Introducing Technibble’s New Book: Get Business Clients in 30 Easy Steps

Published 7th December 2012 By Bryce Whitty

After many months of writing, Ric Chapman and I are happy to announce Technibble’s new book:

Get Business Clients in 30 Easy Steps

Computer technicians would often ask us the golden question – “How do I get business clients?”. The thing is, its not something we can just answer in a forum post or even a front page article.

We really wanted to do this topic justice and go into the depth it deserved so we turned it into an 87 page guide. We have been working on this guide for several months and we really think its worth it and hope you do too.

This system to obtain business clients has been refined by Ric Chapman over many years of trial and error as he built his own client base. The guide has been broken down into 30 actionable steps and many of them can be done in a day.

So what will you learn in this book?

Here are just some of the topics:

  • How to gain the confidence to sell yourself and approach businesses face-to-face
  • How to choose the best businesses to approach
  • How to master your first sales pitch with business clients
  • Strategies to help win them over
  • How to maintain the business relationship
  • How to get business to come to you
  • Real world stories from both Ric Chapman and Bryce Whitty
  • and so much more..

To celebrate the launch of our new book, we are offering a launch price of only $37. An investment that would pay for itself even if you land just one business client. This price includes the PDF version, the Kindle MOBI version, the EPUB version as well many supporting documents such as sales letters to help you obtain those business clients. Check it out HERE.




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Ric Chapmans Story: From Broke to Business Clients – Part 3

Published 6th December 2012 By Ric Chapman
Ric Chapman

It took some time, but in Part 2 of my story I finally conquered my fears by finally walking through the doors of a local business and asking for the manager. In hindsight I look back at myself and wonder how it was I worked myself up into such a state. It seems clear that it simply boiled down to talking with a stranger and this is a fear that many of us face, and I’m not talking just about us techs either. A lot of individuals have trouble overcoming this social hurdle and in truth I still get a little nervous approaching the new businesses today, but now aside from nerves, the emotion is now joined by excitement and anticipation and when things get going I’m actually enjoying myself. Getting to that point however isn’t without its trials and tribulations which we’ll round off today in Part 3.

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Ric Chapmans Story: From Broke to Business Clients – Part 2

Published 3rd December 2012 By Ric Chapman
Ric Chapman

Today we continue my story by picking up from where I left off, stepping out of my front door. I was totally prepared to take on the town, approach every business within a 10 mile radius and completely change my fortunes and rewrite the course of my life and achieve my business goals. The only problem with that little day dream was that I was totally unprepared, that’s the complete opposite of any type of preparation that I believed I had acquired. I naively thought that the two days of brain storming would be enough to develop a solid business plan, in an area of my business that I’d never attempted before. Seriously what was I thinking …

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Ric Chapmans Story: From Broke to Business Clients

Published 29th November 2012 By Ric Chapman
Ric Chapman

This is my story. A short story before you start to panic (you can sit back down). A story about how I finally made my move from having strictly residential clients to include those elusive businesses. Those businesses I walked past everyday and gave little to no thought at all. In reflection it seems that this story is pretty typical of my fellow techs here at Technibble so I’m pleased to have the opportunity to bare the last decade on paper and show you the path I took. These are the events in my career and business which eventually led me to where I am today and how and why my work is now strongly business focused. For that we’ll need to step back in time just a little…

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Kyle Haroldsen of Intrinsic Discusses ‘Zero Touch Deployment’ via Swimage

Published 21st November 2012 By Derrick Wlodarz

Windows 8 is officially out in the wild, and some companies are beginning to plan their migration to the new platform. There also happen to be a lot of Windows 7 migrations in the works for the near future. Whichever direction you are in charge of handling, the actual migration process can be quite a pain without a helping hand in the form of intelligent software.

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Why Windows RT Should Not Be Ignored by Computer Technicians

Published 15th November 2012 By Ric Chapman

On Friday the 26th of October and the days that followed we saw some of the biggest product releases from Microsoft since Windows 95, not just a new version of Windows but the Windows Surface and Windows Phone 8. It’s probably not too much to say that this has been a huge year for Microsoft who’ve had to make some serious ground in the mobility markets and seemingly have taken huge steps forward to start closing the gap. Despite what I feel to be excellent products all round, both techs and the consumers look upon all these changes with fear and trepidation and none more so than with Windows RT and Microsoft’s new hardware product, the Surface.

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11 Products and Services You Can Up-sell and Cross-sell Your Clients

Published 13th November 2012 By Bryce Whitty
Up-Selling your Services

“Would you like fries with that?” is probably one of the most well known cross-sells in today’s society. McDonald’s restaurants do this because it simply makes them more money and at the end of the day this is what most businesses are about – making money.

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Fighting the Good Fight: An Interview with Malwarebytes Founder Marcin Kleczynski

Published 6th November 2012 By Derrick Wlodarz

If you’re involved in serious malware removal these days, chances are that Malwarebytes has a soft spot in your heart. Technicians around the world (including my own company) have been combating “virtual gunk” on customer PCs with the help of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware since its first release back in 2008.

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Grow or Die, the Choice is Yours

Published 1st November 2012 By Contributor

Guest Post by Ronn Hanley:
My home based clients don’t do business with me because I know more than they do about computers, networks, and servers – there’s always someone who knows more about those things and my clients know it.

They do business with me because I insist on making the interactions with them reasonably pleasant.  They are happy to see me coming and know that I’ve helped them in the past and will do what I can to help them now.  Many of them understand that I can’t solve every problem, but they’ve grow to understand that I will do my best.  I make it clear to them that they aren’t simply numbers on a spread sheet.  I enjoy helping even when things are blowing up in our faces and the world appears determined to stay in disaster mode.

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How OpenDNS Works and Why it Can Benefit Your Customers

Published 30th October 2012 By Derrick Wlodarz

Your customers likely have little to no idea what goes on behind the scenes to make the internet a pleasant place for the non-geek. One of these important supporting factors is the technology behind DNS (Domain Name System) which acts as the invisible address book for any and every website they choose to visit. To the normal user, it’s; but we all know that in reality, is where they’re truly going.

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