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Old 03-03-2008, 05:17 PM
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Default How to Price Contracts

OK guys I've decided to offer service on a contract basis what is the best way to price this?

1 Computer: 39.99 per/month 1 time visit basic clean up Or
1 Computer: 39.99 per/hour 2 hours max basic clean up

2 Computers 29.99 per computer/month 1 time visit basic clean up
2 Computers 59.99 per hour/ 3 hours max basic clean up

What about small office Desktop Support and Network Maintance
5 computers 299.99 Basic clean up and optimization 4 hours ER (Emergencey Response) Networks security and Security Audit included
5 computers 79.99 per/hour/ Max 5 hours

What do you think?
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Old 03-04-2008, 12:18 AM
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can you expand on basic cleanup? is that physical or software cleanup. If software, why not script/schedule or use a managed platform and then charge 39.99 with only emergency visits at $xx/hr. (I'm assuming US$ which may be wrong. If these are pound or euro prices then you are looking a lot more profitable)

Also, is your 2 computer price per computer or for both. Don't know why you'd charge $40 for 1 and $30 for 2. Even if it is a per computer price, your threshhold for discounting is way too low. I also don't get how 1 computer is $40 and 5 computers is $300... seems like the more you are getting from me, the more you are charging. Wouldn't I get somewhat of a multiple unit discount at some point, and not a multiple unit price increase. you can say that the networking accounts for the additional charge but as a small business owner, that doesn't mean anything to me, my computers are my network.

Go for something like this:

Regularly scheduled management/maintenance on a weekly basis run by a script or remote access for $35 per pc or one time setup of $300 per PC but that doesn't provide any proactive monitoring or other rate reductions. Any onsite calls are trip charge free because of your yearlong contract for support and my rate for onsite work is $100/hr. With no contract, I charge $125/hr, trip charge of $25 and 2 hour minimum onsite... or better yet "I'm not the guy to help you"
When you reach 5 (or 10, you decide) computers (pc), the rate drops to $30/month. Servers are $75/month and include various network items. Servers also have a one time $100 setup fee. Onsite rates are the same.
If you have 30 or more pc's, the rate goes to $25/month. The onsite rate is the same. Servers are the same.
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Old 03-04-2008, 06:13 AM
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So This is what you're saying
Offer #1
$35/per PC/Per Month(Scripting or Remote support)
100 onsite visit/NO travel Charge
No Setup fee for Workstation
$100 Server setup fee
$75/per server/per month
300/per Pc 1 time setup no proactive maintenace/monitoring
Regular Price for all services(No contract basically)
What about emergency support?
Remote or Scripted Support is good but what about keeping your face in front of the client all the time so that they see you and understand that they are not just shelling out a large sum of money every month to not see anyone proactively keeping their system up?

What is the going rate to pay technician for this type of work like employees of the business?
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