How To Shop on Behalf of Clients as a Computer Technician

Published 2nd October 2012 By Bryce Whitty

If a large part of your client base is residential then you may have been asked “shop around” on a clients behalf. The client knows they need to purchase something but want to do it alone because they want to make sure they dont purchase the wrong one or get ripped off. This usually occurs in two ways:

  • 1. The client tells you what they want, you look around for an item that does what they need and gives them the best bang for their buck, then they purchase it through you.
  • 2. The client already had a store in mind to purchase the product from (usually a Bigbox store) and wants you to help them choose the right one.

While this sounds like an easy way to make money, how do you charge? Do you charge for your time or do you place a markup on the product?
Well, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about this and if you get it wrong, you can end up wasting a lot of time or upsetting your customer.

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Dropbox Portable – Run Dropbox form a USB Drive

Published 26th September 2012 By Bryce Whitty

Dropbox Portable AHK is a portable version of Dropbox made possible with a small application written in the scripting language AutoHotKey. While this is not a repair tool, there are a huge amount of technicians who make use of Dropbox to access files while onsite. This application allows you to run Dropbox from a USB drive and sync files that are contained on your Dropbox account. Other than the obvious benefit of being able to access your Dropbox files on your USB key, it doesn’t leave any files on your clients computers and can be run when you don’t have administrator permissions.

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A Short FAQ on IPv6 For Computer Repair Technicians

Published 21st September 2012 By Derrick Wlodarz

Few technological shifts in our tumultuous industry have moved as slowly and methodically as the long-proposed shift to IPv6. The confusion surrounding this radical new approach to the way we view networking is still quite high, especially among computer technicians I speak to.

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Protecting Your Clients from Device Theft

Published 17th September 2012 By Micah Lahren

Most businesses that work with sensitive data and have multiple workstations or servers also make use of alarm systems and theft protection services in case of attempted theft. However, many businesses are growing exponentially and constantly send out traveling representatives to do demonstrations or make business contacts. Others are of a mobile nature and require constant travel, often with devices containing the materials for the demonstrations or other sensitive data such as trade secrets or promotional information. As users of mobile devices increase, and dependence on them increases, the loss or theft of such devices are becoming increasingly common, not to mention costly. In some cases, the actual value of the device stolen may be chump change compared with the value of the information on the device and the disruption to business operations. How can you protect your tech clients from device theft, information theft from their device, and potentially assist in recovery of their device?

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Why Technology Alone Doesn’t Sell Itself

Published 14th September 2012 By Derrick Wlodarz

If you build it, he will come. Or so goes the famous quote. I see this phrase as a metaphor guiding the recommendations of some solely profit-driven technicians in the computer repair and tech industry at large. Technology before purpose; technology above emotion; and the misnomer that technology sells itself.

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Knowing When to Let Go of Bad Computer Repair Customers

Published 12th September 2012 By Derrick Wlodarz

Building an expanding customer base is one of the utmost concerns for any growing or budding computer repair business. My Technibble articles consistently focus on the various ways to harness new business and keep it for the long term. But an unwieldy topic that comes up in every businesses’ lifespan is the quandary of not only knowing how to let go of a bad customer, but just as importantly deciding when exactly is the right time to come to such a conclusion.

Consider this an unofficial extension to the discussion I started in my previous article that targeted the how-to of firing bad customers. This topic is very fresh on my mind because my company FireLogic recently ran across a situation that required me to make the tough decision to cut ties with what was originally an exciting new customer. While I won’t get into specifics, the reasons to drop this relatively new client were getting more and more evident with each day that passed.

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99% OFF Hostgator Web Hosting Coupon – Huge Discounts from My Favorite Web Host

Published 11th September 2012 By Bryce Whitty

Yesterday, the popular domain registrar and web host Godaddy went offline for several hours taking down millions of websites with it. It was originally believed the outage was caused by a Denial of Service attack launched by a hacking group but later turned out to be “corrupted router tables“.

Needless to say a lot of people are upset with Godaddy (including a good amount of Technibble forum members) and because of this Hostgator are capitalizing on this situation and are offering a 99% OFF coupon that will bring the price of hosting to 1 cent per month for 6 months!

To take advantage of this, head over to Hostgator HERE and order a hosting package using the coupon code: godaddyisdown

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How to Keep “Geek Speak” Out of Client Conversations

Published 10th September 2012 By Derrick Wlodarz

As a fellow technician, I know how difficult it can be to have a simplified discussion with customers about highly technical matters. What is bandwidth? Why do I need an x64 processor instead of an x86? How does more RAM actually make a computer faster? These are just a sample of the questions that get tossed my way every week. While I know very well how to tell another technician about these items, bringing the discussion down to the level of the average Joe is another matter.

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CompTIA is Looking For Cloud, Mobile and Other Subject Matter Experts

Published 7th September 2012 By Derrick Wlodarz

As a proud member of CompTIA’s Subject Matter Expert Technical Advisory Committee, I’m always on the prowl for new experts in the tech industry to help out a great cause. For the uninformed, CompTIA is the most globally recognized non-profit body that oversees the gold-standard of vendor-neutral IT certifications for budding and experienced IT professionals alike. If you’ve heard of the A+ and Network+ exams, CompTIA is the wonderful organization behind them.

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Print from iOS with Windows AirPrint Installer

Published 5th September 2012 By Bryce Whitty
iOS AirPrint

I have had few clients have asked me about how to print from their iPads and iPhones because certain applications such as Notes and Mail have had a print button available since iOS 4.2.1. The problem is unless you have a printer with a feature called “AirPrint”, you cannot print from the iOS devices. That was until some smart coders created a free application called “AirPrint Installer” that will allow any USB printer to become an AirPrint printer.

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