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Old 08-17-2012, 03:41 PM
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Default The End of Small Business Server (SBS), What Next?

After finding out that Microsoft is discontinuing Small Business Server, my company is trying to figure out what we want to offer in the future. Up until now we have always pitched SBS to our business customers, it was a great value especially due to the fact that it includes Exchange. We haven't done much on the cloud with the exception of our own private cloud. We are looking into Office 365, but we have some reservations with businesses' data being on the cloud. For example if the internet is down, they are out of luck. It also requires high bandwidth from our business customers.

The best idea we currently have is to create a hybrid solution that incorporates the cloud, but also has local file storage and other vital elements locally stored on a physical server using more than likely Server Essentials 2012. I just wanted to see what everyone's thoughts were on the topic.
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Old 08-17-2012, 04:10 PM
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Long thread about it here a few months ago

I too carved a good living out of SBS...starting back in the "Microsoft Back Office" days (basically the first version of SBS on NT 4 Server)...and I really took off with SBS2000. It's been my primary product, making very good money on the initial setup job. (typically between 4,000 to 7,500 dollars just for a good SBS install back then). These days newer versions install substantially quicker and the basic install fee is a little less..but still in the several thou range.

So yeah immediately one things based on that type of scenario...nice big fat install/setup consulting fees...those will be gone, MS took that away from us.

Well..look at the trend over the past couple of years...we've moved more towards managed services, offsite backup/BDR, e-mail filtering, fixed monthly support for managing networks/workstations.

In the early days...SBS2K, etc...we didn't do that, instead we ate our steaks based on doing a few server installs per year. But since virtualization took over, cloud services...we've replaced those couple of server projects per year....with fixed monthly income. Granted the monthly income is smaller...per client, but add all of it up! Steady income.

So....MS pushes their Exchange component of SBS to the cloud....no biggie, I've been moving a lot of small businesses to Office 365 for their Exchange anyways. Matter of fact I'm mid design/planning on moving one of my larger SBS clients to Office 365 in a couple of months. I'll be getting residual income from MS for selling O365..and I'll still be getting residual income each month from managing this client, and handling their antivirus, offsite backup, fixed monthly fees for support, etc.

Honestly...I'm not worried about it. Actually makes life easier for me....less things to worry about/troubleshoot/maintain.
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