Office Depot Laptop Repair Story

by Lee

A story was posted at about a laptop that was sent for a repair at Office Depot. The laptop was fixed by the company and it worked for a few months before it broke again.

The problem was about the power port. In the second repair, the company just glued the port back to the system board according to Scott, the man who sent his laptop to Office Depot.

Later on, he found that the glue melted and his finger got a minor burn.

The laptop is an Acer Extensa and Scott mentioned that his next two options, after it was fixed for the third time, is to request a replacement or send it again for a repair.

Source: The Consumerist

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  • JosephLeo says:

    I’d like to hear Office Depot’s side of the story. Also I’d like to know what type of power jack this was and what exactly broke. If it was the Toshiba “wire” type then it’s possible it was glued back since the plastic that holds it in place often breaks.

    Still- the customer got burnt in more ways than one.

  • Like JosephLeo above, I’d like to know which model it was too, so I can read what the official service manual says.

  • Justin P says:

    I agree also about hearing the Depots side. Not saying they
    may not have done a shoddy job.

  • eikelein says:

    I’d like to hear the other side’s version as well.

    Generally, these “one thin wire” power connectors I find to be extremely sensitive to any sideways forces. I’d judge them as either shoddy construction or usage of the cheapest part available that “does the job” in the lab.

    Trust me, I have seen horrific things at my customers. Some of those poor power supply cables get stretched to the max and always sideways!

  • Warren says:

    I has one where the owner says, “Mu daughter in-law tried to fix it.” It appears she took a Dremel tool and tried to cut the whole corner of the laptop off to get to the plug.

  • max says:

    And the moral of the story is….?

  • max says:

    It’s too easy these days to publish negative comments on the net about individuals, products or businesses, without
    a) any substantiation
    b) any accountability
    c) any consequencies

    Reputations get shredded. Businesses suffer.
    And more often than not the posters get away scot free.

  • scott says:

    That is why it is very important to make sure you reply to negative reviews, (if the site allows for it).