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Old 06-10-2012, 05:53 AM
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Default Portable DVD player recommendations

The family is getting ready for our summer vacation. Since our vehicle does not have a builtin DVD player I am on the hunt for a portable one that I can hang on the back of the headrests. These are my requirments:
  1. ATSC Tuner
  2. Decent Screen
  3. Ablility to play mkv or mp4 from SD card
  4. Dual screens with independent videos

The one must on the list is the SD card slot. I have my kids movies on a HDD and do not want to lug around a bunch of CD's. The Dual screens would be nice but if the price is right I would just by two. And of course have a TV tuner would just be handy for a variety of reasons while on the road.

So any suggestions for a good model? A search on newegg does not show the best selections and there are surprisingly few reviews on these items.
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