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Old 04-07-2012, 02:00 AM
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Default DigitalPID Decryptor v1.0.9.05

DigitalPID Decryptor v1.0.9.05


DigitalPID Decryptor is designed for computer users to manually retrieve their Product Keys, back them up, edit OEM information and recently a Tools & Utilities section was added.

I apologise the Windows XP version has still not been released, to confirm, yes it's still in development but my days are extremely busy right now.

Latest version ( Checksums:

--CRC32: 72B53AEF
--MD5: 21C8EF81773ED0295FCBFBC0B623A291
--SHA-1: 7D03CDDC7B988684B77E3B86339748E5D65BA80B

v1.0.9.05 from Mediafire

Softpedia link will be up once it is updated on their website.


.NET Framework 2
20MB RAM Free

v1.0.9.05 (Minor) (Fix) Changes made: (Latest version)

1.) Usage monitor added to the Tools & Utilities tab
2.) Even more error handling
3.) Aero process has been slightly edited in hope to fix some display driver confliction issues
4.) The Tools & Utilities tab has been re-arranged
5.) MSConfig shortcut added was added to Tools & Utilities
6.) The Tools & Utilities sections has been slightly rearranged
7.) The readme file for DigitalPID Decryptor is now written in Rich text Format (*.rtf)
8.) Minor bug fixes

v1.0.8.10 (Minor) (Fix) Changes made:

1.) Bug fix - Program would not display its MD5 when renamed from 'DigitalPID Decryptor'
2.) Edited how system files are deleted due to exceptions and incorrect dialogs being shown.
3.) Minor UI edits
4.) Edited how the save function backs up your information
5.) Improved error handling

v1.0.7.55 (Fix) Changes made:

1.) Fixed an unhandled exception when an incorrect Registry location is provided
2.) Option to disable extended aero has been added, some users are experiencing problems with TABS
3.) Removed admin message from the OEM Info section

v1.0.7.20 (Minor) (Fix) Changes made:

1.) Bug fix - UI Problem when 'Aero' is disabled on Windows Vista and Windows 7
2.) Bug fix - UI Problem within the about screen
3.) Removed unnecessary startup message on Windows Vista
4.) Changed when different buttons are disabled or enabled to prevent problems occurring
5.) Application tested and is compatible on Windows 8 (Build: 8250 - Consumer preview)
6.) Application will now display its own MD5 within the status Orb and the 'About' section
7.) Settings now changed to require admin elevation
8.) Tools/Utilities tab added with some Windows tweaks etc. (work in progress)
9.) Donate link removed.


Not Windows XP compatible - XP Version in development
Windows Vista - All versions
Windows 7 - All versions
Windows 8 - All versions to build 8250

This is the longest post I've ever written, now I'm tired.
KM@ Dave - PC Repair - Console Repair - Mobile Phone Repair - Development C#, C++, VB

Please try my FREE Windows tool "DigitalPID Decryptor" - Download v1.0.9.05 @ Mediafire
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