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Old 11-11-2009, 02:44 AM
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Default Australia, Queensland, North Brisbane

I live in the sub tropical area of Queensland. It's a great climate, beaches, mountains and a relaxed way of life that is second to none.

My background in computers starts before Windows became popular. I have done the full gamut of computer industry stuff. Computer training (10 years), Computer Manager Retail (5 years), Computer Assembly, computer Tech and Analyst/Programmer (15 years).

I am starting a home based Computer Support business after being out of the game for some two years. You see I've been forced out of early retirement but my interest in the technology has stayed up to date. My interests turned to Media PCs since the introduction of DTV here in Australia in Jan. 2003.

With that interest many were coming to me wanting their home theatres powered either by the media components of windowsXP/Vista and now Windows 7 with HTPC orientated configs. Requests have come to me concerning wiring networks into new homes and media boxes. The latest hardware upgrades being Blu Ray, HDMI compliance to resolutions of projectors, plasmas and large panel LCD's. And now Blu Ray recording capability in PCs is being driven by the newer hand held Cam corders that do HD at either 1080i/720p even 1080p.

These new upgrades keep my attention and I am sure they hold the attention of others here experienced with this as well as a new market opens up for the home for our own businesses. For me the computer has evolved to be an integrel hub of the home. Going down the scale are the pensioners who simply use it for internet and keep in touch.

Well coming out of early retirement will certianly change my pace as I construct the business model to serve a market that still requires the basics of support like networking, internet, security issues and attacks from the outside like viruses, trojans, malware etc.

I hope you will find me approachable and certainly we can share and pool our ideas that will improve all our businesses and help our knowledge and skills become more efficient and profitable to better service our customers.

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