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Antivirus Solutions For Your Clients

Published 3rd April 2014 By Micah Lahren
Antivirus Solutions

With the recent news that Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows XP with the security suite Microsoft Security Essentials, we’re hearing more reports about just how many computers are still running Windows XP, from government computers to machines at educational institutions and corporate enterprises. Those who used MSE will have to switch to something else, or upgrade their operating system.

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Computer Business / Technical Writers Wanted

Published 1st April 2014 By Bryce Whitty
Now Hiring

As we continue to expand at Technibble, we are looking for writers to join our team. We are only looking for the right people, people who are in it for the long term.

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PC Diagnostic Methods for Techs

Published 22nd March 2014 By Micah Lahren
Diagnostic Methods

As Techs, we often come across the same issues multiple times, and it’s easy to start guessing and skipping the usual diagnostic methods rather than following a good diagnostic path. It’s easy to become lazy in your methods too, no matter what industry you’re in, so here’s a self evaluation checklist that can help Techs get back on track with diagnostic procedure.

Some of the steps may seem so simple and obvious, but to be frank, some ‘professional’ name brand computer shops skip over them and end up in left field trying to fix a completely unrelated issue when it was just dirty memory contacts or a faulty hard drive.

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Introducing the Technibble Vendors List!

Published 19th March 2014 By Bryce Whitty

A question I am often asked by Technibble readers is what computer technician product or service should they choose for their business (or to solve a specific problem).

What CRM should they choose? What remote support software should they choose? Our forums also have these questions asked often. The problem is there are a huge amount of choices which can leave people overwhelmed.

I usually recommend a handful of products or services that are popular amongst the Technibble readers and forum members. Instead of just responding to these privately via email or social media, I thought why not post these publicly and help everyone?

So I thought how could I make this really useful? I asked the forum members:

“What are the most important considerations for you when buying a CRM/Remote Support software?”

The forum members responded by saying things like price, integration with other programs, whether it was cloud or self-hosted and upgrade policies were important to them. So I contacted some reader favorites who supplied me with a logo and a little blurb of information about them. I asked them about their prices, what they integrate with, their upgrade polices and a few other questions depending on what type of product or service it was. I then added that information to a “Rolodex style” post and this was the birth of the Technibble Vendors List!

The goal here is to allow you to get the information quickly and straight to the point which makes it easy to compare products and services.

The Technibble Vendor list is by no means complete, and I am open to suggestions on who else you think should be listed there. Of course, they would need to be super-targeted to us computer technicians/business owners. You can suggest other products and services via this link.

So, check out our new Vendors list (link also in our top navigation), you might find something you haven’t seen before. And keep it in mind next time you encounter a problem that could potentially be solved by a product or service.

Check out the Technibble Vendors List Here



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Why I Fired All of My Residential Customers

Published 13th March 2014 By Ric Chapman

I appreciate that many business owners are probably reading on aghast about what sounds completely and utterly unforgivable, but on reflection it has probably been one of my best and liberating decisions to date. By letting go of the people I thought imperative to my business I quickly discovered that they were the ones holding me back professionally and personally. This mass firing has been something that has happened gradually over the course of about 18 months and I now consult directly with business owners which has produced an increase in my profits and the quality of my work life balance.

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How Much Should I Charge? – Pricing Strategies for Computer Technicians

Published 6th March 2014 By Micah Lahren
Price Strategies

‘How much should I charge?’ That’s a common question among repair technicians just starting out, and sometimes even veteran technicians will want to revisit their pricing and rate strategy from time to time to re-evaluate their options. Should you charge by the hour, charge flat rates, or charge variable rates?

How much are you really worth? How much should you be charging? Let’s go through a checklist of factors you can use to get a better idea of how to orient your pricing strategy.

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How to Deal with the Stigma of Being a “One Man Shop”

Published 3rd March 2014 By Micah Lahren
Computer technician One man shop

Sooner or later it comes up in a discussion with your clients. ‘How many partners do you have?’ ‘Do you work by yourself?’ ‘Is it just you?’ ‘Are you the only technician behind that logo?’ Some businesses have contracted one man shops in the past and something happened and they got left in the lurch. Tragic accidents happen, health issues appear, life emergencies suddenly pop up without warning.

As a result, some business managers have decided never to do business with one man shops again on that basis. If you’re a one man shop, how do you deal with that ‘prejudice’ toward your services? How can you work towards restoring their confidence and their faith in your capability and dependability as a ‘one man shop’?

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Ask The Readers: The One Piece of Advice You Wish You Could Have Told Your Past Self

Published 27th February 2014 By Bryce Whitty

I havent done an “Ask The Readers” post in a long time and its about time for another one. We always end up with tons of amazing answers in our comments so I would love all readers to take part in this because the more you put in, the more you will get out of it.

Everyone has that one main piece of advice that changed their life/business that they wish they knew when they were first starting out. So, I want to ask the readers:

What is that one piece of advice you wish you could have told your past self as a Tech/Business Owner?

Your comment can be as long or as short as you want and as always, you dont need to sign up to anything make a comment and you can even reply anonymously if you want.

To the people reading this via emai, RSS or any other non-site: Please leave a comment on the site here. I want everyone to be able to read your response.

Look forward to hearing your responses!

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$29 Remote Support, Social Media & ManOps eBook Sale Ends Soon!

Published 25th February 2014 By Bryce Whitty

Just a reminder that CallThatGirl’s $29 eBook sale ends Midnight Feb 26th 2014 American EST. So grab it before you miss your chance!. For those of you who havent heard about this sale, you can read the article I wrote about it last week on why they are worth getting.

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CRM Integration for Finance Software

Published By Micah Lahren
Finance Software Integration

Many Techs started out by simply providing services, and eventually a business built up around it, and they searched for business solutions such as CRM software and finance software as they needed it. Later down the road, you might find yourself tiring of switching from one CRM to another, and then back to your finance software, and then back to your CRM, making excessive use of text clipboards. CRM integration could save you a lot of time. What CRM solutions integrate with popular finance software models?

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