh or even mock you.

The early computers for general consumer use cost several times what their value is now, and they only had a fraction of the computing power of today’s devices. Now, more than ever before, there is a finer line between the decision to replace or repair, as far as economic concerns go.

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