Improve Your Social Skills as a Tech

Published 27th August 2014 By Micah Lahren

As Techs, sometimes we lose focus on the customers and clients and focus on the systems we work on, and our social skills can suffer as a result. Perhaps we never had much social skill to begin with, and we were never a social individual to start with. Why do you need to have good social skills as a Tech, and how can you improve them?

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CryptoLocker Update

Published 23rd August 2014 By Contributor

Guest Contribution by Ken Dwight – The Virus Doctor:
In October of last year I wrote about what was then the newest and most widespread malware infecting computers worldwide, known as CryptoLocker. At the time I referred to it as “Game-Changing Malware.” You may read that blog post here:

There have been quite a few developments along these lines since then, and this type of malware has become one of the most destructive threats of all time. Most of these developments have been of what we would have to consider a negative variety, but there is also a ray of good news thrown in for some victims of a CryptoLocker infection. First, here is a review of the evolution of encrypting ransomware over the past 11 months.

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The Computer Business Kit Version 3 is now Available!

Published 20th August 2014 By Bryce Whitty
Computer Business Kit v3

In the past few weeks on Technibble, I have shown you how you can fill and sign the Computer Business Kit forms on a tablet, as well as how much money you can save on computer technician products.

Well today I am extremely happy to officially announce the release of the third version of our popular product, the Technibble Computer Business Kit version 3!

This kit was designed to help technicians protect themselves and save a ton of time and money. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned professional, you will find value the Computer Business Kit.

Protect Yourself and Your Business

Lets face it, there are a lot of things can go wrong while working on a clients computer. Often the issue isnt your fault or it was a simple mistake that could happen to anyone. Its a good idea to protect yourself by having signed documentation with computer business specific terms and conditions that outlines what happens in certain events and limits your liability.

The Computer Business Kit has over 30+ computer business specific legal forms including maintenance contracts, work orders, computer pickup and drop-off forms, data backup checklists, tablet repair forms and many more.


Forms such as the “data backup checklist” and the “computer drop off/pick-up forms” also allow you to systemize your business so you dont forget about that clients essential file when formatting their computer, or know exactly what they dropped off at your location to avoid any costly arguments. You can print these forms on paper or if you prefer, fill and sign them on a tablet. Its up to you.

Get More Clients

Most computer technicians really know their stuff when it comes to anything technical, but sometimes struggle when it comes to design. Take advantage of our beautiful marketing templates so you can start getting new clients sooner. We also include high resolution computer technician related stock photography to use in your marketing materials instead of having to pay a stock photography site.

Stop Paying Consumer-level Prices for Computer Parts

Everyone knows about the consumer-level stores to buy computer parts at, and you are usually paying consumer level prices. But where are actual computer businesses buying their parts? Where are the computer stores getting the bulk discounts? We include a list of business-to-business computer parts suppliers in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

Save a Ton of Money

We have also negotiated massive discounts on computer technician products with various vendors including D7II, PC Repair Tracker, Fabs Autobackup 5, RepairShopr, Screenconnect, InstantHousecall, CommitCRM, mHelpDesk, TechInLine and more.. Many of the discounts exceed the cost of the Business Kit itself!

To celebrate our launch, we are also offering our “How to Start a Computer Business” eGuide with the Computer Business Kit. This bonus will only be available for a limited time though, so grab it while you can.

Even with all this value, the Computer Business Kit v3 is only $99 USD and we have a 60 day, money-back satisfaction guarantee. So there really is no risk to you.

Check Out the Computer Business Kit HERE


Version 2 Owners: You are eligible for upgrade pricing and should have received an email from us on how to upgrade. If you didn’t receive this email, please let us know by emailing or use our contact form and let us know the email you believe you used to purchase the Business Kit.

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How to Handle Personal Emergencies in Your Computer Repair Business

Published 14th August 2014 By Dave Greenbaum
Personal Emergency

Sometimes when you run your own business, a personal emergency develops that you need to take care of. Your clients need you as well. Fail to respond to their needs and your business will suffer. Coming up with a detailed business continuity plan helps you manage both your personal and professional life.

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Tech-Vets Show About The Computer Repair Business at CompTIA Channelcon

Published 10th August 2014 By Bryce Whitty
Tech Vets Podcast

Earlier this week many computer technicians attended the industry event “CompTIA Channelcon” in Phoenix, Arizona.
My friends Carey Holzman and Mike Smith from the Tech-Vets podcast hosted a live show on-location, talking about the computer repair business and I think this show is well worth a listen.

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How to Prevent Technicians from Stealing Business

Published 4th August 2014 By Dave Greenbaum
stealing business

When it’s time to grow your business beyond just yourself, one of the biggest concerns computer repair business owners tell me is, “I’m afraid if I bring someone on board, they’ll steal clients and steal business.”  I’ve learned some key ways to protect your business and your client base.

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How the Computer Business Kit v3 Will Save You Money

Published 29th July 2014 By Bryce Whitty
D7II Discount, RepairShopr Discounts, CommitCRM Discounts, Fabs Autobackup Discount, RepairShopr Discount, Screenconnect Discount, mHelpDesk Discount, Instant Housecall Discount

When I created the new Computer Business Kit version 3, my goal was to deliver so much value that it simply pays for itself over and over. You have already seen a glimpse of the computer business forms and their PDF versions in my last post.

The Business Kit has lists of parts suppliers, marketing templates and stock photography. All of this is designed to save you time. Now I want to show you how the Computer Business Kit v3 will save you money.

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Should You Risk Recovering Data Yourself? or Should You Outsource It?

Published 25th July 2014 By Micah Lahren
Hard Drive Data Recovery

It happens often. Many customers don’t view their machines with the view that at any time, their data storage hardware could fail. They don’t schedule a backup, and when their hard drive does fail or has issues, you’re called up to recover the data. There are many good tools for recovering data from a failing hard drive, and we’ve covered those in the past. The question is, at what point do you decide either not to do the data recovery at all, or to give up trying to recover the data because you’re having issues accessing it?

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Fill & Sign Computer Technician Forms on a Tablet

Published 23rd July 2014 By Bryce Whitty

I would like to to show you something we have been working on for quite some time. We will soon be releasing version 3 of our popular Computer Business Kit and one of the new features is the ability to fill and sign the forms on tablets. In this short 5 minute video, I show you how this can be done and how you could use it while onsite at a clients location.

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ManualsLib: End Your Search for Computer & Hardware Manuals

Published 18th July 2014 By Contributor Manuals Library

Contribution by Paul Apking

Ever had the need to find a manual for a job but couldn’t find it? Losing a manual happens all the time when it’s something that isn’t used on a regular basis. Using Google or another search engine takes time to sort through all the results which is a waste of precious time most of us don’t have…ManualsLib to the rescue!

ManualsLib is a vast resource of knowledge for  all technicians. It’s a huge repository of manuals that can be saved in different ways. Using the online database, techs can search for lost manuals using multiple queries but the most efficient way is to use the model number of the product.

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