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Old 04-28-2012, 03:43 AM
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Originally Posted by 14049752 View Post
Like the method I mentioned, that would require an older machine. It'd be quicker and easier just to use target disk mode to install directly to the iMac's hard drive, then update.
The whole issue was the target disk not accepting his version of the OS. The install to the external bypasses that issue. It has allowed me to upgrade iMacs from leopard to lion without the issue of installing snow leopard first. I mean really if you own all the software why does Apple do this nonsense? They sell OSs for $40, so why jump people through hoops to upgrade? Why should I have to take a lab full of computers with an older OS through a revision prior to the one I want to install, just so I can install the one I want in the end? I mean, we own all the licenses, we had to in order to get Lion because we were one full revision behind. I just didn't feel like sitting there making an image of a machine that I had to install the original OS on, then upgrade once, then upgrade again before I could finally be on the OS I wanted. Anyway, it works, so I suppose just do it however you want. Just trying to make it easier.
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Old 04-28-2012, 11:48 PM
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Originally Posted by bsil View Post
The whole issue was the target disk not accepting his version of the OS.

No, the whole issue was the disc he was using was not compatible with his machine. Installing to an external would require a machine that can boot the 10.6.0 disc...his cannot...thus he would need an entirely different (older system) to use both methods suggested (mine and yours).

My point about my way being faster, target disk mode installs directly to the imac's hard drive... With BOTH of our methods, he would still need to install, update to at least 10.6.3... My way is just faster, because he's not cloning after doing all that.

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