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Post Computer Technicians 101: The Essential Toolbox

Originally Posted by ArticleBot
So, you've decided to become a computer technician. Whether it's the will to help people, computers, to earn cash, to make a name for yourself, or any combination of that, it's a good thing. I hope you realize you'll have quite a bit to learn if you're completely new to the business. In order to become a good technician, you should know the inside and outside of your computer, both hardware and software - and I say a good one, because if you don't put your mind and will into it you'll land in more trouble than you can imagine, and you will only have yourself to blame. If you learn how to do everything properly, you'll know what went wrong, and you'll be wise enough to make sure you didn't do it. In this article, let's assume you've seen the inside of your computer at least once, you know all the basic parts of your computer and you can generally guess what all can go wrong.
Read the full article.
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