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Old 05-09-2012, 02:39 AM
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Default Total newbie here. HEY!!

Hey guys, my name is Joseph Leo!

I'm a total newbie in the computer repair business and I wanted to direct you to my computer repair business http://www.pizzatechforhire.com/ now the website isn't finished yet- but I'm totally designing it right now as we speak!

I wanted to join Technibbles to make my computer company go against those "big blue" stores and kill the nerd squad and I can totally use your guys help! My services include virus removal, pc restart, and tune up (truth be told they're all the same anyway right!!!)



Hey guys, long time no see. I like dropping in once every while and see what's going on in the tech community. Man I've been out of touch so much- any drama missed? Did Methical ever finish his script? Has anyone come back? How do you guys like the new (or is it stale now?) site design and the CBK! I would love to hear your comments since I worked on it for many months with Bryce!

Anyway guys- time to fade into the distance again. Oh- I am doing well by the way. I started my metal recycling business, it changed into a metal processing business and now we're considering opening up a refinery! Wish me luck on that

OH! One more thing- Windows 8, opinions please because I've been really out of touch with computing :S

Later guys- see you again in a couple more months!
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