Windows 8 Backup and Imaging Tools for Techs – RecImg Manger & SlimImage

Published 7th February 2013 By Micah Lahren
Windows 8 Backup and Imaging Tools

With the Windows 8 user base increasing steadily, and the majority of the focus on computing devices switching to mobility, we’re going to see an increase in the need for backup and imaging solutions focused on mobile devices. As Techs, we need to fill that gap between desktop backup systems and mobile device backups. There are a few Windows 8 backup and imaging tools for techs as far as backing up Windows 8 devices. A few new tools have recently become available – RecImg Manager and SlimImage. These utilities support Windows 8 on desktop and tablet, with touchscreen support, and are packed with features every Tech will appreciate.

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10 Common Sense Resolutions for Your Computer Business in 2013

Published 5th February 2013 By Derrick Wlodarz

No matter how 2012 treated your computer repair business, let’s put yesteryear behind us and look ahead to what 2013 has to bring. The holidays were likely crazy for most of us, forcing many to juggle a hectic mix of client work and family matters. But I hope you had a chance to relax a bit and think about your strategy for the new year. Reflection and subsequent planning are a healthy part of managing any size business.

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Introducing IT Changes to a Business

Published 31st January 2013 By Ric Chapman

Change … Change is looked upon differently by different people. Generally speaking we have two groups. Those that embrace change and those that loath it. But change is a complicated process, Windows 8 for example wanted to change the face of Windows and fill a potential gap in the market. “Gap filled problem solved, but where in the world is my start button?”. Microsoft introduced changes to one of their flag-ship products and all in all, people didn’t like it, too much too soon perhaps?

But the basic moral is that you simply cannot please everyone, people are naturally resistant to change and how you manage that change is the most important part. Microsoft managed the change badly, badly communicated and an end product leaving their valuable customers scratching their heads. To turn the knife they then went and released Surface RT, easily the most confusing release of 2012. Since working with businesses I’m often asked to facilitate significant changes that impact running operations, often it’s a struggle to help the end users see the benefits of such changes so here’s my quick step guide to reduce the backlash.

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Juggling a Family and a Tech Business Start-Up

Published 29th January 2013 By Ric Chapman
Tech Business Start-Up

This article is a long past due follow up to Juggling a Day Job and a Tech Business Start-Up from way back in March and this write up has really been playing on my mind since posting that article which touched on how our real lives affect and attribute to the way we start and grow our businesses. Your day job obviously plays a huge part in how you run and manage your business day to day but nothing comes close to the part your family and loved ones play in shaping it now and in the future.

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My Guide to Staying Mobile as a Computer Technician – Part 2

Published 24th January 2013 By Ric Chapman

Staying mobile isn’t easy. But hopefully my previous article may have opened up some doors or at the very least provided you with some ideas to keep yourself out and about a bit more. The concept of staying mobile will allow you to concentrate more on everything important to you. To help you picture my scenario in a little more detail I wanted to cover the hardware and software I utilize everyday, this is everything I use to keep myself out of the office whilst remaining fully productive in all areas of my life.

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My Guide to Staying Mobile as a Computer Technician – Part 1

Published 22nd January 2013 By Ric Chapman

My business and simply the way I work has changed dramatically over the past 12 months. To give a very brief overview of my current situation, I have a job involving 4 key sites and a number of ad-hoc locations, a business which looks after a number of residential and business customers, and I like to write, like I am right now. I also enjoy time with my friends and family and try my best to make that time available. In all no easy feat. But the past year has seen me develop my working habits to the point that I’ve completely moved away from my office locations and become almost completely mobile. This is how I do it, and more importantly, how I keep on top of my work.

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REVIEW: Will the O2 Hurricane Canless Air unit get you to ditch canned air?

Published 17th January 2013 By Derrick Wlodarz

When offered to send me a sample of their flagship product, the Hurricane Canless Air System, I couldn’t resist the offer. Like most other technicians out there, I heavily invested in compressed (canned) air for most technical work up until about two years ago. I still keep canned air around for when my beloved air compressor just won’t fit the bill (like going into downtown Chicago on the train) and it’s still expensive as it ever was.

The premise of the Hurricane Canless Air unit is pretty simple: ditch the canned air that you have to re-purchase consistently, and invest in a piece of equipment like any other that resides in your tool bag. More specifically, a tool that can be recharged numerous times (over 500 times, they claim – equivalent to 1000 cans of air) and provide consistent operation each and every time. All this in the size of a product that is truly not much larger than a decently sized can of compressed air.

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Effectively Marketing Your Services with Free Advertising

Published 15th January 2013 By Micah Lahren
Attracting Customers

Craigslist, Backpage, Oodle, Recycler, Kijiji, Marketplace – they can be very useful for effectively marketing your services with free advertising. They’re effective marketing for professionals in any industry, when used properly. Even social bookmarking sites have their place in internet marketing. Not to be forgotten are local bulletin boards, which can be found in many stores and places of business in your local area. However, where free advertising can be found, scammers and spammers abound, so there is a need for caution. How can you make the most of your advertisements and catch the eye of serious potential clients while minimizing the possibility of attracting undesirable responses?

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Clean Up Outlook’s Auto Complete with NK2Edit

Published 11th January 2013 By Chuck Romano

For those who have to deal with a large mailing list or who manage contracts with large mailing lists, having an easy way to manage and update emails is not only a great thing but it can also save time. If you are working with customers who regularly use email clients like Outlook (or if your company does), it will be nice to familiarize yourself with NK2Edit. The tool is designed to allow users to efficiently edit and update the AutoComplete list. The AutoComplete is seen when you are typing the email address of a person in the “To” section of your email client. It will automatically help you complete the email address by giving you known names from the .NK2 file.

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My Quest for the Perfect Backup Software

Published 8th January 2013 By Bryce Whitty
Backup Software

I want to tell you about some software for Windows I found. I actually discovered this while trying to find a good backup solution for my own personal setup, but ended up using it for clients once I knew how powerful it is.

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