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Old 06-18-2012, 03:20 PM
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Originally Posted by dgast View Post
Show true "before" pictures not a in progress or half way complete for the before picture. That will make the best contrast between the two.
Sadly for the one I'm doing thats what they supplied me with "before" pictures I even laughed a little and said "those are not really before pictures those are after we started ripping stuff apart but before we finished pictures"
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Old 07-16-2012, 02:33 AM
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If you want a lot of control and don't mind learning a bit of php and css, then I recommend using a wordpress framework theme. A framework theme is very spartan out of the box, but it has a lot of functionality designed to make designing your own theme easier.

Well, maybe it's not THAT easy, but they are a great starting point.

What I recommend for this is Thesis and Thematic.

A good side effect of learning how to make child themes is being able to market web design services once you get the hang of it and have a few child themes designed.

As far as images go, make sure they are of high enough resolution (source pics) and that they are sized correctly for the site so they look as good as possible without bogging down the loading of the site.
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Old 07-16-2012, 02:58 PM
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Originally Posted by benh4889 View Post
Thanks for the response. Ideally I would prefer to code it all my self, word press themes dont seem to be as flexible and customisable as doing it your self but I have almost no experience with wordpress so im sure I am completely wrong
you could create you own theme for word press. i use a pay program. i just started using it. i am building a site for a roofing co. funny how we are all building construction sites!

the program is Artisteer 3. i think i paid less then $100.00 bucks. very easy to use and lots of options. i would recommend it to anyone not happy with free or cheap wp themes.

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