Hows Our Driving?

I haven’t done one of these posts in a long time so I figure its time to get an update.
I love hearing any feedback from our readers so that I can keep on doing what I am doing right, implement any suggestions you guys have and stop doing the stuff you hate.

So, Hows our driving? What do you love about the site? What do you hate about the site? Got an idea or a suggestion?. Comments are open as always, you don’t need to sign up to make a comment and you can even post anonymously if you like.

Bryce Whitty

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Bryce Whitty
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Bryce is an Australian computer technician and the founder of Technibble. He started his computer repair business when he was 17 years old and is still running it 9 years later. He is an avid traveller and spends at least a month of the year in another country.

Comments (55)

  • Sam says:

    I am amazed with this site day in and day out. If I knew a term more godly then God Send, I would use it to describe Technibble. As a new computer technician, I don’t know how I would have put so many useful repair tools under my belt without you first featuring them here. I have even gone to clients’ houses and used a tool you recommended the day before to help me out (I am not insane thanks to insomnia!). I am just so glad that such a great site exists on the internet and is so helpful to so many people. I would however like the Computer Repair Kit to be updated and put back up. I don’t know why it was taken down but I loved that thing!

  • Joe says:

    Love the site! Love the Business Kit! Your newsletter is the first think I look at as soon as m eyes open in the morning. I missed out on the infamous Computer Repair Kit, so I wish that could be posted again, even if for a limited time. Thanks for all of your hard work maintaining this site with your busy, hectic schedule.

  • Andrea says:

    I don’t often come to the website, I have to admit. Instead, I signed up for the newsletter about a year ago and everytime it arrives I will either stop what I am doing to read it or make a note to read it later. It is my favorite bit o mail that comes in. I feel like they are always full of good and relevant info that any computer tech would consider “need to know”. Call that Girl is a great addition to your writers :) Love her!

  • RJ says:

    Since I’m new to the business, I have been looking for information on how everyone operates internally as a one person shop when they are starting out. Organizational things like, what paperwork do you have to have to keep yourself out of trouble with clients and reporting requirements, or what book keeping system is working best, is there software that anyone recommends for running the business that is a time saver, what marketing works best (flyers, newspaper, internet), are there networking events I should look for specifically. These are the things that will grow the business. Are there any mentors out there that don’t mind helping someone make a living wage? I do love the content you provide and some of this information I’m looking for may already be on the site, I may not be digging deep enough yet. Just Asking?

  • Richard Miller says:

    Your daily e-mails have been a constant source of wisdom and inspiration. I think you have enough material to write a book. I think if you post an outline of proposed chapters, you could ask your readers to help you tweak it. It could be an open-source book for techies. Talk to an agent or an editor for guidance. Writer’s Digest Book Club and Writer’s Market Handbook are two good places to look for contacts.

  • wim wauters says:

    Why not use the content from the forums a bit more? There’s some real gold nuggets in there. Just give credit by linking to our public profile (or our website blogs).

    In the Technibble forums, we’ve recently had:
    – CallThatGirl with an ace idea on how to use magnetic business cars on your car
    – einsteincomputers about what app to use to link your blog with your facebook fan page & twitter account
    – etc…

    Also, ClamAV has just launched a windows client which also plugs into their antivirus cloud (nothing to do with the ClamWin people): it’s early days (only monitors active processes, files are still only scanned ondemand only), but one to know about.

    Keep up the good work, but do stick to promoting stuff you or one of us are using. Don’t fall in the trap of being used for advertising new products or services, that’s what makes this blog stand out from all the rubbish out there.

    Most blogs/podcasts/news sites are just about advertising new crap from companies that can afford to keep their business going by spending big on marketing. That’s what has totally killed the printed media (mags and newspapers).

  • RR says:

    I’m been subscibed to many lists and seen development during years. Unfortunately most of them tried grow and as result quality replaced with quantity – mails got bigger and bigger, advertising is going agressive but usable information shortened. As result, I just dropped them. So, my recommendation is simple – try keep quality high and quantity low. If you doesn’t have usable information, don’t send something half-baked. We all haven’t time for wasting. Good tips, useful tools, informative articles are always welcome. If you really want expand, keep this newsletter same and add just additional, specific newsletters. At least I love this newsletter bacause it’s exactly like it is today.

