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Old 04-23-2009, 07:15 PM
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Default A Big Hello From The UK

Hello everyone,

Another member from the UK, not a new kid, more like the old man on the block! I'm 58 and feeling it!

I've been watching this site for some months and I've got to say, unlike many others I watch, it's professional. That's what we are isn't it?

Been in business here in the rural East of England for three years, part time. I allowed it to grow organically with one advert in a local news magazine we produce here at home. It served to get me the experience I needed and build a business. As a result, I have about two hundred repeat customers for PC repair, Apple repair, websites, small business advice etc., as well as one off jobs that come my way.

Now, in these very difficult times, it's a good time for me to go full time. The business is out there and I'm after it.

My job is in palliative care, specialising in end of life care. Basically, I live with the dying in their homes, manage their needs, hear confessions as a soul unburdens itself and so often am the last face a person sees as they leave this world. But it's time to leave the arena to younger people.

I have a rural beat in business, a few little market towns and a whole lot of people in between. This is a heavy retirement area, 130 miles from London; thatched cottages and Jaguar cars; people can afford Macs or high end PC's.

I travel around with my trademark, a blue merle Border Collie dog, George, one of three my wife and I share our lives with. He's very well known and has got me a lot of business. He's also on the home page of my new website which goes live in a few days. George is excellent, because we Brits love our dogs. He does great work with the retired elderly, and they call their friends... the rest you can guess.

Started working with computers back in '84 with a Mac, and have been at it since. Got a few small Windows programmes to my credit, numerous websites - including high end commercial things - but now am happy to make a living in more pleasant ways.

OK. That's a good synopsis. A little better than 'Hi, I'm from the UK.'

I do look forward to contributing what I can to you good folks on Technibble, though I think I will learn more from you than you will from me.


PS. Machine of choice? Intel iMac - can't beat it!
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Old 04-23-2009, 07:30 PM
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Welcome to technibble ostrava

I've got to say, I love the idea of your trademark! Does George generally stay in the van while you work? I want to get a dog of my own, but thought it might be unfair to leave him/her at home for most of the day.

Good luck with your fulltime venture!

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Old 04-23-2009, 08:38 PM
Ostrava Ostrava is offline
Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: Tucked up in rural Suffolk UK away from it all
Posts: 4
Ostrava is an unknown quantity at this point

Simmy, thanks for the reply.

With a new client I always go in first. Sometimes they have dogs of their own and in the preamble I talk about George and say,'well, he's in the car.'

They shut up their dogs and George walks close beside me into the home - sheep dog style. He sits automatically.

He's a well trained sheepdog, obeys commands instantly. He has a kindly, peaceful face, and welcomes people. He sits beside me, raises a paw for greeting, tail wagging and has a way of smiling... He's a charmer. Only wish I had his talent when I was a teenager!

My point here, and I don't know if this would work for everyone, is that we Brits love our dogs, and one with the charm and looks of George, says a lot about me without my using words. It's an in... and usually I stay in for repeat business. I've had referrals based on George, I think because if the dog loves me I must be OK!

He's with me while I work, and if I need to take a machine to my home workroom, people aren't worried. 'Oh... George will look after my computer.'

It says I'm a nice guy... and I'm not using my dear friend as such, he loves the attention and the treats people find for him. As a matter of fact he's here at my feet as I post!
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Old 04-24-2009, 03:57 AM
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