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Old 03-28-2012, 10:00 PM
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Yesterday I drove 600 miles, 13 hours across the UK to pick up a job lot of items and amonst the haul was an i3 system that had an intersting look and a valid W7 Home Premium serial with CD, today I had a little fun.

First job was to install a HDD. Previously it was obvious that the PC had 2 SATA hard drives (The unconnected SATA cables gave that one away!) so I rigged up a 500gb 2.5" laptop HDD that was handy. At this stage feeling rather smug with myself I checked all connections, powered on and after around a minute of running through the W7 install the machine powered down.

(Insert expleteive of your choice)

At this state Jedi intuition swung into play and my worst fear could have been realized.... over heating! Now the case has 4 fans with a controller on the front and were running at full chat so I took a deep breath, pushed the power button and into the BIOS to check core temps.

(At this stage in the procedings more cursing!)

Core Temp was 134c
Ambient Case Temp was 30c

I wont lie, I did several double takes and shut down straight away. On the plus side I had found my issue. Turned out that whoever had applied the thermal paste previously had taken the more is less approach and the CPU and cooler was caked! Twenty minutes with a rag, solvent and a more liberal reapplication of the grease and the thing was great! So here I am amongst a sea of parts (Which was the main puropose of the trip) and a sweet ass test rig (It would be rude not too!)

Core temps are holding steady as I type and the machine is running as sweet as I could ask it to!

All in all not a bad days work! Now to upgrade to a SSD, where did I put that chequebook! I cant link the screenshot however it is at MYFORUMUSERNAME.com/screenshot.png (I removed the IP from the network monitor.... cant be too careful and all that!
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