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Old 10-21-2011, 09:50 PM
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Originally Posted by PCSupportGlasgow View Post
allan your right simplehelp has gone a bit stagnant but always has been slow with major upgrades which probably reason most upgrade only when really need to.

Having said that it is worthwhile keeping it in the background.

Simple fact no matter what simplehelp is like the old beat up toyota pickup truck of remote support. it may have seen better days be a bit slow and cumbersome than some others but you know no matter what you throw at it it's never going to let you down so always worthwhile keeping just for those times. Especially as some clients always seem to find it alot easier to make connection with it than our normal (gotoassist).

as for comparing with SC i havent used it (well i did but no matter what couldnt get it to work though one of our offices cisco router- stangely worked fine though )
Well, I would not delete the Simple Help.

I was thinking of adding a single Screen Connect license.
Also, I would run them off the same XP PRO sp3 'server'.
Hopefully, any conflicts between the two would be visible during the Screen Connect trial and I would then make a decision (if necessary).
Allan Coganovitch
Proven Solutions Inc. - Toronto, Canada

Onsite and remote computer support Toronto
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