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Keep Your Tech Toolkit Updated With Ketarin

Published 24th June 2014 By Micah Lahren

In a previous article we talked about setting up a Tech Toolkit, and as we well know, the Tech industry is a constantly growing and evolving field. That means your portable apps and software needs to be constantly updated as well, or you’ll be carrying around outdated software tools. That might not seem like a huge problem at first, but when you consider vulnerabilities that affect older versions, and new, better, and faster features in newer versions, which often help you work faster and more efficiently, it’s the logical choice to keep your tools updated, and Ketarin helps you do that.

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Putting a Tech Toolkit Together

Published 18th June 2014 By Micah Lahren
Tech toolkit

Are you new to the computer repair industry? Perhaps you’re wondering, ‘How do I get started? What tools do I need? Do I need multiboot USB drives or a massive repair CD collection? Where do I get the tools?’ In this article we’ll take a look at some of the basic starting tools new Techs should include in their toolkit, and where to get them. Don’t be afraid to branch out and try new and different tools than the ones mentioned here, because as I mention later, that’s part of being a Tech.

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Interview Tips: The Secrets of Hiring Quality Technicians

Published 16th June 2014 By Dave Greenbaum

Although I’ve been out on my own for ten years as a business owner, I’ve been hiring technicians for another 20. The process I use has three separate stages: email, VoIP/phone, and in-person. The goal is to examine three ways prospective technicians will interact with clients and team members. Here’s how I do it.

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Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Just SMART Monitoring Tools – SMART Monitoring vs Testing

Published 10th June 2014 By Contributor

Contribution by Paul Apking

Many techs use CrystalDiskInfo as a tool for HDD diagnostics and call it a day. It’s a great tool to quickly identify issues with a suspect drive but it’s intended purpose is to monitor SMART data and report anything that may fail or has reached a certain threshold.

This tool shouldn’t be used for diagnostics, only for SMART monitoring. In many instances, unless the drive is failing or has multiple bad sectors, it won’t be flagged for drive failures in a monitoring tool. GSmartControl is a much better tool for getting the job done right!

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How to Get Free Advertising For Your Computer Business via Media Mentions

Published 30th May 2014 By Dave Greenbaum
media mentions

Effective marketing is key to growing your business. Of course, you can used paid mentions aka ads. However, customers trust unpaid mentions much more. The standard term for these are earned mentions: you earned the right to have your name mentioned instead of paying for it. These show up higher in search engine results and customers trust them over ads. Here’s how to do it.

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Free Tickets to CompTIA Channelcon For 30 Technibblers

Published 25th May 2014 By Bryce Whitty
Comptia Channelcon 2014

On August the 4th to the 6th 2014, CompTIA Channelcon ( will be hosted in Phoenix Arizona. CompTIA Channelcon is big-tent event for the IT channel, featuring solution providers, vendors, distributors and media – giving attendees the chance to learn from each other and the industry’s thought-leaders.

This is a great opportunity for computer technicians to find out about products and services that can help them with what they do and ask any questions. It is also a great opportunity to meet a bunch of fellow Technibblers who will be attending.

Our friends over at InstantHousecall have been very generous and would like to sponsor 30 Technibblers to attend this event for free (regular price $250). This includes all educational events put on by CompTIA over three days, most meals, some great break-out sessions, the unconference, networking opportunities, and the access to the Vendor Technology Fair.

This will be on a first come first serve basis and you will still need to find your own way to the event as well as have somewhere to stay.

If you are interested, there are 3 steps to reserve your ticket
Register with CompTIA (promo code CC14Housecall)
Book your hotel ($139/nt preferred rate, includes WiFi; enjoy additional amenities with optional $25/nt resort fee)
Register with Instant Housecall using the form on this page

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Backup Strategies for Residential Clients

Published 21st May 2014 By Contributor
Data Backup for Residential Clients

Contribution by Paul Apking

For many technicians, good backups have saved us time and time again. We realize the value of a good set of backups, something many clients fail to understand until it’s too late. In this article I’ll share with you my backup strategy for my residential clients.

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How to Use Clonezilla – A Hard Drive Cloning Tool For the Frugal Tech

Published 15th May 2014 By Contributor

Contribution by Paul Apking

Creating hard drive copies or clones is a regular routine for many techs. But it shouldn’t be hard on the wallet! Many are expensive such as Norton Ghost, others are cheaper such as Macrium Reflect.

Enter Clonezilla, it’s free!

Clonezilla is a linux-based imaging tool that makes an exact copy of your entire hard drive or partition as a back up which can used at a later time for a single restore. It can also be used for a massive restore on 30+ machines but this article will discuss using it for single machine backup/restore.

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Review: Ultra Virus Killer (UVK)

Published 9th May 2014 By Dave Greenbaum
Ultra Virus Killer (UVK)

UVK is a tool that helps technicians not only malware on a Windows PC, but actually repair the damage. Although other programs provide similar functionality, UVK consolidates them all into one handy tool.

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Why You Are Missing Out If You Arent Part of the Technibble Forums

Published 29th April 2014 By Bryce Whitty
TN Forum

There are many Technibble readers that dont know about our Technibble forums (especially the email subscribers that dont visit the actual site often).

Let me say that if you aren’t on the forums, you are truly only getting half of the Technibble experience. There is such a huge wealth of knowledge available on the forums.

For example, here are two great threads from the last couple of days:

You should also check out our “Guides, Tips and Tricks” forum as well as our “Deals” forum. Right now it has a deal for a 256GB PNY USB 3.0 Thumb Drive for $69.99 from Tigerdirect after mail-in rebate.
All of the content is generated by technicians like yourself and there are many gold nuggets of information to be found.

While you can lurk, its a far better experience if you sign up and introduce yourself. There are a few areas of the forums that are only visible to signed up members.

One requirement of the forums though is that you are either a soon-to-be-technician, currently working as a computer technician or have/starting a computer repair business. We do not accept end-users just looking for free tech support. We also require members to post a GOOD introduction (not just minimal answers), it keeps the community tight-nit and friendly.

Its free and easy to join us, you can register for the forums via THIS LINK. Keep in mind you must post an introduction about yourself for all of the forums to become visible.

Visit the Technibble Forums Here


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