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Old 01-04-2011, 01:56 PM
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Originally Posted by vdub12 View Post
Most bad techs get weeded out when they do bad work. Also bad techs help to make good techs look better. Do you know how often I here the quote "My last tech was no ware near as good as you. It always took him twice as long and it was never fixed right" I would have to say at least once or twice a week. Bad techs don't last long in our industry because we thrive or repeat buisness and word of mouth. Regulation will only make the problem worse because our prices would be double what they are now. Most people would rather use an unlicensed pizza tech or buy a new computer.
I agree that bad techs get weeded out, just like in other professions. However, I don't think they make good techs look better - I think they make the industry look bad and somewhat shady. I also don't see how regulation will make the problem worse - I think it will help prevent the bad techs from opening shop in the first place (not totally, but I think it will have an effect).

Actually, I think regulation is the wrong word to use. I think licensing is much better. So, in that respect, how is requiring a license (or regulating this industry) going to double prices?

Finally, to me this is the most important question that I've never received a good answer for: Why is it that our profession doesn't require any type of licensing or testing?
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