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Old 11-29-2012, 12:48 AM
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Default Cobian Backup - question

Hi....I think I may have finally fulfilled my longtime quest for a good backup software in Cobian.

My question is, when creating a task, can I just create a task using only "incremental" backup and that is all?

I started out by creating a task for a "full" backup on Fridays, then created a separate task for an incremental on Sat - Thurs....started doing a little research & seems I may have been mistaken.

I'm a used to working with Symantec Backup Exec where it creates separate jobs/tasks for full & incremental or differential jobs.

So in Cobian, if I only create a task for an "incremental" backup to occur daily at 5PM, it will create one full backup, and then do incrementals of whatever has changed since the last backup, correct?

I realize this seems somewhat dumb, but it threw me for a little loop & don't want to risk it.

I believe I answered my own question, as I created only the "incremental" backup task, started it, and it created a directory on the backup drive called "backup 2012-11-28 (Full)" which would indicate to me it was in fact doing a full backup, followed by incrementals, followed by a full backup every week as I designated.

The way BE works threw me off here...just wanted verification from anyone else who's familiar with Cobian.

Thank you!
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