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Old 03-03-2012, 05:34 PM
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Default windowx xp media centre issue

Customers pc has media centre installed, activated but with issues so bad it needs reinstalling.

COA is torn in half on bottom of laptop and none of the code is left.
Use cool beans to extract COA and proceed with repair install, which will not accept the key, so I obtain a dodgy key to get it installed thinking I can put the original back in later.

However once into windows it informs me I have to activate windows and logs me out if I click "remind me later" I can play in safe mode however.

So I go through the process of trying to activate windows either over the net or over the phone none of which will work using either the dodgy key (no surprise) or the one I extracted.

I have at present resorted to reinstalling the image I took from the drive so I can at least present this back to the customer.

My options are at this time (unless you guys can help ofc) to ring the customer and tell her that she needs to either
a - provide me with recovery media and we are going to have to start a fresh install (she specifically requested not to do this)
b - provide us with the genuine COA (99% sure this won't happen)
c - We purchase a new copy of windows (or xp key) and repair instal using that.

Option c is a bit of a weird one for me, surely there must be a way we can purchase a "lower priced" genuine key from MS ? as this will probably be the favourite option should it be possible.

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