Onsite Computer Technician Kit: Installers CD

We have posted in the past what an experienced computer technician carries with him onsite to a computer repair job. We also have an entire section dedicated to computer repair utilities that a computer techie may take with him and use on a job. Another thing that we carry around that doesn’t fall under the “computer repair category” are application installers (eg, iTunes). There is a list of what application installers I carry with me because they are frequently requested by clients.

7-Zip – Free Compression/DeCompression Tool, can extract/make Zip, Rar, Gzip, Tar, Cab, Iso, Arj Files etc..

AVG Antivirus Free – Antivirus Software

FoxIt Reader – Small and Functional PDF reader (does a better job at 2mb than Acrobat Reader does with 22mb)

Flash Player Stand Alone Installer – Plugin to play Flash movies (good for when in-browser installation doesnt work)

Flash Player Uninstaller – Uninstaller for Flash Player (good for when there are issues with older versions of Flash on a system)

– Internet Browser (good for when someone wants a more powerful, less prone to infection browser. Also good is Internet Explorer doesnt work)

Goodsync – Automatic backup utility

iTunes – Music Management Software, commonly used with iPods

Internet Explorer 6 Standalone Setup – Internet Browser. You cant use the Windows update site unless you have at least IE6, and you cant update to IE6 via the Windows Update Site.

Image Resizer Powertoy – Resize any photos with a simple right click of the mouse (good for resizing massive digital photos for sending via email or for websites like ebay)

Java Installer – A prerequisite for some software and websites.

.Net Framework 1.1 and .Net Framework 2.0 – A prerequisite for alot of software.

Nero Burning Rom Updates – Updates for Nero CD/DVD Burning software (updating often fixes burning issues)

nVidias Forceware Drivers – Drivers for nVidia based video cards

Misc Codecs – Bunch of various codecs for playing various video formats (DivX, Xvid etc.)

MSN Live Messenger Installer – Instant Messaging Program

PDF Creator – Free software for creating PDF files.

Quicktime Installer – For viewing .MOV files and other Apple related formats

Skype – Voice Over IP Software (frequently requested by clients)

Thunderbird – E-Mail Software (good for when Outlook/OE are totally dead on a system or when the client system is frequently exploited though Outlook/OE

– Music Player. Plays Mp3’s, CDs, Videos etc..

Yahoo Messenger – Instant Messenging Program, I carry both the latest version and some older versions (because some old computers have issues with the new one).

Zonealarm Free Version – Firewall Software

Technibble Reader Suggestions:

VLC Media Player – Free and Light Video Player (great Media Player replacement, faster and better. Even plays smoothly over a LAN.)

Real Alternative – An alternative player for the popular Real format (.rm, .ram). The mainstream Realplayer is slow and full of adware so this is a great alternative. This installs Media Player Classic and the RealPlayer format codec.

Leave a comment if there is anything that isn’t listed here that you think should be carried by onsite technicians and I will most likely add it.

Bryce Whitty

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Bryce Whitty
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Bryce is an Australian computer technician and the founder of Technibble. He started his computer repair business when he was 17 years old and is still running it 9 years later. He is an avid traveller and spends at least a month of the year in another country.

Comments (8)

  • Great kit! May use it for myself actually.

  • mseyf says:

    Great list!

    A couple of other suggestions:

    VLC media player
    Real Alternative (or Real Player downloaded from the BBC – seems lighter on adware)
    TweakUI PowerToy

  • TheRaven says:

    Add : Spybot Search & Destroy

  • Mike says:

    CCleaner: viable alternative for Windows Disk Cleanup utility that can be very slow

    McAfee AVERT Stinger: Stand-alone anti-virus utility designed to track down and delete specific worms and trojans

    Windows Service Pack 2: I’ve run into numerous pc users without Service Pack 2, a vital update for all XP users. Better to have it preloaded on a flash drive than have to wait half an hour to download it on your customer’s pc.

  • Maddiebeagle says:

    I frequently install Browser Hijack Retaliator. It helps guard your Internet Explorer homepage, search pages, favorites, BHOs, HOSTS file, etc.

    It can be set up to automatically switch your settings back if they do somehow get changed.


  • I would add Power point viewer 2007 and excel viewer 2007. They are great for the customers who don’t have office. This saves me from call backs about the email they can’t open.

  • Jeff says:

    Add to these tooLs:

    Quicktime alternative (plugs into Real play Alt)

    Coolkill (instant process killer)

    BHO Demon (for fixing popup issues)

    Unlocker assistant (deleting “locked-undeleteable files)

    WinISO – WinRAR – Winzip

    Slowview (fast, old school pic viewer)

    File Recovery software

  • Joe the PC Doc says:

    OpenOffice. Many customer’s are happy to have me install this for them.