  • Arlo Agrosity says:

    Bitchin’ site, man! There is so much information aggregated in this one website. I can’t believe how useful it is. The newsletter is a boon to any technician. Like Sam says there have been so many times you have presented a tool one day and I’ve used it on a client’s system the next day. Everything is timely, right on topic and without nonsense. I appreciate your efforts and so do my clients. Continue to do just what you are doing!

  • Doug Cummings says:

    I think it is a great body of work that offers practical day in day out helpful info. Stay the course…..

  • I love the site!! It gives me inspiration such as the big one starting my own business. One tiny complaint, however. I know and understand that spam is a big problem for forums. However, I tried to introduce myself in the forums and my comment got blocked because I put down my business website. There has to be some way around this other than blocking a business url. Other than that, great work and keep it up!!

  • Yeah Right says:

    you are amazing , please keep up this astounding site ,informative , helpful, not another site on the planet like yours

  • Mathieu Gagnon says:

    I like the format, easy to digest, but would rather unsubscribe to some type of news, like sophos fraud of the day and copy/paste news from other site. like (hot to hackintosh) come to my mind.

    yes Technible is one of my great source of IT information, but still a very small part of what I need to consume.

    +1 keep the good work. Love the comments/forum

  • Jeff Walker says:

    I don’t come to the site too often, but I get the newsletter and RSS feeds and check them daily. The information you provide is fantastic, please keep doing what you’re doing.

  • Chad says:

    RSS subscriber here. A lot of great info. In fact it’s the only feed I subscribe to as a repair tech (since I learn a lot on my own).

    Only problem is that I feel like some posts are really no benefit to anyone. For example, any post that mentions that if I open a zip file in an email it could be a virus. I’m not stupid. And I don’t care that you know the name of the virus or that Malware Bytes can remove it. No user is going to tell me what stupid thing they did to get a virus.

  • Tom Sparks says:

    Bryce, I echo the other well wishers here. Each morning, the first email I look for is yours. Each time the insights shared are incredibly helpful. I’m in my second year of the repair business and doing just great, thanks in part to the things you pass along. I also enjoy the various forum inputs. I’ve gained great insights from other Technibble contributors…most recently one contributor explained how PayPal can be linked to my web site to be able to accept credit cards even by those who don’t have a PayPal account…that was hugely helpful!

  • Great. I am an email subscriber. You saved me a lot of hassle by alerting me to many new repair tools. Thanks.

  • Greg Moore says:

    Big fan of everything you guys do here. I would merely caution that at times the guest blogging can get a little wordy and could be edited a bit. Keep up the great work and thank you for providing what ultimately is an incredible resource for support professionals everywhere.

  • Steve says:

    I totally dig this site….. I read every post that comes in. I have found MANY tools from sites similar to this one… that just didnt have this same feel but what they do is ask us what are some of the great tools they often use then post the results up. I have really used some of those in my collection of freeware apps to get thru alot of messes on the job. Maybe something like that … but all in all this site rocks so Thank you.

  • Steve says:

    This site gave me the confidence to open my own computer repair business. I’ve been a hobbiest for 15 yrs, but to put the ad in the newspaper was scary. I feel like I’m not alone out here with all the advice I receive from you. Thank you! Thank you! I hope you get some decent compensation for all of your wonderful contributions.

  • jon says:

    Bruce what happened to the comment from JOE questioning your involvement with that illegal software distributor posted only an hour or so ago? Did you remove it to cover up your involvement with recommending a illegal software vendor?

    With your “admins” banning users and you deleting comments and whole articles to cover up your mistakes I would have to say creditability has taken a back seat.

  • Tracy Q says:

    This site is incredible. The users are very friendly and professional, not arrogant and obnoxious like other IT sites (ie: Yahoo). Keep up the amazing work! I am starting my IT business this summer, and I praise God for helping me find this site and the fabulous resources it provides!

  • Bryce W says:

    jon, I would email you the full story as I did with the past 2 posters but you are using a fake email address. In short, while their website had a lot of mistakes on it, I haven’t heard of the product failing on anyone. I am not going to trash talk another business without any proof that they were illegitimate.

  • Amy says:

    I love your site! The resources are wonderful! Keep up the good work!

