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Old 04-24-2012, 09:12 PM
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Default How to reset dell latitude bios password

How to reset dell latitude bios password.

I'm not sure whether its already been done but when I searched I found nothing aside from using a paperclip and shorting it out. So I'm going to post my method.

1 turn your dell latitude on and access the BIOS. Go to the security tab and at the bottom there should be the serial number. Copy it down to a piece of paper. its format should be something like (11111111-111a)

2 Boot into hirens boot cd/mini windows XP. (you can do this on the latitude or another computer. It does not matter.) click on the HBCDMenu and go to programs/password and keys/BIOS Master password generator. open it. type 1 and then enter the serial number. it should now give you the master BIOS password for that computer.

*This password will work no matter what the user has set as the password. so its a good idea to keep it on file*

This is my method to get the dell latitude BIOS Password.
I know it could have been written better and there probably other ways too but I like this one.
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