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Old 09-12-2012, 12:13 AM
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SladeReed is an unknown quantity at this point
Default Hello from Quality Computers

Tell us a little about yourself
I am 32 years of age, I am a CNC operator Oxy/Fuel, and Plasma torches, and I also own a computer repair shop that i run out of my home. Growing up i was fascinated with anything electronic, my parents stopped buying me radio's, remote cars, etc.. because i would tear them apart and try to rebuild them. I built my first working motorized boat no bigger then a cigarette pack out of, aluminum, card board and a AA battery at the age of 7. At 12 years i started asking for a computer, but at that time computers were still in the thousand dollar range and even though we were not poor, we could not afford something at that price. So at age 13 my step father brought me a box of computer parts for my birthday. His company was upgrading there systems and discarding the old parts, he told me if i wanted a computer i would have to build one, 2 hours later i had built my first working computer, a 486, not knowing what the parts did at the time, i was able to piece them together. Since then i have had a passion for computers, and anything computer related. As the years went by i learned more and more, and met a few friends that taught me even more. After a while i started doing a lot of repair work for friends and family and it wasn't until i got older that i realized i could make a living doing this, in Jan 2008 Quality Computers was born. Though it is not as successful as i would like it to be and i still have to hold down a full time job at least i can say that i am doing something that i love. I am still working on building my company up, after 4 years of being in business it is finally starting to show signs of life. I am starting to pull clients 3 and 4 hours away from home base, and have been picking up a lot of remote jobs as well.

What country do you live in?
Welsh, Louisiana United States

What is your current experience? (Years working on computers, in the business, certifications etc..)
I have 19 years experience in the technician field, with 4 years being in business for the public. I specialize in general maintenance, low level data recovery, Windows security, some networking experience, but want to learn more. Desktop, laptop, and a little experience in mac repair, and building custom computers. I do some work in 3d animation, in such programs as Maya, Autocad, and Daz Studio. I currently have a pc repair degree i got when i was 19 from Penn Foster. I would like to get my A+ and Networking+ cert's, as well as my MCSE and MCSA degrees.

Are you self looking to start a computer business, already have one, working for someone else or something else?
I own my computer business, but i am always looking for ways to make it better and more profitable. I am currently employed else where running a 10' x 20' CNC machine using Oxy/Fuel, and Plasma torches, i also design and implement patterns into the CNC software using AutoCad.

Anything else you would like to share? hobbies etc..
My hobbies consist of Pool, Poker and Gaming.

I just realized how long this post is. Sorry.. :-)
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Old 09-12-2012, 07:11 AM
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Welcome to the forums SladeReed! Another CNC guy just joined the other day.
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Old 09-12-2012, 09:11 AM
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Cadishead Computers is a jewel in the roughCadishead Computers is a jewel in the roughCadishead Computers is a jewel in the rough

Hi and welcome to TN.

I'm sure you will find this site, a mine of information, and knowledgeable people.

Please bear in mind the following tips:

Search the forums (even using Google) before posting new threads. There is lots of gold in the old threads.

When asking questions, provide as much diagnostic info as possible - hardware stats, etc and, especially, what you've already done and its results. Nobody likes "This broke. Help!" threads.

We've all got our opinions and anecdotal 'evidence' on things but being able to cite other sources is also a boon to helping each other learn.

Please seriously consider purchasing Bryce's Business Kit. There is heaps of information included, well worth the cost, which will soon be recouped.

Remember we're an international community.

But above all else, enjoy yourself.

See you around on the forums.
Hope this helps
Be Safe

Cadishead Computers
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