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Dealing with Cheap Competition in the Tech Industry

Published 1st September 2013 By Micah Lahren
There's one in every crowd in cheap competition

You’ll find them in most metro areas – the ‘technicians’ who post on Craigslist or use other forms of low cost advertising, who often perform bad work and make obvious mistakes. They might only charge $20 for their work, and sometimes it’s good, but often it’s bad, when it’s not a simple repair task. How can experienced technicians compete with cheap inexperienced competition?

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A Peek At Other Computer Technicians Workbenches #4

Published 28th August 2013 By Bryce Whitty

Keeping with what has almost become a Technibble tradition, its time again to take a peek at the Technibble forum members workbenches. Its a great way for technicians to get inspiration for your own setups, see how others are doing it and for the owners to show off a little.
We are now up to Workbenches #4 and if you missed them, you can check out our previous “Peek at Technicians Workbenches” posts here (1, 2, 3).

Here is “A Peek at Other Computer Technicians Workbenches #4″:

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UndeleteMyFiles Pro – Recover Accidentally Deleted Files

Published 22nd August 2013 By Husayn Jamal
UndeleteMyFiles Pro Featured

UndeleteMyFiles Pro is a small and freeware program that can help you quickly recover files that your client may have accidentally deleted.
If your client has ever called you in a panic, saying they deleted an important document or picture, you could use any multitude of the data recovery software available on the market, but very few are free and those that are may not be able to recover the file.

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SysMate – Easily Replace Windows System Files

Published 15th August 2013 By Husayn Jamal
SysMate - System File Walker Featured

SysMate – System File Walker is a small and freeware software that can help you quickly replace Windows system files from a client’s computer.
If your client has corrupted an important Windows system file because of a malware infection, or for another reason, and that file must be replaced, you could manually take ownership of it by using the Command Prompt or Windows Explorer, but to help save time, use SysMate – System File Walker to quickly replace Windows system files.

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AppCleaner – Thoroughly Uninstall Unwanted Mac Apps

Published 8th August 2013 By Husayn Jamal
AppCleaner - Featured

AppCleaner is a small, portable and freeware software that can thoroughly uninstall unwanted applications on your client’s Mac. Despite what Apple has said about removing apps from their Operating System, and that it can be done simply by dragging the application icon to the trash, it may still leave remnants on your client’s computer, taking up valuable disk space, especially on older machines. AppCleaner can help save space on your client’s computer and safely remove unneeded files.

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Business Time Management for Technicians

Published 6th August 2013 By Micah Lahren
business time management

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression ‘When it rains, it pours’, and in the Tech industry, this is often the general rule rather than the exception. It could be that a recent operating system update caused a problem for a lot of your clients, or perhaps some of your business clients all need to update their CRM software, or perhaps the newest version of a popular gadget came out and you’re summoned to help everyone figure out how to use it. When Windows 8 came out and everyone wanted the latest (but perhaps not the greatest, depending on who you ask) operating system, there were a lot of users who felt rather lost, and they needed support right away. Often, however, you’ll notice lulls in the work, and what you do with those time periods is an important factor in your business success. Here are some basic business time management tips to help you manage your business time through thick and thin.

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Hiring Advice for Technicians

Published 31st July 2013 By Micah Lahren
Hiring Advice

They have impressive certifications, and an outstanding list of previous experience. However, when you contact the references, it seems they lack a good work ethic, which led to their termination of employment in the past. How can you hire good technicians and be guaranteed they’ll be a good employee in your team? There are no guarantees. But you can do much to ensure that the individuals you hire will be a good fit for your team by following some simple tips. Here are a few steps regarding hiring advice for technicians.

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FileASSASSIN – Quickly Eradicate Locked Files

Published 24th July 2013 By Husayn Jamal
FileASSASSIN Featured

FileASSASSIN by Malwarebytes is a small, portable and freeware application that can quickly and easily eradicate any type of locked files from your client’s computer.
When trying to remove a virus or other locked file from your client’s computer, it can be difficult, and error messages appear frequently. FileASSASSIN can help you precisely and easily remove these files, even those that display cryptic error messages when removing them normally.

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In Build vs Buy, Building Is Rarely the Better Option

Published 22nd July 2013 By Derrick Wlodarz

Whitebox PC building has been an honored tradition among computer technicians for a long time already. I have a lot of respect for those who see the value and quality in a computer built with the full white glove treatment in mind. From picking the best parts, to installing the OS of choice. Stress testing, tweaking, and overclocking all play a part in this classic pastime.

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BitLocker 101: Easy, Free Full Drive Encryption for Windows

Published 18th July 2013 By Derrick Wlodarz

If there’s something undeniable about the prevalence of mobile computing devices today, it’s that they are becoming increasingly vulnerable to loss and theft. The Ponemon Institute found in 2008 that 4800 laptops are lost every single day at USA airport checkpoints. In 2010, Intel released results from its ‘Billion Dollar Lost Laptop Study‘ which found that, among 329 businesses/organizations studied, a collective average of $6.4 million worth of laptops were lost each year.

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