  • I love the tips and tools for repair, virus removal, etc.

    I’m not so fond of an alert about the latest virus. If it is really a widespread problem like the recent Facebook virus, ok, but I really don’t need to know about every virus that comes up on the radar, that it why I use virus protection software in the first place.

    PS – now if the most commonly used tools are not handling the virus, THAT is something I would like to know about.


  • I’m really glad I found this site. It’s one of the few feeds I find useful enough to subscribe to. It’s great to hear from other people in the business and see how they do things. Love the addition of Call That Girl. Her insights into the business side of things have been really helpful. The only negative thing that comes to mind is the separation between “articles” and “blogs” at the top navigation. I never really understood the difference, and they all appear under the same RSS feed (which I like!). Maybe they need to be combined on the site as well, or differentiated some other way? I’d also love to hear some stories of actual visits to clients once in awhile, to see how the different procedures match up. Keep up the good work!

  • Jim says:

    In your email to me, you quoted them as saying “All of our license keys are still very much legal keys with their companies, but they were never brought from Microsoft (not by us, anyway), we buy all of our keys from our distributor.

    Now you know as well as I do the ONLY legal way to obtain MS licenses for resale is FROM MICROSOFT and those licenses MUST be accompanied by a valid COA.

    Your credibility is seriously losing ground and will vanish completely if you keep refusing to admit you screwed the pooch on this one.

  • Since joining the TN community, I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The site hosts a lot of valuable resources, and the forum has a number of very knowledgeable members. The articles are well-written, and the newsletter is a nice touch as a reminder that the site contains revolving content.

    As a web developer, I would certainly like to have more resources that cater to my needs. Web development appears to be an integral part of a number of TN members’ businesses, so it seems logical to include resources and discussion areas for that aspect of the business.

    As for the suspected software piracy, I think it was handled well. Scams exist because they’re successful. I think that the staff and members of TN were victimized, but falling for a scam doesn’t make a victim any less credible.

  • Tom Stiles says:

    I have to agree with everyone that you do provide an excellent service. I get your daily insights via RSS feed. What I would like to see you do is provide a summary of all the tools you have reviewed in simple list with a short definition of the tool and even give them your rating for tools that do the same task, such as system info tools. With so many tools out there nowadays, I get confused which ones are better. Another suggestion would be a list of tools that are not particular good tools. Most people are afraid to give a program or tool a bad rating or talk about negative things a tools does. I would like to see a list of tools to avoid and why. Even a list of programs that pretend to be tools and are actually viruses and scams. As you can tell I love lists.

    Videos – Your video are great. Please do some more, maybe on the subjects I mentioned above.

    Last but not least, I loved your Computer Repair Kit. I was one of the luck ones and downloaded a copy before you were asked to take it down. It is a shame you were asked to take it down because I felt it not only help your followers but provide free advertising to the companies who made the tools. I understand that they wanted people to come to their website but without your Kit I would have never learned about some of the tools and besides I went to their website anyway to learn more about the tool and get the latest updates but only because I saw the tool in your Kit. Oh well, for now just an updated listing of the tools will be great and maybe a video on how to update your tool Kit.

    Thanks for all your hard work and keep the news and updates coming.

    Tom (hamrad)

  • VNights says:


    I’m going to have to agree with jon and Jim as well. I didn’t like how the situation was handled with the software distributor. First a review was posted where you spoke highly of them. Then when people posted the flaws in how they were doing business and the probable illegal nature of it the review was removed. Finally posts on the forums were censored as well.

    It wasn’t the first time I have seen reviews get removed but it was such a blatant screw up on your part that it should have been addressed instead of covered up. You should have just owned up to your mistake and used it for the good of the community here.

    That being said I find the information here extremely valuable and have supported you by purchasing your business kit.

  • StuEd says:

    Give Bryce a break regarding software distributor issue. This site has given so much to so many people. Bryce THANK U very much.

  • Bryce W says:

    Jim, read the Win 7 EULA (I was looking at Ultimates), section 16.

    To others, I cant speak of them for legal reasons. Its something I definitely regret posting after new information about them showed up. However, if I was to post something like “I got fooled by these guys” then I would be officially calling them scammers. Since none of their products have failed that I know of, that would be grounds for slander/libel. You would definitely want to make sure you were right about them before saying something like that.

