Review: Ultra Virus Killer (UVK)

Published 9th May 2014 By Dave Greenbaum
Ultra Virus Killer (UVK)

UVK is a tool that helps technicians not only malware on a Windows PC, but actually repair the damage. Although other programs provide similar functionality, UVK consolidates them all into one handy tool.

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Why You Are Missing Out If You Arent Part of the Technibble Forums

Published 29th April 2014 By Bryce Whitty
TN Forum

There are many Technibble readers that dont know about our Technibble forums (especially the email subscribers that dont visit the actual site often).

Let me say that if you aren’t on the forums, you are truly only getting half of the Technibble experience. There is such a huge wealth of knowledge available on the forums.

For example, here are two great threads from the last couple of days:

You should also check out our “Guides, Tips and Tricks” forum as well as our “Deals” forum. Right now it has a deal for a 256GB PNY USB 3.0 Thumb Drive for $69.99 from Tigerdirect after mail-in rebate.
All of the content is generated by technicians like yourself and there are many gold nuggets of information to be found.

While you can lurk, its a far better experience if you sign up and introduce yourself. There are a few areas of the forums that are only visible to signed up members.

One requirement of the forums though is that you are either a soon-to-be-technician, currently working as a computer technician or have/starting a computer repair business. We do not accept end-users just looking for free tech support. We also require members to post a GOOD introduction (not just minimal answers), it keeps the community tight-nit and friendly.

Its free and easy to join us, you can register for the forums via THIS LINK. Keep in mind you must post an introduction about yourself for all of the forums to become visible.

Visit the Technibble Forums Here


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Cloud Sourcing in a Medical Environment – Can it Work?

Published 23rd April 2014 By Contributor
cloud storage medical concept

Article by Kevin Tye:

The world is going cloud sourcing mad. Everywhere we look we are assailed by the idea that the cloud is the only way to go, and in many ways that is right. Cloud storage solutions are reliable, safe and available, or are they?

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HDDScan – Scan for Bad Sectors

Published 17th April 2014 By Micah Lahren
How To Use HDDScan

If you’re working on a machine and your troubleshooting efforts seem to point towards hard drive trouble, HDDScan is a great freeware utility to use when diagnosing hard drive problems. The utility isn’t limited to searching for slow or bad sectors. It can also perform health tests on the drive so you know what its status is. It can also help you change HDD parameters and show S.M.A.R.T. attributes. Check out the full list of features at Today we’re going to look at scanning your hard drive for bad sectors.

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REVIEW: DataVac Bests Compressed Air, Hurricane in Cleaning PC Dust

Published 15th April 2014 By Derrick Wlodarz
DataVac Review

Last year, I wrote about my pleasant experiences with the Hurricane canned air replacement. I gave it a fair 3 of 5 star rating for a valiant effort, but it came up short in the form of having a non-replaceable battery and a rather small “effective blowing” timespan of about 10 minutes. As a mobile product you can easily place into your toolbag, it’s a great item.

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6 Tips For Naming your Computer Company

Published 9th April 2014 By Derrick Wlodarz
Naming your Computer Company

What’s in a name? A whole lot, in fact. And this very question is one that puzzles computer business owners time and time again. I’ve been asked about it via email from Technibble readers on more than one occasion, so I know it’s something that prospective business owners are thinking heavily about.

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Antivirus Solutions For Your Clients

Published 3rd April 2014 By Micah Lahren
Antivirus Solutions

With the recent news that Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows XP with the security suite Microsoft Security Essentials, we’re hearing more reports about just how many computers are still running Windows XP, from government computers to machines at educational institutions and corporate enterprises. Those who used MSE will have to switch to something else, or upgrade their operating system.

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Computer Business / Technical Writers Wanted

Published 1st April 2014 By Bryce Whitty
Now Hiring

As we continue to expand at Technibble, we are looking for writers to join our team. We are only looking for the right people, people who are in it for the long term.

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PC Diagnostic Methods for Techs

Published 22nd March 2014 By Micah Lahren
Diagnostic Methods

As Techs, we often come across the same issues multiple times, and it’s easy to start guessing and skipping the usual diagnostic methods rather than following a good diagnostic path. It’s easy to become lazy in your methods too, no matter what industry you’re in, so here’s a self evaluation checklist that can help Techs get back on track with diagnostic procedure.

Some of the steps may seem so simple and obvious, but to be frank, some ‘professional’ name brand computer shops skip over them and end up in left field trying to fix a completely unrelated issue when it was just dirty memory contacts or a faulty hard drive.

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Introducing the Technibble Vendors List!

Published 19th March 2014 By Bryce Whitty

A question I am often asked by Technibble readers is what computer technician product or service should they choose for their business (or to solve a specific problem).

What CRM should they choose? What remote support software should they choose? Our forums also have these questions asked often. The problem is there are a huge amount of choices which can leave people overwhelmed.

I usually recommend a handful of products or services that are popular amongst the Technibble readers and forum members. Instead of just responding to these privately via email or social media, I thought why not post these publicly and help everyone?

So I thought how could I make this really useful? I asked the forum members:

“What are the most important considerations for you when buying a CRM/Remote Support software?”

The forum members responded by saying things like price, integration with other programs, whether it was cloud or self-hosted and upgrade policies were important to them. So I contacted some reader favorites who supplied me with a logo and a little blurb of information about them. I asked them about their prices, what they integrate with, their upgrade polices and a few other questions depending on what type of product or service it was. I then added that information to a “Rolodex style” post and this was the birth of the Technibble Vendors List!

The goal here is to allow you to get the information quickly and straight to the point which makes it easy to compare products and services.

The Technibble Vendor list is by no means complete, and I am open to suggestions on who else you think should be listed there. Of course, they would need to be super-targeted to us computer technicians/business owners. You can suggest other products and services via this link.

So, check out our new Vendors list (link also in our top navigation), you might find something you haven’t seen before. And keep it in mind next time you encounter a problem that could potentially be solved by a product or service.

Check out the Technibble Vendors List Here



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