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Old 04-18-2008, 12:53 PM
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Default Is a comp. repair business really worth the trouble?


I AM in the process of starting my own business. I bought Bryce's kit, having a webpage built now, etc etc... My question for those of you that do it now is; is this your full-time job and are you living comfortably? I am currently making a decent living being a manager at a retail store, but very unhappy doing it. I just want to make sure that after all the hard work i put in, at some point i will be able to live comfortably doing something i really love.

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Old 04-18-2008, 01:17 PM
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As I posted in another thread, you will not get rich being a computer tech. It has to be something you get into because you really like doing it. Something that you would do even if you did not get paid for it.

What I would i would suggest is that you test the waters first before diving in with both feet. Make sure you can make a living where you live first before you quit your day job.

I started out by just having some cards printed up and handing them out to friends. Printing up some flyers and hanging the up at the gym and schools.

Give it some time. Don't get too disappointed if business is not booming after a few months. It took mine almost two years to really start to pick up.
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Old 04-18-2008, 05:24 PM
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I personally do not make as much as I did as when I was in the corporate world. But I would not change my life now if they doubled my salary.

I love my job & life.

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Old 04-18-2008, 10:10 PM
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If you really like working on computers and would do it even if it wasn't your job you'll be okay. If that's not the case you need to find another line of work because you're not going to get rich doing it, and it takes a lot of skill and knowledge. Without that passion for computers you're going to have a hard time making it work.

Personally I don't know what I'd do if it wasn't for fixing computers. I'm pretty much incompetent at everything else so I never considered whether it was worth it. It's either this or work for "the man" doing something I'll grow to hate.

I do miss having consistent income though. Having a regular job and a regular paycheck is a big safety net you didn't realize was there until you're looking at bills and wondering when that next call will come in. If that stresses you out it might not be for you.
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Old 04-19-2008, 01:45 AM
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Bottom line, if you hate your job, no amount of money is enough. If you love your job, no amount of money is too little (assuming you can pay your bills). If all you are interested in is money... a job in sales awaits you.

Is computer repair going to be something you love? Need to ask yourself.
Is computer repair going to be something you can see yourself doing for a while?
Do you have a strong desire to work for yourself that has been in you for a while?
Project 30 years out as you are nearing retirement age... look back from there and ask yourself if you continue doing what you are doing will you be satisfied with your life? If you step out do your own thing, how does it change that look back?

Jory makes some good points though about the safety net aspect.
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Old 04-19-2008, 06:30 AM
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I will say this....I have started my business and no it is a an instant steady income..yet.. I have been in business about 8 weeks now and the calls are here and there and slowly picking up. I work a day-job as well and most of my time and money has gone into making sure I have what I need to effectively perform the services I offer. And like what everyone has said ...you have to enjoy this line of work in order to make it threw the slow times. this has to be something that you would do whether or not its your business.
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Old 04-19-2008, 11:34 AM
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just my 2 pence worth,but when i started i kept my other line of work going as well just to make sure i had enough cash to pay the bills,now i dont have to work full time at the other job i can afford to pick and choose when i do that work and i still keep it going for when times are slow and it gives me a steady income stream.
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