  • vbmike says:

    I am not a tech, but I think your site is outstanding. I fix my own stuff when it breaks and do find an awful lot of great stuff at your site. I reserve judgment on most of the stuff you have to folks that are more in the know but as for me, I like all of it so far.

  • Jim says:


    An “END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT” has nothing to do with resellers. Resellers and End Users are two separate and distinctive groups…and follow different rules.

    As I said in my original post today (the one that intimidated you so much it was deleted)just because their “Product” has not failed means NOTHING. We ALL know how that crap works….

    Do I need to point out YOU are the only one of a dozen Tech Site Operators who refuses to call these guys scammers?

    Do I need to point out YOU are the only one who is censoring/banning members who comment negatively one the subject?

    Seems to me your involvement in the scam may run deeper than you are willing to admit…

  • Vic says:

    Hi Bryce,
    I too receive the TN newsletter which I eagerly look forward to when checking my mail. It and more particulary the help, assistance,advice and information that is available on the forum is truly awesome and inspiring. Magnificent! – it quite simply beats all opposition into the ground and leaves them trailing in it’s slipstream IMHO.

    Sure, if one wanted to find faults you could find some I guess, but they would pale into insignificance in the face of the sheer amount of really good, top class content to be found on the forum, which just overwhelms any faults that might be found, and the finding of such faults therefore must surely be the result of engaging in a spot of nitpicking. Or maybe not.

    However, looking at the positives vs negatives from the previous responses in percentage terms says it all, the vast majority of respondents praise it for what it is i.e.

    A great and valuble resource for PC Technicians, from those just starting out to the experienced old hands and all those in between. More power to your elbow Bryce!keeep up the good work.

    Oh, before I forget, I think that you have handled the software distribution issue in a good professional manner. “Nay to the gainsayers.”

  • John an Aussie says:

    Jim so what if Bryce has made a mistake, give the guy a break for all of the good he has done. Bryce has done a great job and he is not censoring you now as i am seeing what you are saying. I started in this industry 17 years ago and yes i have been caught out on many things and yet i get the lesson and pick myself up and get going. Right Wrong or indifferent this is not the place to be condemning Bryce on who is right and who is wrong. Be very concerned if Bryce had left it there on his website. Yet it was gone very quickly. If Bryce was up to no good it would be still up. Bryce every morning at 6am Australian Time i am up and looking for the most important email of the day for me. Your email and it means so much to me to know that a good guy is having a go and keeping us up to date with knowledge of some sorts. Job well done and keep up the good work. Technibble is a great site.

  • t12te says:

    jim if you do not like Bryce’s recommendation anymore because of his one recommendation (which I believe was made innocently) then move on, stop yelling. This site gives/contains so much that even if Bryce makes any mistakes in the future I will still vote this site as number 1 that is NUMBER ONE.

  • Jim says:

    lol….there will always be a few who care nothing about credibility, pride in workmanship, or honesty.

  • Bryce W says:

    Jim, you are right in that the EULA and Reseller agreement are different. However, you said:
    “licenses MUST be accompanied by a valid COA.”

    The Win 7 EULA says if its physical, it needs a COD. If not:
    “If you purchased and downloaded the software online, your proof of license is the genuine Microsoft product key for the software which you received with your purchase, and your proof of purchase from an authorized electronic supplier of genuine Microsoft software. Proof of purchase may be subject to verification by your merchant’s records.”

    Thats not to say that the ones they were selling were legit or they had the appropriate license to sell them, but they can be legit in that form. I would never knowingly link to anything illegal.

    The other “tech sites” saying stuff about them are random forum posters. Not people using their real name or business.

    I deleted the first comment because its not in a spirit of this thread but then emailed you and the other guy MORE information about it all. I can delete everything that you ever post and we wouldn’t even be talking about this now if I wanted to censor you, but I dont.

    “Seems to me your involvement in the scam may run deeper than you are willing to admit…”
    Wow, just wow. I am not even going to dignify that with a response. It just turned into a childish pissing match now.

  • timtan says:

    Don’t fake LOL jim. If you talk about credibility, pride and honesty, then what about the credits to Bryce that he deserves helping others like us. Do you honestly believe that Bryce tried to mislead us and make profit out of it?

