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Old 10-15-2011, 12:58 AM
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Default gnu ddrescue to the rescue!

I offer many thanks to the tech here who posted earlier about the gnu ddrescue program.

This morning I drove 40 miles to replace a failing 500GB drive with a new drive. I had my trusty old Ghost 8.3 bootable CD along with me. I figured it would take about an hour to clone the drive using Ghost and I'd be out of there.

I found that Ghost 8.3 won't boot from a SATA attached CDROM drive. Of course there is a fix involving a newer cdrom.sys file but that didn't do me much good at the customer's site.

I did however have along the Ubuntu Rescue Remix CD I had just created earlier this week after reading someone on this forum talk about the gnu ddrescue program.

I'm no Linux fan, but after I learned how to mount my flash drive so that I could store the log file there I had ddrescue moving data at about 32MB/sec. It took 4 hours to finish the clone but I used that time to do other tasks the customer had for me.

I'm very thankful I'd read here on Technibble about ddrescue. The customer knows the job took me longer than I anticipated but they got it done in one trip where otherwise I would have had to take their machine to my shop and added at least 80 miles and a lot of time to the bill. I used the extra time to clean up a lot of systems and ensure they were protected.

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