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Old 06-24-2007, 07:39 AM
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Default Sound issues [no sound from speakers]

Hi, me again

I've started to experience sound issues an hour ago. I logged on to a TeamSpeak server and a guy told me that he could barely hear me through the mic. After jerking around with sound options I suddenly lost sound, but he could hear me normally through my mic. By jerking around I mean plugging the jacks in and out of my sound card because changing options in control panel didn't do any good.
Since then I've reinstalled the drivers but still no joy. While messing around with the sound control panel I ran into "Use only 1 digital output" and when I had it turned on I could hear music Winamp was playing but it was full of noise.
I have no idea what else I could do to make the problems go away.


Sound Blaster Live! soundcard
WXP Pro w/ SP2

I have a quadrophonic setup (2 speakers act like the front 2 and my headphones act like the aft 2 speakers). I've always had it like that.
I have no yellow questionmarks under the sound devices, only under my TV card (it's always been like that).
I haven't installed anything new lately. No changes in the control panel. Everything plugged as it has to be...
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