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Old 06-15-2012, 10:59 AM
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Oh Ann, I need personal insurance and business insurance. Please tell me all about what company is in your signature? I'm interested!

Martyn, you need insurance too right?
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Old 06-15-2012, 02:03 PM
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I have an office which I will encourage clients to drop of their PCs to save travel time. A lot of the decision will depend on your home life too. I was getting to a situation where I am almost 30 and still living with my parents and renting an bedroom for a workshop of my parents. It felt like I could never moved out as I cannot run my business from a rent flat.

There is a big difference between a proper retail shop and a office/workshop. If you're well established I would probably start with a little office with some passing trade potential.
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Old 06-15-2012, 05:17 PM
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something to consider also would be zoning, some cities require you to go before a board i guess the whole increase in traffic with customers coming and going. so you may want to check on that as well
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Old 06-18-2012, 12:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Parkwaytech View Post
There have been a bunch of threads on this over the past month or so. Do a search because this has been covered pretty extensively. Then, if you have specific questions, post them back here.

As for considerations, I will get you started:
  1. Budget - you will need a large one to open up.
  2. Advertising - you will need at least some to drive business, even with existing clients.
  3. Location - research and pick an area or two.
  4. Space - nothing too big to start, but don't limit your growth.
  5. Term of lease - How long are you willing to commit?
  6. Savings - how much do you have? If you say less than 3 months, don't open a retail store.
  1. Budget - I started up with very Little budget but over the time filled up my stock. I don't think you need a lot of money but surely it helps
  2. Advertising - again it is good to have budget for advertising but even with low passing trade potential most shops will have enough to cover expenses and even the wages. I know from my self and fellow tech.
  3. Location - I don't undertand the purpose of your advice about location ) but if it will help I would say cheep rent and anywhere where people need to come for various reasons. I would say. no need to stick with area or 2. I would look all the onces I can afford and choose the busiest location with the biggest space and cheapest rent.
  4. Space - again I didn't get the connection with this advice but if you mean big shops can cost a lot I will agree budget vise only. other vise if you get cheaper shop just get the biggest one! you don't want to establish your business some where small and have a space problem. Think of future.
  5. Term of lease - How long are you willing to commit? ( Good advice ) it's always good to start with short least, see how business goes first than decide to stay or move.
  6. Savings - how much do you have? If you say less than 3 months, don't open a retail store. I had the worst location ever and no saving but soon as I open my shop from the week 1 I start covering my expenses but it's good to secure your self to have enough budget to cover 1 month expenses.
My advice will be LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! ( if you know a good location and if your quality standards good as any technician should be and have the budget to open a shop DON'T WAIT! )
Before I open my shop I thought been an onsite technician must be the way of doing this job but now I thing oppisite. Just go a head mate. If you plan well nothing worry. Good luck..

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Old 06-25-2012, 04:40 AM
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Originally Posted by papahobo View Post
After several years as a purely mobile tech business, I am considering opening a physical shop location. Some of the reasons being to cut down on travel time ( I have some clients who would just prefer to drop off/pick up), to increase revenue through more visibility, and to build up a larger client base.

As a long time self employed tech but someone who has not owned a physical shop before, what are some of the things that I should consider? I'm sure, like anything else, there are considerations that get overlooked until you are actually in the midst of it.
That's awesome! First, congrats. I walked the exact same road.

The only thing to consider is location, location, location at this point. Somewhere where you can put one of those mobile signs on the front lawn. Don't worry about the price, trust me it's not relevant. Do you have a spot in town, like maybe one key artery, that sees thousands of cars a day? And on this street, is there a location available that has easy access from all directions? Preferably an intersection with a street light?

Next, how is the economy in your town? Is it booming or bust? Are there a lot of vacant offices? If there are, tell your prospective landlord that you're willing to sign a five year lease, but you'd like three to six months free. Throw those savings into marketing.

Finally, jump in with both feet. Don't think twice. Follow your instinct. I started with $5.00 in my pocket. We're now approaching $1M/year.

Best of success to you.
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