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Old 03-13-2012, 05:12 PM
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Originally Posted by HFultzjr View Post

Why would I pull a hard drive, copy the data, put the hard drive back in, when I can run a live CD to copy the data to a thumbdrive...WHILE I'm doing something else, then format and re-install OS....all without opening the machine?
Well I suppose if you are not working on that many computers and it all fits on a thumb drive, then that is fine. We work on many computes and most things do not fit on a thumb drive, so this is not feasible or effecient.

Sure it depends on what the customer wants....I may open the machine, clean out, upgrade RAM, etc....then I may slave the drive to another machine.

There are many ways to get the same thing accomplished, to always limit you self to slaving the hard drive....seems, well, odd, to my way of thinking.
Thinking about it now, I have a completely different process. My process assumes that you are running a full diagnostics. In which case, you would be pulling the drive anyways, testing it on a machine with several other drives, while running memtests on the customers computer. This is why it makes way more sense to slave the drive. It is also way more effecient. Of course, if your not running a full diagnostics (which is one of things that this thread was originally about), then I can see you cutting corners.

I'm not trying to start a debate or saying one is right one is wrong, just giving an honest opinion on ONE option.

As I've stated in my original post.....PUPPY makes a great OS for "challenged machines"

I would also state that many other versions of Linux is equally as great or better.

I don't limit myself to using Linux for data recovery...it's just the purpose I stated in my original post.
Data recovery and Data transfers are really 2 different things . . . not that it really matters I guess.

Did you run a FULL diagnostic?

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