  • Warrigal says:

    I’m happy. Keep up the good work. I especially like the featured tools and business advice. Thank you.

  • Richard says:

    The best informative site online for every one.
    Thank You
    Richard.D. Australia.

  • Barley says:

    Thank you so much for all the information you provide.
    Receiving your newsletter is very useful and very much appreciated.

    Pennsylvania, USA

  • Mike Evans says:

    The site is great, but you do one thing that I find disturbing, when you link to a site (for instance, repair tool of the week), you tend to link to the download link instead of the original owner’s site proper. I thinks this denies the site owner proper credit for the work done.

  • H.A.N. says:

    Bryce let me add to the whole issue witht eh site selling MS License. I am avidly supporter of individual freedoms however this is your house so by coming into your house we are subject to your rules. I have seen no rules or enforcement of rules that was out of line nor have I seen enforcement of non exsistant rules. I think the situation while maybe not handled perfectly was handled well so those bashing him give it up I know it could have gone down a lot worse. Bryce has to look out for himself and ensure that he doesn’t do anything in the matter to bring anything back onto himself so he will keep a civil tongue and as is best a quiet one as well.

    On a seperate note and matter please don’t upgrade the forum here Bryce I have looked at A4’s and I do not like the new version I think it needs alot of work so test it on them and get it down before you bring it here if you do bring it here.

  • William says:

    I love this website. I am on here everyday reading blogs and seeing what new tools you guys have on here. I use so many tools that you guys have avalable on here and I have referred this website to all of my IT friends. Please keep up the good work!!!

  • Jim Stob says:

    Honestly, it seems the forums are become less technical and of decreasing use for a repair person.

    Threads like the grammar thread get dozens of replies, while meaty virus or other repair issues can’t draw flies.

    Also, I find a number of the more senior members snarky and rude – well beyond reasonable.

  • Bryce W says:

    “The site is great, but you do one thing that I find disturbing, when you link to a site (for instance, repair tool of the week), you tend to link to the download link instead of the original owner’s site proper. I thinks this denies the site owner proper credit for the work done.”
    I usually have the more information link that goes to the page. However, you are right. It also helps if the download link changes.

    “On a seperate note and matter please don’t upgrade the forum here Bryce I have looked at A4’s and I do not like the new version I think it needs alot of work so test it on them and get it down before you bring it here if you do bring it here.”
    I dont plan to at the moment. TN doesn’t need any of the the extra functionality that VB4 brings. A4 did though.

    Jim Stob, press the report button on the forums for people who are being snarky and a mod will look at it. As for becoming less technical, did you have any recommendations?

  • DezTech says:

    Love the site. It has been very usefull for me and my side computer business. I am also a site tech for a local school district that my daughter and son attended from K-12. Always happy to read what you have to say. Thanks alot

  • Stephen says:

    Technibble had one of the few regular newsletters that I actually look forward to reading. I am a computer consultant for small businesses and residential customers and Technibble has been a wonderful help on many occasions. I especially like the new software and freeware links as they have been very useful at times. Even though I have been in this business for years and have learned many bits of knowledge, I still regularly find good information here. My only request would be for Technibble to stick with the nuts & bolts of this industry. So many others have an excessive amount advertising and fluff so that it is hard to find any useful information at the other places. Stay true and to-the-point Technibble – and I’ll keep reading!

  • mooncat says:

    This is a great site with a ton of information and helpful, professional people. It is a great resource for those just starting their own business, who may not have many contacts within the business to give feedback, or who are facing the daunting task of starting a business on their own.

  • cbrand says:

    As a computer tech in training, I find your website and email updates invaluable. Keep up the great work, and thanks for all the help.

  • John K says:

    I love this website and the email digest. I currently work for someone else doing outsourced IT, but I think I will eventually move into working for myself. This site has been inspiring and useful ever since I found it.

  • DavidClark says:

    This site nears indespensible.
    But I have a pet peave. Undefined acronyms piss me off.

  • Claude says:

    Just great, keep helping us mere mortels in computer repair, keep it up and thanks a bunch.

  • Bryce W says:

    Thanks for the feedback all. Its been helpful. I’ll keep doing what you like, and change what you dont.