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Old 01-07-2011, 07:33 AM
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Default identifying BIOS flash chip on a laptop board

I just flashed a DV9700 with the latest BIOS from HP. The flash process was done on vista business 64 with official HP tools. The flash process was completed successfully but upon reboot the dreaded BIOS corrupt beep code comes up. When I was flashing the BIOS the tool seems to have skipped past some blocks quickly, it would say
block 16 of 16 for 5 sec
block 15 of 16 for 5 sec ...
then goes to
9,8,7,6, was so quick that I couldn't see it
block 3 of 16 for 5 sec.. etc.

I think this process was blotched and I am left with corrupt BIOS.

anyone successfully resurrect such BIOS? I AM VERY POSITIVE THAT the GPU is in working order.

Looked up some articles regarding flash drive recoveries on google. win+b combination and Fn+b. didn't do the trick so far.

I am looking to buy a BIOS flasher, but I would need to locate the chip itself first. the flasher can be found on ebay if you search NANO BIOS programmer.
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