Bitdefender Mechanic – Stability and Privacy Advisor

Published 26th September 2013 By Husayn Jamal

Bitdefender Mechanic is a somewhat small freeware program that allows you to diagnose and detect which applications are crashing and causing errors on your client’s Mac, as well as make privacy recommendations and provides notifications of software vulnerabilities.
As a technician, you may have encountered a client who has contacted you, complaining that their Mac continually crashes and causes system errors. With Bitdefender Mechanic, you can quickly diagnose and solve these issues in a few clicks.

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Collecting Credit Card Payments for Techs

Published 20th September 2013 By Micah Lahren
Payment with credit card

Maybe you’re just starting up and considering how you’ll take payments from customers. Perhaps you’re a veteran in the industry who has always preferred cash or check to any other payment type. Whatever the case, plastic is the preferred method for a lot of clients, for several reasons. It helps them keep track of expenses rather easily, keeps them from having to carry a wad of paper bills around to be dropped, forgotten, or stolen, and there are other benefits as well, depending on the card type and institution.

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Process Hacker – Monitor, Debug and Detect

Published 19th September 2013 By Husayn Jamal
Process Hacker - Featued

Process Hacker is a small, portable and freeware program that can help you easily monitor system resources, debug software and detect malware, all in one free and simple program.
As a technician, you have probably used Process Explorer in the past, but Process Hacker comes with some small, but noticeable advantages such as the symbolic access masks (read, write, etc.) compared to Process Explorer’s number masks (0x12019f). Another advantage of Process Hacker is that it is more customizable than Process Explorer and is open source. More advantages are listed at the developer’s website below.

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How to Close on the First Call

Published 17th September 2013 By Ric Chapman
Fear of the phone

Our PC repair businesses often rely on the generation of incoming calls and is something we work painstakingly hard at generating through advertising and various other tried and tested methods, but receiving a call is no guarantee of receiving business and closing the call on first contact is a sales skill that requires serious practice. In reality the majority of calls I receive are scouting the area for prices and for the potential customer to get a feel for the businesses they approach, the reality is if you let that potential customer slip through then it’s unlikely they’ll call back. There’s always someone cheaper and they might find someone more convincing. To help you get a head start we’re going to cover the basics of how you can close on the first call.

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AdwCleaner – One-Click Malware and Toolbar Removal

Published 13th September 2013 By Husayn Jamal

AdwCleaner is a small, portable and freeware program that can easily remove stubborn toolbars and other malware from your client’s computer. As a technician, you may have encountered a client with an endless sea of browser toolbars and add-ons that they never used or even meant to install, but came with that latest update to Java or some other software. AdwCleaner allows you to remove these toolbars and other hidden malware in a single click.

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Mhelpdesk and Technibble – Your competitor is crushing it with mobile-cloud technology, are you?

Published 10th September 2013 By Bryce Whitty

Our friends over at Mhelpdesk would like to invite you to a webinar on the topic “Your competitor is crushing it with mobile-cloud technology, are you?”.
A lot of people have asked about this and we thought it would be really insightful to share with our community.

When: Wednesday September 11th
Time: 4pm EST (American)

Register here:

Even if you don’t attend, be sure to register so you can get a copy of the webinar after it’s finished. Also, a special coupon code will be given to members after the Webinar

Sign up here:

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McAfee Stinger – Specialized Virus Detection and Removal

Published 5th September 2013 By Husayn Jamal
McAfee Stinger Featured

McAfee Stinger is a medium sized and freeware software that can help you easily remove certain rootkits and viruses from your client’s computer.
As a technician, you have probably used Malwarebytes, and maybe even Hitman Pro in the past, but McAfee Stinger is a great tool to help you remove some threats those tools might not be able to find and remove.

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Dealing with Cheap Competition in the Tech Industry

Published 1st September 2013 By Micah Lahren
There's one in every crowd in cheap competition

You’ll find them in most metro areas – the ‘technicians’ who post on Craigslist or use other forms of low cost advertising, who often perform bad work and make obvious mistakes. They might only charge $20 for their work, and sometimes it’s good, but often it’s bad, when it’s not a simple repair task. How can experienced technicians compete with cheap inexperienced competition?

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A Peek At Other Computer Technicians Workbenches #4

Published 28th August 2013 By Bryce Whitty

Keeping with what has almost become a Technibble tradition, its time again to take a peek at the Technibble forum members workbenches. Its a great way for technicians to get inspiration for your own setups, see how others are doing it and for the owners to show off a little.
We are now up to Workbenches #4 and if you missed them, you can check out our previous “Peek at Technicians Workbenches” posts here (1, 2, 3).

Here is “A Peek at Other Computer Technicians Workbenches #4″:

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UndeleteMyFiles Pro – Recover Accidentally Deleted Files

Published 22nd August 2013 By Husayn Jamal
UndeleteMyFiles Pro Featured

UndeleteMyFiles Pro is a small and freeware program that can help you quickly recover files that your client may have accidentally deleted.
If your client has ever called you in a panic, saying they deleted an important document or picture, you could use any multitude of the data recovery software available on the market, but very few are free and those that are may not be able to recover the file.

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