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Old 03-03-2009, 06:20 PM
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Default Erratic Upload Speed and Behavior.

I just want to let everyone know about an issue that I recently encountered...

I was at a client's place and they have a Verizon router (sorry, I don't know which model) that came with their FIOS service. One of their PCs downstairs had a wireless connection and worked intermittently. I checked the situation at speedtest.net and their download speed was hovering just below 20 Mbps. BUT, their upload speed was moving quite erratically. It was just below 2 Mbps and dropped to 512 kbps and then went all the way down to 128 kbps.

I was thinking it was a malware infestation but it turned out to be a bad wireless router. What I did to solve the problem is turn off the wireless functions within the router and connect a NetGear Wireless Access Point with the same settings as the old wireless and then they had a stable connection as well as an upload speed of almost 3Mbps.

Stupid wireless on the Verizon router was making the connection horrible even though it showed a 4-bar connection with 54 Mbps connection speed.

I hope this helps someone someday.
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